Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 28

I am sitting on our living room floor with about a million and five papers scattered around me along with a host of cold meds, decaf coffee, and some soy and dairy free chocolate. I keep staring at my very out-dated to-do list hoping it will give me answers that it’s not going to give me. I already took my evening dose of melatonin, so my apologies if this is a little scattered, I have to be up at 4:45 to babysit tomorrow morning so better safe than sorry with taking it early.

I have a second interview tomorrow, I’m not one for publicizing this type of information as I see it to be jinx worthy, however, I put everything here and maybe it’s jinx worthy to not ask for your best thoughts. Really, I’m afraid of jinxes no matter what so no matter what I do, if I don’t get this job I’m going to blame it as a jinx on something.

The job hunt in general, has been stressful. I have lost count of the number of jobs I’ve applied for. I’ve stopped applying to anything not on the east coast because I don’t think anybody wants to pay for me to relocate. If you do, ya know, let me know, I’ll move anywhere.

Other than jobs I have a crazy short time until graduation and I honestly can’t believe it. Although cliche, it does it feel like just yesterday that I started this blog in conjunction with my college career. While I’m so excited to be done school and get out of the classroom and maybe even out of my parents house (no offense, just looking for new), I’m not quite as ready for bills and whatever else real adults have to do. I want to do all the fun things and skip everything I might ever have to worry about. Generally, I’m more excited than not.

I’ve been working a lot this year to get to a point where I’m comfortable. I should’ve spent less but I’m considering this my last few months to be a little reckless. I babysit ALL the time, less now than earlier this year, but still a lot. I also work at the marketing department at my school, and as an intern. There might be other things I’m forgetting but, it’s been good. I think it’s been helping me prep for the future of being busy. If I could be a professional nanny, it’s definitely something I would consider. However, I did not go to college to do that, so I should really use the skills I’ve developed to please my parents and myself.

Anyway, here’s a little bit of my word vomit for everyone. How’s you job hunt going? Any tips for me? Anyone successfully freelancing and have some advice? Let me know!


The Job Hunt

As it’s getting closer to the end of April the time to get a raise is approaching, for most this is exciting and they make plans for how they’re going to spend the extra money, for me it’s just a reminder that I’m going on my fourth year at the same job. I love my coworkers, I work for a pretty good company- I mean I have my complaints, but doesn’t everyone? Well I’m ready to move on, even though I’ll probably keep it anyway.

I’ve been on the hunt now for a few months on and off. I think the problem is I’m picky. I don’t want to work in the foodservice industry anymore, and I would prefer not to work in retail. What I really want is an internship (paid) so that I’m getting the experience too. However, a lot of places only want to give those to upcoming juniors and seniors, guess who’s only gonna be a freshman? This girl

Anyway yeah this is really short and stupid and annoying but I didn’t know what else to write about. I applied to a hotel and got rejected within the half hour. I have been applying to nannying jobs however I have yet to hear a positive response from anyone. How do you guys find jobs? Any secrets out there?

Is there a way I can just get rich really quick right now? That would be nice. Why isn’t there anywhere that I can just go and someone will just hand me bags of money? Why isn’t there anywhere that someone would just give me money?

Okay that was a really short post for today, sorry. I shall hopefully make up for it tomorrow. That’s it. Thanks for reading!