I Went Outside.

The other day I went hiking with Margaret and Katie and I took some pictures that I thought I would share. I guess sometimes it’s nice getting outside, no matter how hot it is or how much I hate sweating (a lot), the view can be worth it.

woods flowersP1070944

P1070930 creek and trees cheese

margaret walking 1

Then I had this problem of not being able to choose a favorite edit because that’s something I’ve been toying around with lately.  I’m obsessed with the website “PicMonkey” and there are a lot of free services or you can pay for more like per year or month or something. I just love messing around with how a picture looks, like sure it looks great normal but pictures can look really cool if you mess around with them.

So basically this was my favorite picture but I couldn’t decide which edit I like the best, I narrowed it down to these five. I don’t know why I love the picture so much, but it’s just one of those ones that I just love.

So go outside and take some pictures and try to enjoy the summer.



A Major Declaration Adventure

Last week my friends and I went on a hike to declare our majors, which sounds really weird so let me explain. Do you know that episode of the office where Michael declares bankruptcy? Well we did that but with our majors.



Eventually a video of us all yelling on top of a waterfall will be uploaded but for now here are some pictures of us after essentially rock climbing. It was tough, I don’t physical things and this wasn’t really on a trail so it was particularly not something I do, but I did it and it was fun. Enjoy these pictures. These are my friends Kassy, Molly, and Logan. Check out Logan’s blog because she’s better than me so if you’re reading my blog you should probably be reading hers too.

It was also very cold outside which is why we’re all bundled up. I highly recommend an unconventional way of declaring your major if you go to a school where you don’t go in declared. We also have some thoughts on declaring minors in a more minor way.

Our day started with IHOP, which is the best way to start the day. IHOP also tweeted, followed, and asked me to DM them today because they saw one of the blog posts I had written about them so naturally I cried. A lot. IHOP is just the best and I will never be able to change my mind on that one that’s for sure.


Average Adventure: A Hike with Lindsay

Today I went on a nice little walk in the woods with my best pal, Lindsay. I took some nice snapshots of the woods and some video which will be linked in tomorrow’s post hopefully. Walks are just nice to do with friends because it’s the best way to catch up and get exercise. Lindsay is very fitness friendly but I was the one promoting lunge walks today. You’ll see some of my ways to exercise in my video later. For now here are some pictures!

What are you guys doing over fall breaks?