2018 Goals

You had to know this was coming, so here are my 2018 goals! I decided to pick just 10 this year (again) so it is more achievable.

  1. Go to the gym a minimum of three times a week
  2. Work on transitioning my blog and online presence to more of what I want it to be and less of just quick fixes.
  3. Start working freelance
  4. Get organized
  5. Open an Etsy shop
  6. A solo-vacation (or maybe with friends who knows)
  7. Read 12 books
  8. Volunteer and be more charitable
  9. Write a book about blogging and publish it for the Amazon Kindle
  10. Eat better!

What are your goals for the new year?


Why Start a Blog?

Chances are if you found this post you’re on the fence about blogging, well I’m here to tell you why you should and how it will positively impact your life.

  1. It’s fun! Blogging is a good and creative outlet for all of your thoughts that get stuck in your head. You have something to look forward to when you’re bored or have an idea and you have somewhere to put it.
  2. The people and community. I have found that the people in the blogging world and the community that they hold together is simply amazing. While I may not have my own niche community (yet) I have found some great friends and people that have turned into friends, even though I have never actually met them.
  3. Learning more about yourself and the things you love. With communities, commenters, and friends you never knew shared common interests you can learn a lot about the things you love. However, in addition, just by writing consistently you can learn a lot about yourself.
  4. Remembering to write down and document all the really cool stuff that happens to you. There are things I would forget about if I didn’t blog about them. It’s like a virtual, public diary for me. It lets me remember all of the good things that have happened over the past four years (maybe some of the bad too but that’s okay) and that knowledge can help you grow.
  5. Writing helps everything. There is proof that writing is good for you. It stops you from forgetting a lot when you get old. It’s yet to work for me, but hey, it’s worth a try!
  6. Get different opinions! Tired of hearing the same things from your friends? Well ask some internet friends, get a new perspective on a problem you feel like you have exhausted your options on. Share stories of how other opinions have impacted your decision making!
  7. Peer validation!  I mean I’m not saying I need and/or crave peer validation, but it does make me feel better about myself. It helps me from feeling as if I’m the only one facing problems and that there are other people in the same exact place as me. On the other hand, it’s also nice to know people like my blog (if I’m going to get real honest here).
  8. Simple but still creative. Making a pretty website and expressing yourself in your own way can be so simple today. It doesn’t take a lot to click your favorite theme and run with it. You can still be creative with your writing and graphics, but there are very simple ways to handle it.
  9. Simply being creative. (Get it play from tip 8 I’m hilarious) Everyone should just be creative. Take the time and energy and put it into something you love. You have something you like, make it creative and put it in a blog!
  10. Share your thoughts/views/opinions! Everyone thinks, has views and opinions, so why not share them? Why not share your love of tomatoes, fashion, being a mom, makeup, or really just love of anything. There are people out there that you never knew shared the same interests.

Share with me why you started blogging and why you stuck with it! Don’t have a blog yet? Tell me what’s holding you up!

I Will Blog!

I’ve been missing from here all month. I forgot that I have a post I can do on Nashville, my overalls, and my August Birchbox. Or maybe I didn’t really forget, maybe I just didn’t do it. I mean they will get done, for some reason it’s just taking time.

My biggest mistake this year was not making myself a blogging schedule. I need to set myself a schedule at the start of the year otherwise I do nothing. I would say this year has been a failure of a year. If anyone has any suggestions for 2017 I am more than willing to take them!

I also want to a September challenge, so be on the look out for that (hopefully).

I don’t know. All of my blog posts have been whiny “I don’t know what to write” or Birchboxes. I just don’t know what to do.

I will blog. I really will. Hopefully it will be quality and it will be soon.

Please leave your blogging struggle help suggestions in the comments!


Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 25

late night blogging with mary

Hello everyone, it’s been a while. The end of the semester got to be way too much for me to handle this year, but I just emailed my professor my final project so I’m done. I am officially a senior and thank goodness for that. Towards the end it was often a struggle to make it through.

This year was so full of blessings, however I will leave those all to another post dedicated to my amazing school year. This post is weird. I was gone for so long, it just feels weird coming back.

