A Haircut.

I don’t like change especially when the outcome is entirely unknown and that’s what comes with a haircut for me and because of this I have actually put off getting a haircut for longer than I’ve been blogging. So yesterday I finally decided that my hair was gross enough and I got a lot of it cut off and I really like it.

I used to get my haircut really short all the time, like it would never really get past my shoulder because I really love the look of short hair but it’s very high maintenance and it doesn’t really work with my hair type. So instead I just stopped getting it cut for over a year which resulted in about five inches of split ends. The last time I got my haircut she made a point to cut out the at home ombre that I had previously when she wasn’t supposed to cut more than two inches so I was really upset which I think furthered my fear of getting my haircut.

Change isn’t so bad. A haircut or a change of style can be what’s needed to move on from a point of your life which I think I’m doing. While it seems like now is an odd time for change I just have some moving on to do. A moving on from negativity and crappy people to a new part of my life with good people and happy thoughts.

Change is good today. I like it. I also straightened it tonight and it’s straight! So that’s actually a huge improvement from what it was like before.