Internet Friends, Welcome to Bowmansville, Pennsylvania!

Since my internet friends can’t visit me because of lack of vacation days, here is a virtual tour of my hometown!


Welcome to Bowmansville!! A small village amongst the corn fields, cows, and Amish of Lancaster County, which happens to be the place where I grew up for the most part. It is so small we don’t even have a police force. However, while there’s not much to do, the culture is interesting and unique compared to most places throughout the world.

In Lancaster County, it not uncommon to be held up by buggies, bikes, and scooters, that’s our traffic. Sunday mornings it is necessary to add an extra five minutes (at least) to any commute because of the old fashioned travelers. The county is complete with one room school house, buggy hitches, and roadside farm stands. It is basically what you would expect to find in Amish Country, just not everyone is Amish.

There’s not much to our little corner of the world, if you blink you might miss it to be quite honest. The main street of Bowmansville is very small and there’s not much there. We have an overpriced gas station, mostly everything in it costs less on the Turnpike, I would never take you there if you came to visit. However, they do have free range chickens and roosters that roam around the parking lot which is a sight to see.

Gas Station Chicken


I did start my life in New Holland, Pennsylvania, where the high school I attended is located. I moved here in mid 2000 and at that point we had a little general store where you could get the things you forgot at the grocery store. It burned down suspiciously a few years later. There, they put a family restaurant, which serves mediocre food to this day. We also have a petite bakery, that is very good despite the constantly empty parking lot. So I’m assuming that most people forget it’s there until they make burgers and realize they don’t have any buns. Up until the very end of 2014 we also had a very gross and dingy bar. I never entered it, but it was the one place in town that always had a full parking lot, what has taken it’s place is a pizza shop.

Now let me tell you about this pizza shop- the pizza shop that we waited a very long time for this pizza place. I lived here for nearly 11 years and we never had a pizza shop. Let me tell you, this was a huge deal, probably some of the biggest news that’s happened here in the 15 years that I lived here. Since moving from the apartment it was located in and taking over the huge bar it has turned from little pizza shop to more of an Italian restaurant.

bella itallia

In a small town like this, we don’t have a high school. We have one elementary school, a few one room school houses, but no high school. This is common for our area, most elementary schools are in smaller towns and then meet up to go to middle school and high school together. The middle school and high school in our area still stands out a little though: the middle school and high school are combined in one building. So for six years, you attend on building, ride the same bus, and see the same people. Although, Middle schoolers aren’t allowed on the high school side, and vice versa.Garden Spot High School


Now our little town isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. In 2003 a State Prosecutor from Baltimore was stabbed 36 times in our little area, the case has gone cold and, by the locals it was assumed to be murder but a conclusion was never resolved. Then in 2005 a tire shop owner was murdered in a robbery gone wrong, however, was quickly solved. Petty crime happens everywhere, so of course it happens here but nothing to make me afraid to walk around alone at night.

Bowmansville is the kind of place where you have neighborhood picnics and you actually borrow sugar and milk from the person next door. It’s the picture perfect version of the small town, but almost smaller than anyone would even picture. All of this has been a brief glimpse into my life that I have lived for so long and so much of what I see on a day-to-day basis.

Thank you for visiting Bowmansville!




Country Life

Beep beep boop, guess who? The new freaking WordPress that I still dislike. Also I wish you would answer my tweets about the problems I’m experiencing with your site. That’s really how I judge customer service and you’re failing me. 

I basically live in the countryside, it has it perks, and it’s downfalls. Since I go to school in a more metropolitan area I’ve seen the perks of that too, and after spending my whole life in the middle of nowhere, moving from a borough to a village when I was five, I can honestly say after graduation (post volunteering in an orphanage in another country) I will be living in a city. However that is not the focus of this post. 

To be honest, as much as I complain about living in Lancaster County it’s really beautiful. I mean where else can you see a view like this for miles upon miles? Not many places.

*Insert a picture of what Lancaster County looks like but WORDPRESS SUCKS FIX YOURSELF BEFORE I FREAK* 

Here at night I can see every star, but I can also see the light pollution from Reading, a nearby (not safe at all) city. I think that’s really pretty too. I love that when the moon is orange, you can see it here. I love that my neighbors all know each other and wave when you drive by. I love that I can drive backroads to just about anywhere. I love that we have local grocery stores with all the fresh fruits and vegetable from local places, but I really love the Amish and Mennonite road stands that add so much character.

Country life is fine and dandy, however when it comes down to it, my heart craves the city. One day I will really be a city girl, and my kids will be city kids (if that happens). There’s something about the busy atmosphere my heart craves. Does your heart lie in the city or country?



