Home for a While

I left school today, my package came! The drive home was fast and I didn’t stop at all, which is pretty impressive for me. I usually get really bored so I have to stop to pee and for some type of entertainment I get coffee or a snack. I went to the eye doctor, my prescription has changed so I ordered new glasses that will be revealed eventually. We also decorated the Christmas tree, ate good pizza, I took a bath, watched “The Santa Clause 3,” and I get to sleep in tomorrow. Today hasn’t been half bad. I really want to paint pottery tomorrow but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I have a whole month I suppose.

The concept of home gets kind of weird to me once I’m at school for a while. I mean I was just here three weeks ago and I walk in the door and things are different. I’m at school for about four months with the exception of a weekend or a few days here and there, then I’m home for a month, then I’m back at school for another fourish months and then home for three and halfish. I spend more time there then I do here and yet that’s still school and this is still home. It gets me kind of confused about what home is. Like right now is here in Lancaster, but in three years home could be somewhere completely different.  I love Frederick, but I never say that’s home. When I go back to school I always say “I’m going back to school” not “Oh I’m going to my most of the time housing situation” I don’t know it’s weird to think about.

Home is also weird because I don’t spend all of my time here. I just don’t know friends. Where will home be in 10 years? Where will home be in 5 years? When does this house stop being home? Home is a weird concept. That’s essentially what I thought about the whole way home. Home. I don’t know I think I’m overly tired because I haven’t been sleeping so this probably doesn’t make any sense. Is everyone home now? How were finals?


One More Week

A week from today I will be in my own bed writing this. A week from today freshman year will finally be over. To be quite honest I had a really good post started and planned but then I lost my passion in the moment for it so I’m going to finish that another day and today I’m going to give you 25 reasons I can’t wait to be home.

  1. Real food. No more dining hall. Food that actually smells good. FOOD.
  2. Real showers. A solid temperature shower, no scalding my back or freezing my butt off. Also it will be nice not having to listen for people coming into the bathroom, being able to see when I shave, no shower shoes, not having to worry about it having vomit in it. Basically just everything about having a good shower.
  3. A big bed. No more extra long twin beds and my nice full sized bed that is really comfortable.
  4. Working again. Now, I’m not looking forward to working, but I am looking forward to the paychecks.
  5. Being able to see my family on a regular basis and being with them. I never thought I would miss them so much.
  6. All of my friends being in the same state will be nice.
  7. Having four months without any school work
  8. Having four months with virtually no responsibilities.
  9. No more weird people conversations in the dining hall/student center.
  10. No waiting for laundry machines
  11. Dishwasher
  12. Being able to catch up with everyone I love back home
  13. Real tv. I miss all of my favorite shows in real time or an hour after when I can fast forward through commercials.
  14. A big giant tv to watch movies on.
  15. The basement in my house.
  16. The scenery when I drive
  17. Making pancakes.
  18. Sinks readily available when I need them.
  19. Clean bathrooms that I only share with my sisters who are relatively clean, especially compared to the girls here.
  20. Adventures
  21. Beach
  22. Mild traveling
  23. Relaxing
  24. Time where I can be totally alone.
  25. Just being home.

I’m just ready. Finals are this coming week and I’m not ready. Thanks for reading guys!



Right Now.

Okay so it’s Sunday yet again, however this week has seems rather slow so it’s more like, Sunday is finally here. The week was very slow with class, going back to tutoring, and having an awesome weekend with friends. To be honest most of my week was rather boring and not much happened, it was slow and very unproductive. I was able to have lunch with my commuter friend Ashlee on Thursday but other than that it was rather dreary. Lab luckily got out early on Friday so I spent my evening with my friend Meag. She took me to this place for dinner I had never heard of, Noodles and Company, it was rather good. Our school had a showing of “The Butler” so we went to see that. I made a poor decision and ate popcorn which I’m allergic too and I couldn’t stop coughing the rest of the night. Whoops.  Then Saturday I got brunch to go and had to get ready for an afternoon/night out. As you probably know I went to Friendly’s and the coolest movie theater ever, but it’s really a process to get out there and back. Today Meag and I walked to church and enjoyed some coffee from Starbucks afterwards.  Today has been semi-busy with catching up with my parents, having a Google Hangout with Lindsay and Jade, doing homework, and editing the final week of winter break vlogging. So yeah that’s been this week.

Next week has a lot to come. I’m seriously hoping that there’s a snow day tomorrow, but we’ll see what happens. I would really like to get some cleaning done and a day off would probably make me do that. Anyway besides classes I have tutoring continuing on Wednesdays from now on.  My roommate should be approved to move out by this weekend so that’s also happening and I’ll be in a single, which I’m looking forward to. Then after my lab on Friday I will be heading home. Lindsay’s also home this weekend and hopefully I can see her and Katie on Friday. I’m working on Saturday at an unknown time, and hopefully seeing my sisters friends for her party. Then Sunday I’ll go to my church and my sister is having the family over for her birthday so I’ll try and make it through most of that, but at some point I’m going to have to leave to come back to school. Other than that I don’t have much going on this week, nothing too exciting.  If you don’t mind doing a little snow dance for me tonight I really wouldn’t mind ;) thanks for reading guys.



After today trivia will be all caught up and I will never wait this long again to post it because that was the stupidest thing I have ever done.


January 23:  “Don’t Stop Believin'”

January 24:  Yellow and Pink

January 25:  Iowa and Ohio

January 26:  The water at Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia.

January 27:  6.

January 28:  Dallas in 1980.

January 29:  Severe Weather Threat Index.

January 30:  Sid.

January 31:  In the bloodstream.

February 1:  A certificate from a Dale Carnegie course he took.


February 2:  When it comes to pizza, what is the cornicione?

Going Home and NEW THINGS

So going home is something everyone wants to do in college at first. Everyone misses their family and their pets and everything about home, but then once you’re there I doubt you really missed it as much as you thought you did. I know for myself I went home two weeks ago for the weekend and I was miserable. Not only did my family manage to tick me off within five minutes of being there but I had no freedom anymore. I could no longer leave at 11 without my family questioning where I was going. I was so annoyed. Sure as soon as I came back I missed them but I’d rather be here. Let me know your opinions in the comments :)

NOW FOR THE NEW THINGS! I uploaded a video to YouTube. Please tell me what you think about it, and share it with your friends:) it is greatly appreciated! So yeah here’s the link and I hope you enjoy:)

Sorry for the short post but at least I made one today! I’ll try to do one or two of these and a video a week, hopefully it works out that way. As soon as I have a fifty subscribers I’ll try a daily vlog where I just video everything I’m doing that day. So  if you want to see that share me with your friends! I seriously appreaciate you guys so much, thank you for everything you do and all of your support, it means the world to me!