Appologies. And Other Stuff

Looking back on this afternoon I realized that my post was super lame so I decided to double up on today’s postings.

Now since I didn’t really think about this I’m not really sure what to write about… I guess I could just ramble ramble and ramble. So I guess that I’ll just tell you guys about what’s going on.

So far I’ve had three papers, one test, three labs, two projects, dozens of quizzes and an immeasurable amount of homework. I’ve been doing okay in my classes. I have an either a low A or a high B in history from two assignments, a high C in my Mass Media from only one assignment and it better get higher or I’m going to be pissed, a high B in math, and a mid B in Arabic. Now these grades are not my best and I expect them to improve, however college is harder and there is more factoring into this so I guess I need to work harder as well.

My friends here are okay, but they’re nothing like the ones I have back home. I miss them so much, and that’s what makes me realize that they will be my best friends for life and nothing will ever change that.

I feel like my weight has been fluctuating a lot here. I work out and eat less most days but I feel like one bad day destroys it all. That’s just another random thing about college.

My roommate and I get along for the most part. She likes to get drunk and have sex and she’s basically cheating on her boyfriend, but other than that we’re cool. She likes Harry Potter so we can be friends.

I hope this little burst of knowledge about me makes up for my super sucky post earlier today, but I would really appreciate it if you went out and checked out my YouTube channel, it would mean a great deal to me. Thanks so much for reading guys. I love you all so much.

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