My First Day as an Intern

Today I started my internship. Let me tell you, after a day of sitting in a cubicle my question is: how do people do this for the majority of their lives? I am really thankful to have this experience and it’s exactly what I expected. Apparently it’s a little bit crazier than usual this week since they have this video broadcast thing going on tomorrow I don’t know. One thing I’m really excited to share with you guys, and yes this is going to sound stupid, but it’s the outfits I’m wearing. They’re so nice and I feel really pretty so once I maybe, possibly, save my money for a nice camera, there shall be a whole lookbook for your reading and such.

So basically, my dad works at the same place as my internship but he starts a half an hour earlier so I just go in with him but I wait to start. Anyway, so basically the first half hour was getting my ID and such, then I was shown around the building, well the half of the building that I was on, and met sooo many people. I remember about five names. I shadowed one girl for a little bit and she showed me how to do some stuff. Then we went to a practice run of the video thing for tomorrow. We had a lunch meeting, that was just like school so that was a little bit boring I suppose. After that I went back to my cubicle and for the last four hours I spent reformatting powerpoints. I can’t say it’s fun, but I can say it’s so much better than my other job, that I hate.

It’s an experience I’m lucky to have and I’m sure it will help me figure out some plans for the rest of my life. Or at least that’s the hope. Going in for day two tomorrow.




Exciting News and Clothing Haul!

Guys I got majorly exciting news yesterday but I had to wait to share it with you today because I had to tell some other people first. I GOT AN INTERNSHIP! I am so excited to not be working at my other job five days a week. Instead I will be there every other Saturday. Here’s to a summer of saving money!

So there’s my exciting news and since this is a more professional job I of course had to buy some new clothes for the occasion. I want to do a lookbook for outfits so today I decided just to do a haul thing. I’m using website pictures, I know that’s terrible but I’m too lazy to take my own pictures. The place of my internship seems to be more of a business casual so that’s why the outfits are a little more causal. This is actually really good because I’ll get a lot of use out of the clothes.

I did try very hard to make links to these items but I couldn’t get it to work. If you want to know the details of any one item imparticular let me know which and I will be glad to direct you to the correct website.

It was two fun little shopping trips. I’m glad I got this new job and I’m glad I don’t have to work my old job so much. I’m ready for this new transition in life.