Galentines Day 2015

In case you were unaware of the phenomenon that is Galentines Day began with Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. I am fortunate to have a lot of lovely ladies in my life so I celebrated twice.

My day started with a surprise planned trip by Gabby. She planned to go to IHOP and then one of the local pottery painting places.

After this I had to get ready for part two with Rachel, Zoe, Anna, Chloe, Becca, Alyssa, and Shanayah. We had a night at Olive Garden. I got some flatbread something or other considering I’m not a big Italian food person, but you can bet that I did take a whole order of breadsticks home for myself. I of course shared with some of my friends- what a sacrifice.

If you are single or in a relationship Galentines Day is a day to celebrate. It is so important to recognize the importance of everyone in your life- not just significant others. I think that in a relationship it is so easy to forget about your friends and the other people who care about you. Just to clarify that can sound like I’m in a relationship but I’m not. I am single which is why I really appreciate this day and all the other days my friends go out of their ways to make me feel happy and content with myself. Valentines wasn’t bad either. Being single doesn’t mean that it has to be a terrible and miserable time of year. If you need a significant other in your life to be happy and content I feel very sorry for you, have fun and be happy with every person in your life. Don’t revolve your life around someone else and embrace the people you have now.