Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 29

Once upon a time, I started this blog because I was going to college and I wanted to document the most mundane of adventures. Did I ever really do that? Not really. It has been three and a half years of rants, thought vomit, out of this world adventures, and sometimes just straight non-sense.

Yesterday, I hit 500 followers. I didn’t cry or shout like I thought I would (well I was at work) but I did get teary eyed. a little shaken and quite frankly a little overwhelmed. That’s a lot of people my friends.

Anyway, so thank you for that. It’s very moving.

Speaking of moving, I have been watching “Girl Boss” which is slightly inspiring. Like Sophia is a one-of-a-kind type of gal who doesn’t always do what’s best and not always what I would do. However, she is quite the go-getter, which is admirable. The show starts off with Sophia (the main character) going on about how being an adult sucks; which is a sentiment I am starting to sympathize with.

While applying for many, many jobs I have found it to be barely bearable. I’m honestly so over it. It’s so boring and excruciatingly painstaking. However, I shall press on and find a job that will do until I have a million children and can start up my mommy blog.

So here’s just a short little LNBM for now. Still working on the re-brand. I’d say by June it’ll be full swing.


Short Cuts to be a Pretend Adult

I don’t know if you guys know this but I pretend to be an adult, it’s in my twitter bio. I do things that make people think that I’m a grownup- heck the kids I babysit think I’m old, which is half true. I make up a lot of stuff to make it seem like I know what I’m doing. I mean if you’re close to me you really know that I don’t know what I’m doing (ever). I thought that maybe it would be useful to share my tips to be a productive pretend adult so that other people can do the same.

  1. Put your dirty towels on top of your favorite dirty clothes so you don’t take them out of the laundry and wear them again. It forces you to do your laundry so that you can wear your favorite items.
  2. When you know you have to wash your bed sheets (do it once a week and feel good about yourself) take off your pillow case because no one wants to sleep on a bare pillow.
  3. Limit the number of dishes you have that way you wash them faster because you run out faster.
  4. Don’t buy the fatty stuff. If you are trying to avoid potato chips don’t buy them at the store then they aren’t sitting in your room waiting to be eaten and tempting you.
  5. If you’re around sick people vitamin C is your best friend. They make them like cough drops and it’s in a lot of drinks and it’s good to not get sick.
  6. Bribe yourself to do work, but use very mundane things like showers and fruit snacks (of course fruit leather because fruit snacks are too sugary for my liking) and if you are really struggling use chocolate and little trips to the store.
  7. Do fun things that keep you young. I don’t like saying that because I’m only 20 but coloring and painting and doing any other crafts are relaxing. I’m also at that age where people think “abstract” art is cool so my random lines of paint are oddly visually appealing to some.
  8. Exercise and if you hate it like me, bribe yourself with Goldfish. That’s what I did yesterday. I’m trying one of those 7 minute workout app things and I’m sure it’s not effective at all, but I will pretend it is until I find the time and motivation to go on a real run.
  9. Pick positive influences and people to surround yourself with. There is no reason to be an adult and have “friends” who don’t give two shits about you.
  10. Go to Target, look at the grownup stuff, skip it all and then buy some chocolate or other random things you will never need. Target’s great for all of that.

What are your tips of being a grown up? I need all the help I can get.

8 or 20?

With my quarter-life crisis, a term I thought I created but didn’t, I’ve noticed that I’ve been experience childish tendencies. I’m not sure if this is a product of not wanting to grow up or just enjoying childish things.

Honestly, I’ve been spending my evening (with the exception of a meeting and a walk) coloring, eating cheetos (because I’m out of fruit snacks), and drinking Capri Sun while watching The Office. At first I was kind of like embarrassed, but why? It makes me happy. If I’m clinging to any type of childhood inside of me that’s okay I suppose. I did watch a rated R movie today, does that make me more agely advanced? I’m not sure.

Last year at this time I was crocheting up a storm and this year I’m coloring. I go through phases. I also want to go and paint pottery tomorrow, so if anyone from school is reading this let me know if you want to join me. I’m either doing that or going to Michaels to do some painting. Staying creative is very important to me. It’s a good release from stress and homework.

Is it okay to be childish? I’m going to go with yes, right now I have time to be before I have to grow up and do other things like work at a real job. This is fun and it makes me happy. Creativity and Capri Sun (water of course I don’t do too much sugar) go very well. If anyone wants to think I’m childish that’s okay, I’m happy with it.


Hide and Seek: Grown Up Edition.

