Simple Ways to Care for YOU

I know often forget to take care of myself. Between papers and just getting distracted by dumb things like watching YouTube videos or just not caring enough. Taking care of yourself is very important and it can be very simple so here are my simple ways to care for you!

  • Drink lots of water. Hydration is like the cure all thing for anything. I mean not anything but it helps a lot.
  • Swap out fries for rice at dinner or a vegetable if they aren’t too scary looking. Just staying away from fried food period can really help.
  • Rather than sitting in vegetation watching Netflix for 12 hours go on a walk or ride a bike.
  • Read a book that you want to read. That little break from all the educational reading you do for classes can be really relaxing yet still mentally rewarding.
  • Take time off for you. As an introvert I have to do this often, lock myself away in my room from people. There are some people that don’t bother me, but most people do and I need to escape. I think this is healthy for everyone, time alone with just your thoughts and time for you things.
  • Yoga or other stretching. I have tried and failed several times at yoga and I end up laying on the floor but after long periods of studying or just laying around a good stretch can really help to wake you up and make you move.
  • Staying ahead of any colds by taking vitamin c whenever I feel anything close coming on.

What are you tips for taking care of yourself?



Why aren’t I allowed to be self/ body confident?

Would you like to know something that drives me absolutely bonkers?  Well it doesn’t really matter if you want to or not because I’m going to write about it anyway. Please keep in mind that as I write this post I will be exposing a lot of myself and it is hard for me to write but I have a lot of things that must be said on this topic so I will be sharing.

There is something very wrong with todays society.  As a girl, who is often uncomfortable with myself whether it be my weight, body in general, looks, hair, personality, anything, being self-confident is hard. If you would like to know what I look like go ahead and enjoy my icon.

We have grown up in a society where if you are not a size two (four if they’re being generous) or less then that as a woman you are “fat”. However, if you are this small someone will criticize your thinness, and you are “too” this, whether or not you can help how you look.  Basically as a female you are not allowed to like how you look, thin, fat, or in between.  My size varies from a size six to a size ten.  I just said my size on the internet and I don’t give a damn.  Go ahead, call me fat, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard it.  But I am finally starting to be comfortable with how I look and society can not tell me other wise.  And yes, I do consider myself curvy.  I have a rather large bra size if you ask me, even though there are bigger, my hips are a little wider than I’d prefer, but yes I have curves. And why do I have curves you ask? Because I am a girl who likes to eat. I love food, I’m sorry I will not only eat salads and grilled chicken because that is what will help me get thin, NO. I will eat my  french fries and chicken nuggets! This is what I like to eat and I will continue to eat them in moderation because that is what makes me happy!

This brings me to my next little rant. How I look in general. I have frizzy hair. I don’t like it. I have furry eyebrows, I don’t like them. I have a little button nose, I love it.  I have tiny wrists, I love them.  I have big hands, I don’t like them. I have some freckles, I think they’re cute. What?! I like things about myself?! Yes I do! And in case you didn’t notice for every one thing I don’t like about myself I have something I do like. I could go on and on about every little piece of myself on how I feel about it, if I like or not, but I’m not going to because you don’t need to read that and I don’t need to think about it.  But I encourage all of you to do that too, find something you like about yourself, and when someone compliments you on it say “thanks me too” they might think your conceited but be confident in yourself and how you look!  Stop letting society tell you that you’re ugly or tell you that your fat.  Embrace yourself as you are because that is how God made you!  For once in your life be happy with who you are!

Girls! I am tired of feeling bad about myself, and I don’t know if you feel the same or not but really! It sucks!  I’m tired of looking in a magazine and having to look at the pictures labeled “curvy” because I am not that size but I’m also not “tiny”.  I am myself.  I try to cover up the sections of where it says “Body Type” because if something looks good on me and I like it (and if it’s within budget of course) I’m going to buy it and feel happy in it. I’m going to wear my favorite jeans, even leggings, and be happy.  Stop letting society tell you what to do with yourself, be who YOU want to be.

Sorry about this rant but this is something that has been nagging on me for months.  To be honest I would like to lose a few pounds, but I’m not going to this by starving myself or changing my life significantly. I’ll go to the gym more, cut back on dessert and snacks a little bit.  Moderation is key, and I need to remind myself of that.  Thanks for reading this and I really hope it helped someone out there. Love you guys.



