Positivity 2.0.

This semester has been lacking positivity from me, or at least in my opinion. I mean, as my nickname is Debbie Downer in more than one group of friends, I still want to maintain a positive energy about myself.

Recently, I’ve felt that my blog especially has not been very positive. It’s just a lot of me asking questions, not being sure, or even disappointed. I just feel like I can do better. So today, I’m here to spread positivity. I’ve been thinking of ways to do this, and I figured the best ways would be to make a list of the positive things in life and positive quotes, so I’m just going to do that.

  • It rained today and didn’t snow, which might mean that winter is almost over.
  • IHOP has the double dipped french toast back, this time with peanut butter *insert heart eye emoji here*
  • If you’re reading this you have access to internet which is pretty great
  • You’ve made it half way through the week!
  • People care about you
  • Chocolate is a thing and it’s amazing.
  • You can basically do whatever you want, sometimes the only thing stopping you is you. That’s a kind of a stupid idea because a lot of the time it isn’t true, but at the same time it’s kind of true. The world is kind of your oyster.
  • It’s almost mid way through the semester.

What are you going to do today to be positive? I hope everyone has a great day.



Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 18

late night blogging with mary

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve done some late night blogging, and really that’s all I have time for right now it seems. I go home in 12 days by the time I hit publish on this post, which is crazy, this semester has gone so quickly. However, I have 8 assignments due before them, I crossed off two today (thank goodness) but it’s stressful and I’m ready to be done with them all.

It’s weird getting ready to go home, it has gone by really fast, but I’m also ready to go home. I’ll miss the people and the city but I really miss my family friend back home, so I’m pretty ready to get home.

A lot’s going on and a lot is about to happen. I was away for a week, saw Molly, and now I’ve been back in Dublin ever since and I’m just trying to make the best out of my last few weeks here. I’m also getting ready to start 12 Days of Christmas on my blog! 12 days of daily blogging!  I do miss that sometimes, so this will either feed the fuel or leave me hungry for more, we shall see.

I’m also very excited for Christmas, I’m almost done my shopping. I love Christmas, I can’t wait to get home to wrap the presets. The things I’m most excited about going home are as followed: IHOP, wrapping Christmas presents, and having an oven. That’s obviously not including seeing everyone. I really miss IHOP, it will be breakfast on Sunday. Well maybe dinner because it’s so crowded Sunday morning and afternoon, you just have to time out the meal times. Also, I’m excited for American Netflix, some options are better here, but there are a lot fewer.

Let me rant about housing back home for a second. They won’t tell me who I can live with, they are literally just going to stick me with some random person in some random building which is absolutely absurd if you ask me. I’m so annoyed. It doesn’t make sense for them, and it doesn’t make sense for me. I can’t even fill out a form to see who I would be most compatible with. It’s just ridiculous. They wouldn’t let me save a spot, their recommendation for study abroad students is to live in language housing, providing no recommendations for people who are studying in an English speaking country. It’s really helpful. I’m annoyed.

Anyway, I’m beyond ready for bed. What’s going on in your life?


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 3



Okay so maybe I went the unconventional route with this challenge, and didn’t take it too seriously but that’s how I like to do life. This is a quote from one of my favorite TV shows “Parks and Recreation”. I think this quote is very suitable for myself, however I must also include family with friends.

Leslie Knope is an inspiration to all. Like talk about an empowering woman, Leslie is a powerful, amazing, positive, breakfast loving woman, and all around very inspiring to me, which is why I thought it was very important to make it my last quote. She’s just this huge feminist icon in my opinion, feel free to disagree, but when I think feminism I think Leslie Knope.

I think this just suits me and my love for breakfast foods, especially IHOP, and that sometimes, maybe I can prioritize that over people, but not really. They might almost be equal because whenever I talk to my friends from back home I just go on and on about how I miss IHOP.  However silly it may seem, it really holds some truth to it though. Friends and family, waffles, work.

I really appreciate the last part, always put work third. Work should never be the first priority because than nothing is going to matter, and I think people forget about that. There is this idea that work is what makes you money so it has to go first, but really what makes you happy needs to go first.

So my list would probably go: God, friends and family, breakfast*, school/blogging/work. I put blogging in the work category since it takes up so much time, more time than a hobby, but I thoroughly enjoy it. I do need to remember not to put it first, because I did have a tendency to do that when I was daily blogging. You need to put people and the things that really enrich your life first.

What would your list be like?

If you are confused by this post, be sure to check out yesterday’s and Sunday’s posts to catch up! Thanks again to Getting Through Anxiety for challenging me to this, I’ve had a lot of fun with it! I didn’t challenge anyone like I was supposed to, but I really encourage everyone to try it, it really makes you think not only about  your favorite quotes,  but about what they really, truly mean to you.


*Half joking about breakfast being that high up on the list, half not joking.