I say this every summer, and every summer it starts but doesn’t quite finish and that would be the revamping of Mary’s Average Adventures. This summer I hope to improve on: more fashion-y style posts, DIY, and hopefully, a lot more adventures.

Blogging has been a struggle for me. Most recently, I’ve become a sell-out to the Odyssey and that has taken a lot of my ideas too. I don’t know why I signed up for it, but I try my best to give it a better name. I just have a lot of issues with the way it’s run and how people perceive the site in general. How many letters to the ex-boyfriend can I read? Why do I have to share my articles on Facebook?

I also broke up with my boyfriend. That’ll be another post about the internet and relationships because it’s interesting.

Right now, I’m just trying to recover. I’m only home for about a month until I go back to school to do research with one of my professors and another student. The plan for this month is scrapbooking, reading, and lots of me time.

This is more of an I’m back to blogging post than a LNBM I suppose haha. However, I’m back, I’m a senior, and I’m so glad I’m on break.


12 Days of Christmas: Day 11- Christmas Eve OOTD

day 11

Christmas Eve OOTD

Now I’m not a fashion blogger but every now and then I like to do a fashion or beauty post. Today is one of those days.


What I’m wearing:

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Payless (in black)
Bracelets: Alex and Ani CLADDAGH and SAILBOAT (both in silver)
Necklace: Pearls from my grandparents


On my face:

Lipstick: Milani
Eyes: Benefit They’re Real Liner, Almay black liquid liner, ELF Eyeshadow, Ulta mascara in the silver tube, Ulta Glitter
Earrings: My Mom’s
Glasses: Walmart

If you want more specifics I can give them to you. Obviously I can never take these posts too seriously.

PicMonkey Collage

And here’s just a few more snaps of my Christmas Eve. First we have all of the cousins (minus Sean) trying to take a group picture. Then we have a close up of the tree, and then we have an out of focus shot of the tree as well.

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday!


DIY T-Shits


As an avid crafter, I am surprised with myself that I have yet to do a real DIY post. I guess that’s because my crafting isn’t typically follow step by step directions, it’s more like swipe some colors of paint on a canvas and see if it turns out pretty or not. Well, last week  I was inspired by Grace Helbig’s “DIY + ACCESSORIES + ROOM DECOR” video. It was hilarious and kind of poking fun at beauty gurus, which I’m sure some people found offensive, but I don’t think that was the intention of it. I personally thought it was hilarious so I wanted to do some iron on t-shirts like she did in the video.

For this DIY you need scissors, transfer paper, and any shirts you want to decorate. I don’t know what kind of transfer paper I bought, it’s from Michaels, it came for both light and dark shirts so I bought the multi pack, I wouldn’t recommend this one. I wish I would’ve done more transfer paper research before purchasing. You also need a hard surface, I took the cover off the ironing board and used that, you also need an iron.

Okay so my first attempt was a complete flop. Keep in mind, these pictures are taken on my tripod. All of my friends live in other states plus everyone is going back to college plus I don’t really let people touch my camera to be honest.  So the pictures are at odd angles and weird lighting, I did my best during the editing process but you know, stuff happens.


So this was my first attempt at doing the iron on. It said not to mirror the image (I should’ve) also it just didn’t come off correctly. It was frustrating.


This is the only picture of my second attempt because it didn’t turn out at all because I didn’t follow the directions, make sure you follow the directions!

My third attempt was actually successful! Yay!! So basically, for all of my picture editing, I use the site PicMonkey, highly recommended if you don’t have photoshop or anything fancy. It’s free or you can get all it has to offer for $33 a year, or something else for each month, but per year is cheaper so I do that. They also have stickers and stuff you can use to design things, like my titles that I do, (this sounds sponsored, I wish it was) so I used the stickers for some of the iron ons, like this cat. Basically, I just cut it out of the transfer paper and followed the directions this time and it worked!


Second attempt at the grey shirt worked! I love the smirking emoji so I just used that one.  I just Googled it, like I did for the failure of the map above.


With my second attempt for the white shirt, I learned that you can’t always come out successful. I tried for days to get the original blue out of the shirt with Goo Gone, nail polish remover, and rubbing alcohol, I came to the conclusion that it was good enough and the black would over power it. It turns out that it didn’t and that the black didn’t work well either. I would not recommend the light color transfer paper as it did not work nearly as well as the one for dark colors. I also burned the shirt but I think some Goo Gone didn’t come off well in the wash and that’s what burned. I’ll still wear this as pajamas but not out and about like I will with the other two.

