30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 5

blog challenge day 5

I don’t know that I’ve ever expressed this here but I am one of the pickiest eaters I know. There are few foods that I do like and I am currently not eating a lot of them because they are very unhealthy. I don’t know where this problem stems from because both of my parents will basically try anything but I won’t if it looks weird or smells gross. However, I do have some really good favorite foods.

I love french fries. Like I could live off of french fries and be content- fat, but content. They are without a doubt my favorite food. I love curly fries and shoestring but anything more than that is too potatoey and I can’t eat it. I don’t really like potatoes so it’s weird that that’s what my favorite food is made out of.

I also love chocolate which is basically what my diet consists of until I run out. I love any kind that doesn’t have fruit or jelly in it. I will eat it and eat it all. White chocolate is not real chocolate I dare you to argue with me about that. It does not provide any of the health benefits that regular chocolate does.

I really like pesto, basil, and mozzarella sandwiches. A normal person would call this a caprice but I hate tomatoes so therefore that’s not what it is when I eat it. However, cheese doesn’t always agree with me like other dairy products so I usually stay away from it but I still really like it.

I like chicken. This is so plain and bland but I could really eat chicken for every meal. I usually don’t care how it’s cooked, I prefer it grilled well fried but that’s really bad so for my mind I say grilled. I just love chicken. It’s the best meat to eat.

I love cheetos. Like the crunchy ones. They’re the best kind. If you put them in the microwave for five seconds they taste so much better too, I read that in a book and I tried it and it changed my life. They’re the best snack food. Also, the baked ones taste very similar to the regular ones so save half the fat and enjoy all the taste.

What’s your favorite food? I guess you can tell that I’m pretty unhealthy but that’s okay. I like terrible foods but I’m okay with that. I hate mashed potatoes- feel free to comment about that too.