Weekly Average Adventure Log: Week Two

Week Two

I have now been in Ireland for two weeks, it does feel like a lot longer though. This week I experience my first week of classes, which was way different than back home. Time is being super weird where it feels like it’s going really fast but other times it’s going really slow. Apologies in advance for there is a lack of pictures in this week’s adventure log because I was in class and trying to just feel like I have it all together this week, that’s all I want to feel.


Sunday was a huge sporting event day here, so I went out to the pub with a bunch of other people. However, I did it a little bit differently and got a nice cappuccino.


This is a poor quality picture because of snapchat (mrmilligan13) and poor pub lighting.

I also learned that you should always bring your umbrella in a country that’s known for it’s rain (I got soaked on my walk back from the pub).


Monday was the first day of classes and it was confusing. I go in and out of classes in the same day and I’m terrified I’m going to miss a class because the timetables are so different from what I’m used to. There are no pictures because I was stressed and tired.


Tuesday I hardly remember. I only had one class but I did have to go twice. I don’t know what else I did, I need to start keeping record. I actually just started a list so this won’t happen again, how embarrassing.


I was done at 1:30 on Wednesday and I had to do grocery shopping, and on my way I actually ran into someone from my group so we had coffee and french fries (well she had lunch I just wanted fries) and then did our grocery shopping.


As you can see, I really like the coffee here. Also this is the day I missed a class. That was stressful.


Again, I don’t remember what I did. I only had one class, but I don’t know what I did after that.  I have no clue what I did Thursday at all. I know I slept in but I can’t figure out what else I did.


Friday I have a class where we will typically go on field trips so we did a walking tour. My third guided walking tour haha, this one was a lot of information, and I’m not sure I retained a lot of it. I need to bring my notebook next week.

These were fancy building, the chandelier is now a bank but it used to be the parliament building.

I also went out for burgers with some girls on Friday night, which was really fun.


Saturday was super busy. We met really early to get the bus to the Cliffs of Moher, which one day this week I will be doing a whole post on late this week, so look forward to that! Or not.

Here is a sneak peak though! Ignore my awkward stance please, I’m not a model, I just pretend sometimes.

This was one of those bus tours, which are fun, but you don’t get a lot of time at each destination. I think I might just start taking buses to where I want to go and I can just explore on my own.

This is a few pictures of the bus ride and an abbey we stopped at, I don’t remember what it was called, I did however, see a skull. I didn’t take a picture because I didn’t know what to think or how respectful that was. It was like a real graveyard so it was intense, people still visit people there to see loved ones.

So that was it this week, hopefully next week I take more pictures. Keep your eye out for a Cliff of Moher post. What did you do this week?




Average Adventure: Rehoboth Beach, DE

I briefly went to the beach the other day. I went to stay with my Poppop near Rehoboth Beach so I went to the outlets and decided just to stop over by the beach for about an hour or so. I’m not really a beach person so really an hour is all I need.  I’ve been going to this beach for as long as I can remember so for me it’s just like a walk down memory lane.


I loved the SnapChat filter (mrmilligan13) so I had to take a pictures.

Here are three very similar pictures so I grouped them together. This is how I like to see the beach. From a bench, in the shade, with a breeze, but yet you can still smell the ocean and feel the beach air.


Okay I realize this is a terrible picture,  but since I went straight from shopping I wasn’t about to leave my camera in my car. However, if you ever go to Rehoboth Beach you have to go to this ice cream store. It’s on the main strip so it’s easy to find but they have the biggest selection of ice cream I have ever seen. There are over a 100 flavors, these range from chocolate to boogers, so if you ever get the chance, check it out!

So here’s a super short little beach/ adventure post! Who saw the typo in yesterdays? Also, what’s your favorite beach to go to?