I Will BE Successful


Yesterday someone had the nerve to imply that communications majors should be concerned about their futures, that we should be worried that there aren’t enough jobs for us. This came out of the mouth of a Marketing major, and I dare her to see this and question me about it.

I am a Communication Arts major, I am learning how to communicate. And while I worry day in and day out about what I want to be when I grow up, I am not worried about what I will become when I grow up. There are options. I’ve applied for internships in FIVE different fields because my degree is that versatile. I’ve applied in HR, Marketing, sales, PR, and just general communications, I could also apply for internships in newspapers, editorial offices, magazines, publishing companies, and websites like BuzzFeed, so don’t you dare tell me that I should be concerned about my future.

I am worried because I don’t know what I want to be, but I know I have options. I am not limiting myself to a concentration because of that reason. I will not choose marketing because that is so limiting. I can still take marketing classes and put that on my resume if I want, but I really don’t need to since I already had an internship in marketing and that looks better than any class I could take on the subject. I don’t want to limit myself to the digital realm, even though that does happen to be what I like, because what if I fall in love with print. Being a Communications major means I’m giving myself options. Choosing to be a Communications major without limitations allows me to explore even more options. If I was certain on something, then yes, I’m sure I would have a concentration, but I don’t need one, I will be successful in a plethora of ways without one.

I’m sick and tired of people verbalizing or implying that I will be a failure simply because of my major. I’m sorry, but every company needs to know how to communicate. I refuse to worry about my ability to find a job when I could walk into any office and say “I can help your office communicate better, look at my degree to prove it!” I won’t say they would give it to me, but my degree is useful. Don’t doubt me on this because I will fight to defend my decision.

I will not be the richest person in the world from this degree, but I can almost guarantee that any company could use me or someone like me.

So please rub your marketing, math, engineering, or any other degree in my face. Don’t worry, I won’t criticize it, but just know that I have a wider variety of options so stop criticizing me and implying that I’m going to be a failure. No matter where you go, someone like myself will be there communicating with the rest of the world what you are doing – we are a needed breed. Communications majors will never not be needed, a company will always need to communicate outside its doors with the rest of the world no matter what they do. For the public to know they need a service it must be communicated, whether that’s through print, online, marketing (which you can do with just a communications degree), or even just within departments we are a commodity. I am not worthless like you like to imply. I do not have a joke of a major, my classes might be a little easier than bio and chem, but I still work for my grades. You need a communications major in your professional world, never doubt it. Do you see engineers working in HR? Nope, communications. Believe it or not, we’re needed, I’m going to succeed so don’t imply that I will fail.

I refuse to fail, so say it all you want, but when you go out of your way to criticize everyone else’s decisions it shows your own insecurities. Evaluate your own life and choices, not mine.



There’s a Lot Happening

I leave to go back to school on Saturday, tomorrow is the last day of my internship, I have to pack still, plus I currently have a half made craft laying on my basement floor, as well as I have several plans in the upcoming days so I can see as many people as possible before I get back. There’s a lot going on right now and it’s just a little overwhelming. Saturday (I’m going to call it Friday though because it was the middle of the night) is the anniversary of my first blog post here, which is crazy in my head at least.  I’m also turning 20 in a month! That’s crazy.

I’ve been really good at shutting out things lately and that’s really bad. I think I’m stressed and I’m trying to block it out so I don’t get anxious. I was sick all of last week and I’m afraid of vomiting so the whole week I was afraid I was going to vomit so that kind of made me anxious. I’m also kind of stressed about packing and getting back to school, I’m not sure why but I’m kind of stressed.

I’m ready to get back and get out of Lancaster county for a while, I won’t be back until my birthday. I’m also looking forward to being with different people and getting more sleep as well as getting into a better routine. It will also be nice to have a little change.

I’m also going to try and make some videos as we get back into the school year, I already started and uploaded one a few days ago, feel free to check it out here. I’m still trying and struggling with the ones from adventure week, and part 2 Rhode Island will be coming soon.

I have two little musical plugs today and I’m not sure if I’ve ever done this, but I’m in LOVE with Taylor Swifts new song, “Shake it Off” so you should probably check that out. Also, if you haven’t heard, one of my favorite YouTubers, Troye Sivian, has released an EP and you should go order that on iTunes because it’s AMAZING. He’s pretty much perfect and I just want to squish him every time I see him/hear his voice.