IHOP Cinnamon Sugar Double Dipped French Toast Review


I had this around when it first came out, and of course I was blown away. However, I could not let my first opinion mislead me, I had to try it twice, and it was just as amazing, if not better than I imagined the second time. The Cinnamon Sugar Double Dipped French Toast has beat out every meal I have ever gotten there.

I have since referred to this as the Holy Grail of French Toast, it has beaten out my classic favorite (Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes) and is my now go to order. I didn’t even look at the menu today, I ordered two of these and some turkey bacon. This has quickly turned into my favorite meal.

It’s the brioche french toast double battered with corn flakes and oatmeal. YUM. It’s sweet, but not too sweet if you know what I mean. It’s the perfect balance.

So if you’re heading to IHOP any time soon, definitely try this, also if you weren’t planning on going soon, do go because it’s great.


Galentines Day 2015

In case you were unaware of the phenomenon that is Galentines Day began with Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation. I am fortunate to have a lot of lovely ladies in my life so I celebrated twice.

My day started with a surprise planned trip by Gabby. She planned to go to IHOP and then one of the local pottery painting places.

After this I had to get ready for part two with Rachel, Zoe, Anna, Chloe, Becca, Alyssa, and Shanayah. We had a night at Olive Garden. I got some flatbread something or other considering I’m not a big Italian food person, but you can bet that I did take a whole order of breadsticks home for myself. I of course shared with some of my friends- what a sacrifice.

If you are single or in a relationship Galentines Day is a day to celebrate. It is so important to recognize the importance of everyone in your life- not just significant others. I think that in a relationship it is so easy to forget about your friends and the other people who care about you. Just to clarify that can sound like I’m in a relationship but I’m not. I am single which is why I really appreciate this day and all the other days my friends go out of their ways to make me feel happy and content with myself. Valentines wasn’t bad either. Being single doesn’t mean that it has to be a terrible and miserable time of year. If you need a significant other in your life to be happy and content I feel very sorry for you, have fun and be happy with every person in your life. Don’t revolve your life around someone else and embrace the people you have now.


IHOP: The Perfect First Date

IHOP is my obsession as you may know. I also happen to think that is the perfect place for a first date. Why? Because you can share a pot of coffee. Also you can tell a lot by a person by what they order at IHOP on a first date. For example, I would definitely order chocolate chip pancakes and sausage, but I wouldn’t get the chocolate batter because I wouldn’t want to seem too crazy. Personally, I would probably be offended if he ordered something that wasn’t breakfast. Why? Because you don’t take someone to IHOP without intending to order pancakes or some other breakfast food!

IHOP is also reasonably priced especially if you cut your order down. This way when the check comes it’s not awkward to split or pay for if you want to pay for it. I don’t go on dates so I have never experienced this so called awkward encounter.

If you have a first date go to IHOP. Also if you’re a male who likes me and you’re reading this, take me to IHOP for our first date. It will make you much more desirable and likeable. You’re welcome.


My True Love: IHOP

I mean I’m sure you guys can guess what I had for dinner tonight FREAKING IHOP. Really guys I’m in love. If you have never been there first of all, WHY, secondly go there right now. IHOP is the best restaurant in the whole world and no one could argue with me on that. If a guy ever wanted to put a smile on my face all he would have to do is take me to IHOP.  I think my dream in life is to be sponsored by IHOP, nothing imparticualr sponsored by them, just my whole life sponsored by IHOP is my dream. So incase  you were wondering if this post was sponsored it is obviously not.

How can you not like IHOP? They literally sell anything you could want to eat, breakfast, lunch, and dinner anytime of day. IHOP is just so delicious and everyone should love it because why wouldn’t you love it?

In honor of my visit to IHOP I decided to review my meal. I went to IHOP today with two girls from my building Molly and Gabby, I always get a kick out of them. Seriously I’m pretty sure I didn’t stop laughing like the whole time.


Today I got the Harvest Grain N’ Nut Pancakes, quite different from the Double Chocolate Chip ones that I usually get. I actually only got two, not only because it’s cheaper, but I usually only eat two and a half and it’s hard to take pancakes to go. They were really good, but I missed the chocolate, I think next time I’m going to try their new french toast which looks amazing I just wasn’t up for all of the sugar tonight. The actually have a variety of syrups, which are really good, today I tried the butter pecan which was really good and sweet, as well as the original. They also have strawberry and blueberry, but I don’t like fruit really so I stay away from those.  I also can then get some turkey sausage, which is the best kind of sausage and another one of my obsessions. I think I got that plus coffee for like $6 which is amazing, that’s less than a meal at McDonald’s so it’s yummier and cheaper and maybe a little bit healthier depending on what you get.  The coffee there is also really good which trust me a lot of places manage to screw up coffee which surprises me. The waitress was so nice, and that’s actually pretty typical there, I’ve never had a bad experience with the wait staff, even the weird ones are always really friends.

Seriously everyone go to IHOP you won’t regret it. I guarantee it.

Well thanks for sticking  with me through a different type of post. Now go eat some IHOP!