12 Days of Christmas: Day 11- Christmas Eve OOTD

Christmas Eve OOTD Now I’m not a fashion blogger but every now and then I like to do a fashion or beauty post. Today is one of those days. What I’m wearing: Dress: Zara Shoes: Payless (in black) Bracelets: Alex and Ani CLADDAGH and SAILBOAT (both in silver) Necklace: Pearls from my grandparents On my face: … More 12 Days of Christmas: Day 11- Christmas Eve OOTD

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! To be quite honest, it does not feel like Thanksgiving, I went to class today. However, my family is almost back to Dublin! I don’t think I mentioned at all yet that they have been visiting this week which I’m so thankful for, it’s so nice to have them here for the holiday … More Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m Thankful For…

  I made this collage and it ended up very small. The little font says that I couldn’t find pictures of everything and everyone I’m thankful for so just because you aren’t pictured doesn’t mean I don’t love and care for you so much. Just a clarification so no one thinks that I don’t love … More I’m Thankful For…

RIP Hook <3

Today we had to put my dog down. He lived a great long 15-17 years, really old for a dog. I’m not going to type out that he was my best friend, because he wasn’t. He was a great dog, confident, and pal. The only guy I’ve ever known to keep a secret so well. … More RIP Hook <3


Incase you didn’t know yesterday was National Siblings Day, and I don’t know why I didn’t think to write about this last night, but hey, I have two little sisters! So today I thought I would do a post all about them and the three of us. Look how cute we were! This had to … More Sisters.

My Family

So today I’m a little bit homesick, well not homesick I just kind of miss my family, so I thought today I would tell “my” version of the story of my family. Okay so I’m just going to jump into this right away because it’s probably going to be super long and hopefully interesting. The … More My Family