Majoring in “I Don’t Know What to Do”

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how I don’t have a thing. There’s never been one thing that I’m really good at and just sticks with me. I haven’t found what a lot of people would call, their calling with what to do with the rest of their life. Here I am, obsessed with social media, but that’s not a calling, it’s just an interest. I’m not exceptionally good at social media by any means. Just above 200 followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr, that’s not excelling, that’s about average, slightly more on Instagram, slightly less on Tumblr. Here I have the most, around the mid 400s but this hasn’t changed in nearly a year. I’m becoming stagnant.

I think in life I’ve always just wanted to have a “thing” something that I’m just really good at. I know that everyone doesn’t have a thing, I just wish that I did. I’m a Communication Arts major which means it’s something I would say is questioned more often than a lot of majors. I never ask a bio major why they’re a bio major, I just assume that they’ll do research or go to med school. And maybe because I don’t ask, I’m just assuming that they aren’t asked why they’re a bio major, but I’m constantly asked why I’m a communications major. I have a feeling it’s because no 5-year-old girl says that she wants to run IHOP’s Twitter.

When it comes to my answer, it’s often times not acceptable for people. I usually say, well I don’t want to teach, and I only want to learn about post Civil War, so I can’t be a history major.  There’s just nothing that’s ever really stuck out to me, communications has offered the most options for me. For a while I was headed towards political science, however, I just find it so exhausting to argue. There’s just always been something wrong with everything else, so what it comes down to, is I’m a communications major because I don’t know what else to do.

I once told the career center that, they were not pleased. They suggested I change my major, which pushed me to never want to talk to them again about anything. I’m majoring in “I don’t know what to do” is that okay?

I know I go back and forth on topics like this all the time. It’s just that recently I think I’m seeing more and more people fall into their place in life and I just seem to not be able to find that spot for myself. Like yes, I’m excited that I’ll be able to get a job essentially anywhere after college, I just keep questioning if it’s something I want to be doing. I guess  it is since I can’t picture myself doing anything else.

I just feel like I’m in a worldly limbo of almost being finished with my major, but not quite ready to face the world with the choices I’ve made. I still have a year until graduation but I feel like I need more time.

I don’t know. I just needed to get these thoughts out. In a week I’m sure I’ll be back to being thrilled with my choice to be a Communication Arts major, however, today I just wish I had more options. I just don’t know what I would want those options to be.

Anyone else feel the same way? Please tell me I’m not alone.


Making My Way Downtown

Today I decided to start you know getting healthy, and since it was a beautiful day I decided to take a walk along the creek that’s in the city I go to school in. There must’ve been something going on because there were so many people, however that didn’t really impact my fast walk at all.

I actually took some pictures to share with you guys, it’s like a mini adventure!

photo 1 - Copy - Copy - Copy

I started my  walk with some throwback to the Jonas Brothers, who doesn’t love them? If you say you don’t you’re probably lying.

photo 1 (10) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Just an old street in the city. All of the sidewalks are a mixture of brick and cement, it’s cool however it makes it easy to twist ankles and trip.

photo 4 (11) - Copy

I’m not sure why it’s like this, I mean I’m sure there’s a reason. I just think it’s really pretty. I followed this creek end to end, so it was a fairly long walk.

photo 5 (11)

The other side of whatever this is with a bell tower in the back, oo la la.

photo 2 (10) - Copy - Copy - Copy

This part of the city is really cool, these buildings are protected so they can’t be changed too much. It’s an old part mixed with a new part, so all of the new buildings are designed to look like those from the antebellum period.

photo 4 (10) - Copy

The bridges over the creek are each designed in a different fashion. This one is obviously decorated in ivy, however, it’s probably my least favorite.

photo 1 (12) - Copy - Copy - Copy

This is another old section of the city.

photo 2 (9) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Another bridge. This one I believe tells the time, however I did not examine it closely at all.

photo 4 (9) - Copy

This is the best picture I could get of the next bridge. This one is very modern suspension bridge. It’s really cool because each end splits into two sides of a walking bridge.

photo 5 (9) - Copy

This bridge is actually painted not really like this. It’s right out front of the art museum, which is also really 2 (8) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Well this is kind of just an artsy picture I tried to take.

photo 3 (9) - Copy - Copy

Here is another bridge by the art museum, it’s made out of metal/steel/something. It has really cool intricate details in which sadly you can’t really see in the picture.

photo 3 (8) - Copy - Copy

This is an angel that looks like she coming out of the wall but really it’s just a painting and if you look at it front on it’s very wide. People find it creepy because no matter where you stand it looks like she’s coming towards you. It’s kind of one of those things you have to see in person to understand.

photo 4 (7) - Copy

This looks like a real door and people try to open which is dumb because it’s painted.

photo 5 (6) - Copy

This is an example of a new building that tried to make look older.

photo 5 (8) - Copy

I believe this is the art museum but I can’t remember. Whoops.

photo 2 (7) - Copy - Copy - Copy

This is how I brought my key with me so I didn’t have to bring my whole wallet with me. I also put my id card in my phone case. Just a little trick incase you don’t want to bring everything with you when you run out.

photo 4 - Copy

Don’t judge me I’m really into this One Direction song off of their new album. Check it out, it’s actually really good.

photo 5 (7)

Well I stopped as I was walking back to campus for my free coffee, trenta iced coffee with caramel. I also had a water bottle with me because it’s important to stay very hydrated. Especially when you drink things like coffee because they tend to dehydrate you.

photo 1 (8) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Pretty roadview.

photo 3 (7) - Copy - Copy

Stop light on East Patrick Street. One of my favorite streets in the city.

photo 1 (7) - Copy - Copy - Copy

Another road with old houses and brick sidewalks. Many of the houses are preserved as historical landmarks which shows a lot of history.

photo 2

I also enjoyed this song on my way back to campus, Mr. Right, by On Your Side.

photo 3 (6) - Copy - Copy

And finally here is an ugly selfie to show how upset I was about being sweaty. However, I feel really refreshed now and I might take a longer route back to campus after church tomorrow.

Okay so that was me trying to be healthier. I’m trying guys, really trying. Not only am I avoiding french fries and fighting off the urge to eat them everyday, I’m doing good. So here’s just a little update on my fitness life and such, mixed with a little adventure. I have to try and make it interesting otherwise I’m not going to be able to do it.

Leave me tips in the comments please!



Pretty Places

Pretty Places

So here’s just a little blurb about another pretty place I’ve visited. Over summer 2012 I went to Europe with a group of high school students. In my previous Pretty Places post I did a quick paragraph or two on the beauty of London, this one is covering just a bit of Normandy. For those of you have never been to Normandy, it is one of the prettiest places on earth, yet one of most depressing as well. The water is such a clear blue, the cliffs (the only way I can think to describe the landforms), and the wild flowers can leave just about anyone speechless and astounded by the sheer beauty of it all. I have a few other pictures that I’ll probably post at some point. This one is just one of my favorites. It’s hard to imagine something bad happening at such a beautiful place. This picture in particular does not display any sort of war-torn area, no battle fields, no death, just beauty, and that’s one of the most suprising pieces of Normandy. No one expects a place of sorrow to be so beautiful.