That awkward moment when it’s four to ten and you don’t have any homework due tomorrow so you spend your night trying to convert video files instead of declaring a major or investigating study abroad programs or getting ahead for a busy week next week, because that’s the awkward moment I’m having right now. Did you know I’m still trying to fix my little video mistake from NYC and Rhode Island? Because I am. I just don’t really like the footage that I have from New York, I’m still trying to salvage that and I never fixed my footage from Rhode Island and now I forget how to do it.

Basically I had an important type of meeting today with study abroad ooo and basically I’m declaring my major this week. And turning 20 on Friday. And applying for a scholarship to go somewhere next fall. Basically I have to be a grown up this week and I spent today feeling anxious about it, I think because I’m partially excited and just you know my general anxiety has been building up since Friday I would say so I’m trying to run (yes run, look at me go) to fix this little problem. It did help, so I’m going to another little one tomorrow.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about relationships. I don’t know why really, I think as soon as the weather starts to get a little cooler if you’re single, you might be feeling lonely too. I think college is kind of weird too, like this is right before my real life starts, like life post school, post depending on your parents, post like childhood essentially and that makes me think like traditionally. I was in the study abroad office and this time next year, the halfway point of college will be past and I could potentially be in a different country, at an internship, taking classes, seeing the world, and to me that’s super weird. It’s super weird that in less than a year I have less than two years of being a not grown up, I’m rushing life I know, it’s just WEIRD. Like in a few years I should be getting married according to most traditions. MARRIAGE!  Like a want a boyfriend (kind of… maybe… still unsure) but I don’t want to think about getting MARRIED yet. I want to like meet people, like cute boys, and then maybe travel, with or without them, like Chicago definitely with them because I don’t want to get sold into sex slavery, but everywhere else maybe alone. I know that’s weird. I’m so weird.

So I’m hiding from responsibilities and trying to edit to videos at once whilst falling into the depths of YouTube. A casual Monday night.

I actually do I have to talk to my advisor about declaring because I don’t now if I have to have a concentration or not. So I’m not being totally irresponsible. Tomorrow I promise to be more productive. At least I answered a few emails today, not the ones I needed to, but I answered some and did a quiz early. So that’s good. Now I’m going to answer the other emails and I’m going to figure out how to change those files! I hope everyone is being me productive than me and having a great day. I don’t even know what to classify this word vomit as, an update maybe? Oh whatever, I’m a mess, kind of. I described myself on twitter as “I look and feel like a mess today. Not even a hot mess, just a regular mess.” so yeah, story of my life. If you want to follow me on twitter @mrmilligan13, if you let me know that you follow me I shall follow you back of course! Do something good today.


Mary’s Dysfunctional Ways to be a Grown Up

In the next week or so I will be turning 20, and this is the first time I’ve ever not looked forward to a birthday. I feel like I’ve spent a quarter of my life doing nothing other than school and the only thing I have to show for TWENTY YEARS is a high school diploma, so that’s cool. Anyway, in Pennsylvania it’s like every four years or something that you have to renew your license, so basically I drove just over the border to get my new one.

It was weird taking myself to the DMV, it’s not like I’ve never done anything alone, because I do a lot of things alone, but the last time I was at the DMV I was with my mom, she helped me through the lines, who to talk to, what to do, this time, I misunderstood the picture lady and sat in the wrong for over half an hour. That’s the wrong way to be an adult.  It’s weird the decisions and things you have to do as you get older. I don’t know if I’m ready to be a real adult which sounds really stupid. I’m not ready to accept the fact that I’m no longer a teenager anymore. I’ve always been an old soul, so I should be fine with actually getting older but I’m freaking out so here are my dysfunctional ways that I plan on living my adulthood.

  • Color all day and all night. Paint, finger color. Be creative so that you don’t lose that.
  • Deny the fact that your getting older and plaster anti-aging cream all over your face so you never get wrinkles and you look young forever.
  • Pretend that a diet of pizza and chips is really good for you and you metabolism isn’t slowing down and eat all of the crappy food you want to eat.
  • Run away from any type of responsibility, hell I can’t even remember to water my cactus, it took me two weeks to replant it. I wanted a goldfish but that’s too much responsibility.
  • Sit on the internet and watch your favorite cartoons from your childhood and just pretend everyday is Saturday morning and you don’t have 10 assignments due this week.
  • It’s okay if Netflix is your best friend.
  • Get in your car and drive, literally drive away from your problems. Like go on a getaway, by yourself, with your friends, just drive away from everything that you don’t need in your life.
  • Ignore people you don’t want to talk to. Don’t open their texts, don’t answer their calls, don’t talk to them. Ignore everyone if you want, I’ve done it before, it’s kind of nice.
  • Call of sick to have a day off even if you aren’t sick. Take the day off and do something stupid like stare at a ceiling fan or wander the isles of Michael’s, do something fun.
  • Write a blog and tell people how to be dysfunctional like yourself, that always works too.

