The Ladybug.

So all winter I let a ladybug find shelter on the light in my room. Eventually it went away, I assumed it went out the door or died and I would eventually find it.

Fast forward to Thursday. By this point I’ve forgotten. Other than a few tweets there’s really nothing but memories of my little winter ladybug friend that I sheltered for a few weeks. I just forgot about it, a little detail of one of my busiest semesters yet. So Thursday I’m sitting on my floor looking for a paper or something I was supposed to be doing and after moving something there it is. There is my ladybug. I say my like it belonged to me, but I guess it was like my little ladybuddy or something like that.

So obviously I feel obligated to do something. It seemed injured so I didn’t know what to do. Normally when you touch a ladybug, it’ll spread it’s wings and try to fly or actually fly. In this case I picked it up on the piece of paper and it wouldn’t fly. It even crawled of the paper and wouldn’t fly. I assumed that it was severely injured. I thought about euthanizing it, but I kept it safe for so long it didn’t seem right. So I decided to set it free in the wild. By wild I mean the little mulch area outside my building. Again, I thought that would be the end of that.

So now we’re up to yesterday. Eric and I got back from dinner and went to my room and you will never guess what was on his sweatshirt. THE FREAKING LADYBUG! We thought it was dead, so we sadly threw it in the trash. Okay maybe it wasn’t that sad of an occasion but it happened. I continue about my normal day, go to the bathroom and come back. The ladybug is hanging out on my ceiling light. It went back to where it stayed all winter.

I’m assuming this is the same ladybug simply because I like to feel needed and wanted and that’s what this seems like to me. I thought I would share this funny little story of the ladybug who will never leave me. I currently don’t know where it is. It was no longer on the light when I left my room for Easter with my family. If you would like an update on this feel free to follow me on twitter where I used to update a lot but kind of stopped @mrmilligan13.

It’s the little things.



30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 17

blog challenge day 17

I really like to laugh. Like put me with the right people and I have the worst laugh in the world- very loud and obnoxious. There are a lot of things that make me laugh, starting with myself obviously. I honestly think that I am my biggest fan when it comes to my jokes, no one laughs harder than me. Sometimes I think that I laugh more at my own joke than anyone else’s, but that’s okay.

In a manner of saving you all time from long explanations of what makes me laugh I think it’ll be best for me just to make it a list.

  • Weird voices, but not the annoying ones
  • Myself. I’m freaking hilarious.
  • Weird things people say
  • Weird people (I know it’s mean but I can’t help it)
  • What’s a way to say funny people without saying funny people because that’s what I want to say in a way that makes me seem not so average?
  • Stupidity
  • Childhood memories
  • Shows like The Office and Parks and Rec

A lot more but mostly myself. It’s hard for me to think of things that are funny because I would say most of it is in the moment.



Love, Boys, and Other Gross Things

So if you guys haven’t read my other posts you may or may not know about my unfortunate luck with boys.

This past year I was perfectly fine single, pining after a cute boy a year younger than me, all of this rapidly changed when me and a guy that I have known for seven years and I started hanging out just the two of us. We went out ever weekend and he would always pay. Not only did he come over when I was sick (like throwing up) but we went out to dinner with his family and hung out with his sister and did puzzles. To me it was the perfect kind of relationship, for once in my life I had felt true happiness. Prom came around and I asked him to go with me, he said yes and wrote it out on my back yard in candles. I was truly surprised, and with his enthusiasm towards my prom I assumed he wasn’t going to his- we went to two different schools. One weekend we hadn’t made any plans and I asked him to hang out- he said that he was staying with a friend while his family was away for the weekend, so I decided to just hang out with friends and thought maybe we would do something Sunday, but I was going to see him later that week so it didn’t really matter. He didn’t have a phone so he couldn’t text, so we Facebook messaged. I checked to see if I had anything from him but to my surprise I had seen that he had gone to his prom with another girl. Needless to say I was heartbroken. We were never dating, but in the five months that we had spent countless hours with each other, calling at least once a week, typing paragraphs to each other, watching movies, and playing games, to me he had thrown it away.

After this I not only lost a guy that I truly cared for, but I had fallen for head over heels. In this time though he had become “my person” (Grey’s Anatomy reference). If anything major happened he was the first person I wanted to tell. When I made my decision on where I was going for college, he was the first person I told besides my family. On a bad day a smile face message from him, or a quick phone call would make it better. I thought he was the only person I could count on, the only person I wanted to dress up for, or look nice for. He was the only person that made me really happy. But just like everything good in my life he is gone and he left me here, shattered.

The point to this is that boys come and then they leave. You can’t count on them to always be there like I did. I don’t know if I was in love with him, I might’ve been. To be honest it’s hard to move on from someone who impacted me so much and I’m not fully recovered yet even though it’s been five months.  My advice is to be careful and never take your person for granted because they may just turn on you.

Finally the reason I decided to post this tonight was because I missed him. I wish he was here with me sometimes but other times I wish that I never have to see him again. I also wanted to share my story and let anyone out there who’s going through the same thing or has gone through it to not feel so alone. Leave a comment below with your story because I’d love to hear them :) Now since I’m single I have moved on to loving my lovely readers. Thanks so much guys! I love you all! If you leave a comment with the name of your blog, I will be more than happy to follow you back!



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