Stress (Part 1)

So stress. Stress is a huge issue in college and if you read my post from earlier you probably realize that there is some stress in my life. I don’t know if this happens to any of you but when I get stressed I get sick. It gets to the point where I’m sitting either on or by the toilet waiting to vomit. To handle the pain I take Tums. Now this is not like I’m a druggie on Tums. No. They just calm my stomach and I would never take more than recommended. To deal with the stress itself I try a lot of things. First I breathe, which is always everyone’s first step. Seriously deep breaths like your gasping for air. Then as you guys know if you read my other posts, I love YouTube videos so I watch people that I find inspiring like Zoella and SprinkleofGlitter are my favorites. This just helps me to calm down. If it still doesn’t work I crochet. And if worse comes to worse I just go to bed. Well if I can, and if not I just try to forget about whatever is stressing me out. If it is a test study, and that’s all you can do. If it’s a paper, DO IT, you’ll stop stressing once it’s finished. If it’s life, ignore the problem because it will eventually go away. Let me know if I can help any of you guys with your stress stick it in the comments and I’ll help you guys out! So here’s a double post for you guys today and hopefully there will be another one soon!

Thanks so much!



Food and Boys: Two of my Favorite Things.

Let’s start with food. College food. I know everyone complains about dining hall food, so for me being a super picky eater I was really nervous about the food here but after being for almost two weeks, it’s really not bad. And if it is bad you don’t eat it and it helps you avoid the freshman fifteen. Now some tips for those of you who don’t like the dining hall food. I know my school, as well as many others that I visited had “flex” dollars or money that would be on a card that could be used at a coffee shop, sandwich place, or whatever else they have on campus, so say you look at what’s for lunch and you don’t like the sound of it you have a fall back plan. I have yet to use mine, but I  think one day this week I’m gonna try it rather than eating more chicken in the dining hall. Another tip is snacks in the dorm room. At my school we can’t have toaster, but if you like poptarts, they are just as good in the microwave. Oreos dipped in peanut butter has to be one of the most delicious things ever. Protein bars are awesome, especially if you’re running late or you’re feeling too lazy to go to the dining hall for breakfast. My last tip is actually about the dining hall is to stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true, because it probably is, sometimes they try to get too fancy, and it’s better just to keep it simple and if it’s too extravagant it’s probably not going to be very good.

Anyway onto the next topic of boys. First here’s an apology to all of my guy followers because you might not be very interested in this section, but then again maybe a girls perspective will benefit your game. Who know? Not me, that’s for sure. So before I start this here’s a little background knowledge about me and my experience with boys, and it’s not a lot at all. Freshman year of high school I had my first boyfriend and that lasted for a little over a year, and then I didn’t know what to do outside of a relationship, so I rebounded. My rebound guy was a total ass and he kissed me in public and I hated it. He really like a lot of tongue and that was just disgusting so I broke up with him. After that I was lead on by my best friend (yes he was a boy) for a good year and a half, like the rest of sophomore year, all of junior year, and the beginning of senior year and we went from being inseparable to not even talking, he broke my heart in more ways than one. Then my last brush of romance was awful, this guy basically just repeatedly screwed me over for my senior year and one of the worst parts was I stopped talking to a really great guy just because I thought I was in a monogamous relationship, but really to him I was just another girl to play. So that is my very little past with boys, any questions or advice on high school relationships and continuing them? Post in the comments please:)

Now continuing onto why I’m putting this in my awkward adventures as well as college advice and shit. Anyway, my advice girls is don’t hook up with anyone during the first week as a freshman, it doesn’t matter if you are a slut or not, you will get that reputation and you do not want that following you around the next four years. Next piece, if you are having a guy over, tell your roommate, that is not something they need walk in on! Finally, at least this is what I’m trying to do is just have fun and meet different guys. To be honest I’m a prude and I’m not going to have sex until I’m married so when I have fun I mean like cuddle and watch movies and play board games with. So I just want guys friends, and if a friendship could blossom into something more like a romance I’d be fine adding some kissing or making out into the mix of that but for now I just want fun and not serious. Any questions or things you are trying with guys (or girls) or advice you have for anyone, please comment, I would like to know that someone out there is enjoying my work! Thanks so much to all of you who started following this blog, or liking my posts, it seriously means the world to me.