Here I am modeling all three shirts, I’m being very much a poser here. You can also sorta see my new hair cut, you can definitely see how short it is now. I like how the grey smirk emoji one turned out the best, the cat shirt is a small, which always stretches over the chest area so that’s not as comfortable. I might actually wear the smirk one on the plane to Ireland because it’s comfy and I see it as a conversation starter.

Let me know if you decide to make anything similar, while it’s frustrating, it is a lot of fun.


Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 9

I bought a backpack today which was productive if you ask me. I also got my haircut and went to the beach. So I guess you could it was pretty productive. I’m getting very antsy sitting around and waiting for the next three weeks to pass. Today is like everyone is snapchatting pictures (you can add me on snapchat: mrmilligan13) of their packed up stuff or packing in general and I still have three weeks. However, I should get cracking on my packing because I guess three weeks really isn’t that far, it just feels very far.

I’ve been trying to DIY t-shirts for a few days now and I’m very frustrated with the process. I just do this thing where envision something and it’s just not turning out quite the way I’m envisioning it. However, once I get it right there will hopefully be a blog post on it. It was the much needed crafting session I needed though.

So I went to the beach and I went to outlets and that was all good. I actually managed to find things that I was looking for. I always seem to have the problem when you can never find something when you’re looking for it. So, I would highly recommend the Gap Factory Outlet because I got a sweater for like $13 and it was this season, just 70% off for some reason. I also got a shirt for $2 and I liked a lot more stuff, I’m just trying not to spend a lot of money since I am going away.

I finally found a decent sized backpack. Well okay, I’ve known which one I’ve wanted for a while but I just bought it so that’s good. I’m getting more and more ready to go.

Let me just rant for a minute about Josh Duggar. I’m not going to lie I used to watch 19 Kids and Counting because I love being nosey and seeing people’s lives. However, I was disgusted when I found out that the eldest son had molested five people, including some of his sisters I was very disturbed, even though it happened when he was a teenager, you still have to know it’s wrong. Also, I think the way it was handled was probably wrong as well. However, I was even more disgusted by people defending him. What happens when you defend a sex offender is that you put the victims in this shadow of that their emotional trauma and everything they had to deal with is essentially not important, which is ridiculous if you ask me. Do not defend a sex offender, even if it happened when he was teenager. I am even more outraged that no one is defending him now. More people defended him where people were not engaging in consensual relations. More people defended him when he molested his sisters and other girls. Yet where are these people when he’s cheating on his wife? Watching porn? I don’t understand how you can defend someone who physically harmed someone then say nothing, maybe even be against him when he engaged in something consensual. Yes, he cheated on his wife, yes he watched porn, and yes both of those are sins, but why is the sin of molesting people being overlooked because he asked for forgiveness and apologized? He apologized this time too, are people just not accepting it? I just don’t understand. It is very upsetting to me. I just had to share. What do you think? Am I ridiculous. I mean, I don’t think he should be defended at all but I can’t get over what people defended him for and that they all now have nothing to say.

Okay sorry about that little rant there. I just am very frustrated. I don’t understand why he was ever defended in the first place, it’s very upsetting to me. I probably just should’ve done a whole blog post about that, but whatevsss.

Rant away in the comments!


Beauty Standards

beauty standards

Something that drives me up the wall is beauty standards. If you take what beauty standards are and look at me, I doubt I meet any of the criteria for what is typically considered beautiful, but I do think that I am beautiful. I honestly, don’t care if that’s conceited or whatever, but I’m at a place where what I see in the mirror doesn’t bother me and I’m happy with myself (for the most part, no one’s perfect).


Why is it assumed that glasses make someone less attractive? Like in the movies they always take off the “nerdy” girl’s glasses, why? Why is there this idea that this beautiful girl is hiding under glasses? Why can’t she be beautiful or considered beautiful with the glasses? I love my glasses. I think men in glasses are really attractive. I think girls look professional, beautiful, and can rock glasses, so why are contacts constantly a question? For me, my glasses are part of who I am and I really like them on me, and I don’t think that should really bother anyone else. I get asked more than I ever would’ve thought if I would ever wear contacts, I tried it but with my astigmatism and lack of depth perception they just don’t work. I’m much more comfortable in my glasses so I’m just going to keep it that way.