Here’s just a little update since I haven’t done one in a while, let me know how the whole moving for college thing is going for you guys in the comments and any packing tips!



My Anxiety Won’t Win

No matter how long you’ve been following me, you know that I suffer from anxiety. For whatever reason today has been particularly bad, I’ve had a few small panic attacks, but I’ve had this general feeling of anxiousness all day. Sometimes I don’t know what’s worse, feeling anxious all day or having one bad panic attack, at least then it’s over with, but then I feel really sad just because I feel mentally and emotionally weak. I’m not sure if that makes sense that’s just how I feel.

However, today I had a meeting with someone at work who works does PR for the company I’m working a for the summer. I had two hours from the time I started to the time the meeting began and I felt so anxious. I was afraid I wasn’t going to know what to say or how to act. It turns out I had no reason to be anxious because we hit it off! We talked the whole hour without a single moment of awkward silence. I acted like myself, told her about myself and my interests. I think that’s a great thing to do in situations like that because anxiety only builds with lies and pretending, or at least that’s what I think. She actually has given me the awesome opportunity to write a press release which is an awesome experience to have at 19. I’m so excited.

This really great opportunity brought with it anxiety, well maybe not with it because it was already there. I had to find the information for the press release, which meant I had to use the phone that has been sitting on my desk, used once to set up my email. For some reason making phone calls to people I don’t know makes me really nervous. I think I would actually rather meet someone face to face or even like skype them over a phone call. I don’t know why that is, but it actually caused me to have a small panic attack. I set little accomplishments so that I could do it. I retyped all the information I was given into a way that it was easier for me to understand. I then took out the questions I had to ask and typed those all up. I practiced reading them so I wouldn’t stutter, and to make sure that they made sense. After a lot of deep breathing I picked up the phone and dialed the extension. Let me tell you five rings in cruel to a person with anxiety, he didn’t answer and I had to leave a voicemail. The rest of the afternoon I’m waiting for him to return my call just working on some more powerpoint stuff and I think I’m in the clear at 4:50, but no, at 4:53 the phone rings. It went well, I asked him my questions and now I’ll arrange all the information tomorrow.

It might take me a little bit longer to do some things, but I’m not about to let my anxiety to stop me. There are so many things in life that I want to do and I don’t want to stop because I’m feeling anxious. I know there are going to be times where it does get the best of me, heck it gets the best of me a lot, but it’s not going to stop me. Even if something takes a hundred tries, or if I have to pick up the phone and put it down a few times before I’m not going to let this win. Today just justified that I can accomplish something great  a simple everyday task that makes me anxious if I set my mind to it. If I can do it, so can you.




Hello fellow bloggers or readers that suffer from anxiety. I’m trying to a post on how to explain anxiety to those who don’t experience it and how they should handle someone having a panic attack. If you have any advice on this I’m trying to compile a list, so if you want email me at marysaverageadventures@gmail.com please it would be really helpful! You can stay completely anonymous as well.


The Job Hunt

As it’s getting closer to the end of April the time to get a raise is approaching, for most this is exciting and they make plans for how they’re going to spend the extra money, for me it’s just a reminder that I’m going on my fourth year at the same job. I love my coworkers, I work for a pretty good company- I mean I have my complaints, but doesn’t everyone? Well I’m ready to move on, even though I’ll probably keep it anyway.

I’ve been on the hunt now for a few months on and off. I think the problem is I’m picky. I don’t want to work in the foodservice industry anymore, and I would prefer not to work in retail. What I really want is an internship (paid) so that I’m getting the experience too. However, a lot of places only want to give those to upcoming juniors and seniors, guess who’s only gonna be a freshman? This girl

Anyway yeah this is really short and stupid and annoying but I didn’t know what else to write about. I applied to a hotel and got rejected within the half hour. I have been applying to nannying jobs however I have yet to hear a positive response from anyone. How do you guys find jobs? Any secrets out there?

Is there a way I can just get rich really quick right now? That would be nice. Why isn’t there anywhere that I can just go and someone will just hand me bags of money? Why isn’t there anywhere that someone would just give me money?

Okay that was a really short post for today, sorry. I shall hopefully make up for it tomorrow. That’s it. Thanks for reading!