13 Reasons Why

Now I’m not sure if anyone has read the book 13 Reasons Why if you have you know it’s an amazing and altogether sad book, if you haven’t however I greatly suggest it. A basic synopsis of the book for those of you haven’t read it is a girl records a tape of the 13 reasons why she committed suicide and she makes the 13 people who did so listen to the tapes and pass them on so they all feel guilty about the way they treated her.  Well this is a really serious subject that I kind of wanted to touch on, but I’m going to do a spin on this and make it the 13 reasons why you should stay alive, because every life is worth living and I don’t want anyone to ever feel bad about themselves.

First a quick little disclaimer, I am not any sort of professional and I just want to help anyone who needs it. I really don’t want to offend anyone with this post.

Please anyone who is struggling depression or contemplating suicide, seek help. I am including the hotlines for various countries if you need help.

So here it goes 13 Reasons to Stay Alive

  1. Every person you meet you have an impact on whether you talk to them for a second or a life time, and if you die you are taking away a piece of those people’s lives too.
  2. As much as you think no one cares, someone does, there is at least one person that will really care if you die.  Think about all the people you interact with on a daily basis, what if you were no longer there for them any more? How do you think they would feel?
  3. One day things will get better and even if you think they won’t, they will. One day you’ll find someone to love, find a job you love, have kids who love you, there are a million things to look forward to if you look to the future instead of the present.
  4. There has to be something that makes you happy whether it’s a TV show, movie, Oreos, a book, or even a stuffed animal, that thing will always be there for you no matter how hard things get and whenever you feel sad maybe think of that thing and it might help just a little.
  5. Everyone has a future and if you end your life you lose yours and that affects other people’s as well. This kind of goes along with number one, but this time think about all the people you could help or impact in a way, and without you there their whole live could be completely different.
  6. One day this time that you seem to be stuck in now will all be a bad memory, and do you know what happens with bad memories? We forget them and you’ll forget about how badly right now sucks.
  7. “It’s a bad day, not a bad life” is one of my favorite quotes, I’m not sure who it’s by, but it’s so right. You might be having a bad day, or a bad week, or even a bad year, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad life, it’s a rough patch but it will smooth over.
  8. Think about every good/great thing that has ever happened to you. There is something and if you think hard enough you’ll find it. It could be anything from the time you had a line in a school play, got “Most Improved”, or even made a new best friend it’s a good memory whether that thing is there or not, good memories bring back happy feelings.
  9. Your best friend, and this could be anyone, someone you met on the Internet, your mom, or the kid next door who you grew up with, that person would be devastated if you died, how would you feel if they felt the way you did right now? You’d be worried and concerned and I hope you know that’s how they feel about you to.
  10. Your favorite band. My friends did a video on this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQpghjbwdIk) and they talk about how if a band saved your life that’s awesome. Also, maybe it will help you see some more good in the world through music. Music is a great escape and it helps a lot of people, and it’s a lot of people’s reason to stay alive so maybe it can be yours too!
  11. A pet, if you live alone, or with a roommate, but you have a pet, who’s going to take care of it if you’re gone? It could end up in a pound and be put to sleep, and do you want that for your dog or cat? And if it’s smaller than that chances are people are going to care even less.
  12. Use books as an escape, authors provide you with different worlds, books like the Harry Potter series take you into the story, you can practically live a different life while things improve themselves.
  13. Finally, a reason to live is for yourself, to prove to yourself that you are so strong. Strong enough to make it, strong enough to prove not only yourself but anyone who doubts you wrong. You are a great person with so much potential and that should be a huge reason to want to stay alive.

I hope at least one of the reasons is a big enough one to keep you alive because you are so worth the life you have been given. So I hope this helped at least one person out there, if not that’s okay, maybe it can help you help someone. I know this a lot more serious than a lot of my posts, and I really hope it doesn’t offend anyone either, I tried my hardest on this. If you need help there are the hotlines, if you need to talk to a friend, I can be a friend, feel free to email me at marysaverageadventures@gmail.com the emails are sent to my phone which I always have on me so I’m basically available to anyone who needs help. However, I am not a professional whatsoever, as you know I’m a college freshman, also I have no experience on this topic either, so if you need real help call the hotline for your country that I have provided. There are so many people willing to help you and who want you alive.



The Answers:

January 1: Dust particles and dish towel fibers inside the Champagne glass, according to scientists at the University of Reims.

January 2: The US would not allow women to compete in events where they couldn’t wear long skirts.


January 3: What was the first single-letter ticker symbol on the Nasdaq stock exchange?


The Best Things about Christmas

Well as you guys may know by now, I love Christmas.  Since the holiday is right around the corner, I thought I would list my favorite things about Christmas.

  • Christmas Eve Mass: I love watching them put baby Jesus in the manger and just the festive spirit of the whole thing.
  • Christmas lights: It’s so much fun driving around trying to find different Christmas lights in different developments and seeing all the different displays.
  • Decorating the tree: This is such a huge tradition in my house, I even made my family wait until I got home to decorate it/
  • Finding the perfect present for everyone: I just love to make everyone happy, there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing someone’s face light up when you buy them the perfect present.
  • Spending time with family: I don’t really get to hang out with my family that often but when I do it’s so much fun, I love my cousins and my aunts, they’re just fun people and I love to spend time with them.
  • The general spirit: I just feel like everyone is happier during Christmas, even back at school professors were nicer, at work the customers are friendlier, I think people are just happy this time of year. Well, maybe they just try to be nicer because Sata is watching.

Well this was a rather short quick post but it’s just a little more on Christmas in my life and how much I just love it. Anywho I’m headed to bed and watching YouTube videos and relaxing before a busy day again tomorrow. Thanks for reading!



A Few of My Favorite Things

So I have told you guys a lot of things about myself, so it’s only natural for me to tell you more whether you like it or not. 

I have a lot of favorite things and I’m sure you guys have picked up on a lot of them so now here’s a list of just some more things.

I love anything Harry Potter.  I started reading the books in the forth grade but my mom wouldn’t let me finish them because she was worried I would get too afraid, so I actually saw all of the movies with my dad before I finished the books.  I have at least four shirts, along with a Gryffindor scarf.

I am obsessed with coffee to the point where I had to have a machine in my room even if I only use it once or twice a week since I usually just go to Dunkin or Starbucks to get my coffee with some free wifi.

I like Dunkin Donuts better than Starbucks.

I love to travel.

Onion bagels are the best kind of bagels in my opinon.

I have an odd obsession with turkey sausage.

I love my family, and I appreciate them a lot more now then I did when I lived at home.

My absolute favorite things were inherited from my grandmother and I would be so upset if anything happened to the necklace with the two cross pendants that I got form her.

I love being a barista even if the people are mean and rude, I like creating drinks and feeling like I’m actually good at something for once in my life.

I love shopping for other people.


I love Michaels craft store, it’s practically heaven.

I love to write books but I often stop about half way through the beginning.

I love to read.

I love my friends more then anything.

I try to make it my goal to make at least one person smile each day even if I’m having a terrible day.

I really have to pee so I’m going to end this post here and drive back to campus. Thanks for reading, it is greatly appreciated. Love you guys.