Sweater Weather?

I’ve spent my evening doing nothing since I have on class tomorrow since two got canceled and I have a splitting headache. I fell into the pit of YouTube watching hours of BuzzFeed videos where I unfortunately learned that they used the term “quarter life crisis” about a year earlier which I thought I invented so that’s upsetting.

Do you know what else is bothering me? The lack of fall weather. It’s been too hot for me to wear just a sweatshirt or sweater. In the morning it’s nice and cool and by the afternoon it’s in the upper 70s and I’m sweating. I keep hearing about how this winter is supposed to be really bad but it’s not even cold yet. How is the winter going to be terrible if it hasn’t even been in the 40s yet. I don’t understand. I’m not asking for cold weather, I’m just asking for cooler weather. I’m tired of the heat and grossness of the air, it’s still super humid. That is not helping my hair situation. Also today was essentially a monsoon. My campus seriously needs to fix their sidewalks because they are so uneven and collect so much water it’s ridiculous. I actually ended up ordering rain boots in my first class because I was so fed up.

Okay I’m going to bed because I didn’t feel well last night so I was up a lot. I need to stop eating crappy food late at night it makes me feel really gross. Here’s to a good tomorrow. Hope you guys are having a good week!