Who else is not coping very well with this whole turning 20 thing? Let me know in the comments!


Because I Grew Up in Lancaster County

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I know the difference between the Amish and Mennonite just by looking at the buggies.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I learned to drive through the Sunday traffic of bikes, scooters, and buggies.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I ate fresh vegetable and fruits in the summer from variety of stands all less than five miles away from my house.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I smelled manure all day everyday. Well most days.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I went to the mall to hang out, but not until I got my license.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I would drive to Lancaster to see a movie because that’s where the cute boys were.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I learned the value of family.

Because I left Lancaster County I learned that most people know nothing about the Amish or Mennonites but are very interested.

Because I left Lancaster County I learned that traffic everywhere else is cars and cars and cars.

Because I left Lancaster County I learned to accept people who aren’t “mainstream” Christians and that real followers of Jesus don’t judge every person they meet.

Because I left Lancaster County I learned that people out there actually agree and have the same beliefs and thoughts that I do.

Because I left Lancaster County I found that people aren’t always friendly.

Because I left Lancaster County I can do more than hang out at the mall on a Sunday, stuff that will be open later than 6pm.

Because I left Lancaster County I found there’s a whole world out there waiting for me to explore.


This is a little bit different for me today but it gives you a different little insight into my life an the way I grew up. Let me know what you think!



The Speed of Life

Guys, it’s June. I’ve been home for a whole month already. I’ve been looking back at the month so far and there hasn’t been much memory making that’s been going on and I hate that.  I’ve spent a month working and filling free time with friends, which is great. I come home after whatever I’m doing and I put up a blog post and go to bed. I’m in a routine and it’s one of those things that just let me know that I’m growing up.

Later this week I’m starting a marketing internship and I’m so exciting, I know this is a really valuable opportunity that most people my age don’t get so I’m extremely thankful for that. However, in addition to that I’m working the job I’m not a fan of every other Saturday. It’s weird to think that I’m at the age now where I have to start “worrying” about things like internships and things to put on a real resume and not just a college application. This is honestly something that I’ve wanted, but was just kind of a dream. I really thought that someone older would get it, like who needed it for credit or something but I guess I got lucky this time.

Anyway, that’s kind of besides the point of this post. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I finished freshman year of college, I have a real job that I have to dress up for now, I am a month into my summer break, and in three months I’m starting my sophomore year of school with classes focusing towards my major. Like it’s hard to believe by the end of next year my major will be decided and declared and all but one of my classes will focus towards my future career (what that will be I’m not entirely sure). It’s insane to me that by this time next year I will be halfway done with college- and trust me I won’t be going past a bachelor’s degree at this time. I might even be preparing to go overseas for a study abroad opportunity. It’s seriously insane how quickly time is going.

I think time is one of those things that you just want things like school to go by quickly, but seriously I’m going to be a real adult before I know it. I’m planning on some good posts here soon. I was just at one of my best friend’s graduation party today and it became very evident that we’re all growing up and changing to real grown ups (well kind of).



Time to Grow Up :(

So today I came to the unfortunate conclusion that it is time to grow up.  I mean yes, I still am a freshman and college and yes I still have four years to go, however I am nineteen  years old and it’s time to start acting like I have my shit together.  Now I know most people start this at the beginning of the year and fail by October, well HA because I’m starting in October and I’m determined not to fail.  I want to dress nicer, and do my make up more, that way by the time I graduate I will  be used to it and I’ll do it for work in shit like that. So today I was going out and I bought make up! :O For those of you who know me- which none of you really do, this is a huge step because I never actually wear make up. I know that this is an odd time in my life to start things like this, but I don’t really know, like I just feel like I should be trying harder. I guess I always kind of complain that people don’t really pay attention to me, and maybe I think they will if I look nicer. But it’s true, the nicer you look the more attention people will pay you.  Now this is not to say I will not be putting my yoga pants to rest- no, I will still wear those just not everyday.  I’ll wear real bras rather than the simple sport ones I typically wear. I hope that people will start to take me more seriously, I  should’ve taken college as a fresh start from the beginning of the year, but I still have my chance now. So here’s to the fresh new (hopefully pretty) start of Mary.

Thanks again for reading, I really appreciate it! If you want you can follow me on twitter- @mrmilligan13, just send me a tweet and I’d love to follow you back! Love you guys so much!