Curly Hair.

I’m not talking about the perfect smooth curly hair here. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a movie with a girl with frizzy curly, out of control hair, who wasn’t being made fun of? It drives me crazy. This is such a tough subject for me because my hair is a huge source of anxiety for me and the frizziness makes me so uncomfortable sometimes. I went from having essentially pin straight hair, that wouldn’t even hold a curl, to this curly frizzy mess that no one in my family understands so it took me a long time to figure it out. I think a lot of this problem came from the media. I never saw anyone with hair like mine on TV that wasn’t being made fun of, so that’s what it made me feel like, like I would be made fun of.

Take “The Princess Diaries” for example, one of my favorite book series and movie, however, the hair really bothered me. Mia started out with this hair that was out of control, and actually a lot like mine, but she wasn’t considered beautiful until she got completely changed everything, but the hair was probably one of the biggest changes. Although I love those books and cherish them because they were a big part of my late middle school/ early high school years but I wish that Meg Cabot would’ve kept the crazy curls, let Princess Mia rock those unruly locks.


I feel like the biggest thing I’ve touched on beauty wise on my blog is fat/chub/curves. This is something that I feel like a lot of people can relate to. Now listen up here. If you eat, you can get chub if you’re like me and don’t exercise. It happens. If you don’t like it, work to get rid of it, but if you don’t mind it embrace it. Like it’s part of life. I understand that it would be nice if I had a flat stomach and good legs, and a perky butt, but I don’t and that’s okay. I’ll throw on my bikini and go to the beach anyway. Like the average size in America is what like 12? That’s not the size I see on tv and in movies.

In conclusion.

There are a lot of beauty standards that can make other people just feel bad. Embrace your flaws or lack there of. Beauty standards are ridiculous, make your own standards.


Etsy Review: Autumn and Indigo Leather Bracelet

As an avid Etsy shopper, I can honestly say that this is one of the best experiences I have ever had. It took two weeks to get here, but it was totally worth it and expected. When I think of etsy, I think cute, and usually that delivers. Like everything comes in cute little boxes, however, this one came in a cute little box, with a cute little pin, and business cards, one that has a discount.

I bought this for myself after I made it through the last of my group projects. I really, really like it. I don’t take it off. It’s not meant for that so it’s suffered some natural wear and tear. For example the clasp has since come off on both ends where it was attached to the bracelet, because when it’s together it’s very strong. So when it got caught on something it came off on one end, and then it happened again on the other side, but once I put superglue on it, it was fine. The silver on the clasp has also worn off a little bit,  but that’s because I wear it in the shower and literally everywhere so it’s kind of to be expected.

I paid #9.50 for it, it was $7 for the bracelet and then $2.50 for shipping and handling, which depends on where you live. I received it in a little less than three weeks. I love this product and it’s definitely part of my everyday wear now, it goes with everything!!

This was the last in this color (I think) but the shop will be liked here: Autumn and IndigoGo check it out! It’s a really cool shop and the prices aren’t bad. 


*This is not a sponsored post

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 18

blog challenge day 18

This one says “something about your shoes” what does that mean? I’m not a huge fan of shoes- well more like shoe shopping so I usually stick to a pair or two. Right now, since it’s starting to warm up m grey Target converse have been broken out of the closet. They really smell because I go through a lot of periods where I just essentially refuse to wear socks even though I now I will regret it.

I’m really not a shoe person though.  I know that most girls (and a lot of guys) have like shoes for outfits but as long as they kind of match I just go with that they’re good enough. I’m a converse/flip flop kind of girl. Shoes aren’t my thing. I’d rather spend my money on other things, I don’t see the need for the world’s greatest shoes. The basics will always do for me.

There are times where I wish I spent the money on better shoes- mostly when it snows or rains because I’m pretty sure my rain boots are broken since my feel always get wet when I wear them.

I have to ask though- what shoes should be my go to pair? If you have any reasonably priced suggestions I will definitely look into them.