P.S Real life question is anyone else really ticked off with this WordPress because I’m about to lose it.


Because I Grew Up in Lancaster County

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I know the difference between the Amish and Mennonite just by looking at the buggies.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I learned to drive through the Sunday traffic of bikes, scooters, and buggies.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I ate fresh vegetable and fruits in the summer from variety of stands all less than five miles away from my house.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I smelled manure all day everyday. Well most days.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I went to the mall to hang out, but not until I got my license.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I would drive to Lancaster to see a movie because that’s where the cute boys were.

Because I grew up in Lancaster County I learned the value of family.

Because I left Lancaster County I learned that most people know nothing about the Amish or Mennonites but are very interested.

Because I left Lancaster County I learned that traffic everywhere else is cars and cars and cars.

Because I left Lancaster County I learned to accept people who aren’t “mainstream” Christians and that real followers of Jesus don’t judge every person they meet.

Because I left Lancaster County I learned that people out there actually agree and have the same beliefs and thoughts that I do.

Because I left Lancaster County I found that people aren’t always friendly.

Because I left Lancaster County I can do more than hang out at the mall on a Sunday, stuff that will be open later than 6pm.

Because I left Lancaster County I found there’s a whole world out there waiting for me to explore.


This is a little bit different for me today but it gives you a different little insight into my life an the way I grew up. Let me know what you think!



The Best Kind of Adventures

As I haven’t actually done a post on adventures on such a long time, so I thought maybe I could actually write about my favorite kind of adventures and I had one today. I know this kind of an expensive and pointless adventure, but my friends and I do this at least once every break thingy we get. If you’ve been around for awhile you know that there isn’t much to do at all where I live, so my best friends Katie, Lindsay, Jade, and I take turns driving around trying to get lost. Which happens to be really hard when you’ve lived in the same area for 19 years.

I’m not focused today, I apologize. Anyway, this is one of my favorite things to do just because I get to spend time with three of my best friends. We went around the Lititz area today, Lindsay was driving Betsy, who could hardly make it up the hills, and these moments just become some surrell. I just looked around the car, laughing with my friends, on the top of the hill looking down at all of the really smelly fields, listening to music, and it’s one of those moments where I wouldn’t want to change anything. Except the smell.

These are just the best kind of adventures and I would do this every day if I could. I think it’s the moments like those that will stick with me the rest of my life. Like I’m not going to remember the stupid things we argue or get annoyed with each other over, we’re going to remember the times that we failed at getting lost on the backroads of Lancaster County. I’m glad I have something like that to cherish forever. The best kind of adventures don’t have to be far away they can be right in your backyard, it just takes a little work to make it an adventure. Never take for granted those of you who can turn an average day into an adventure day.

So one last note, well more like advertisement. I’m still in desperate need of a partner for this blogger convention so please contact me if you’re interested. Here’s a link to the the post Blogger Convention- Help Needed I really need help, I’m basically on my knees begging. If you are in the slightest bit interested in being my partner, but have concerns contact me anyway and we can talk about them! Thanks for at least considering!



Why I don’t like Pennsylvania.

So incase you were unaware I was born and raised in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, which even though it is a very family friendly place to grow up it also has a lot of problems but so does Pennsylvania as a whole. 

The first problem and biggest problem I have with where I’m from is the ignorance of the people who live here. If you don’t know anything about Lancaster County it is a very conservative and religious place, it is to the point where democrats won’t even run for certain seats in the government because there is no possible way they could win. Anywho, this makes it really hard for anyone who is different to grow up here, and by different I mean gay. I know a good amount of people who didn’t want to tell anyone because they were afraid of being bullied. To me intolerance is a huge issue and if your excuse is that God doesn’t like gays, well only He can judge so you really have no right.

Well that was the big serious rant about where I live, now the petty ones. If you didn’t know there is currently a snow storm here and in about four hours there is already about four to six inches already and this just leads to enhancing Pennsylvania’s biggest problem: the roads. I don’t know how many of you have ever been to Pennsylvania you may or may not have noticed that our roads aren’t exactly the best, and when it snows they just get ten times worse. Like they’ve been warning us about this snow storm for a good week now and have they done any preparation for it? Hardly. They already had to call a 2 hour delay for the schools tomorrow, and some schools are even closed. I just think it’s ridiculous.

Well thats about it for this weeks rant because I’m tired and yeah. Anyway I forgot to mention another thing I want to try yesterday, so I’m just gonna do it today. And this thing I’d like to try revolves around one of my Christmas presents which was a daily calendar that includes 365 days of trivia, one of my favorite things and this is all thanks to my friend Katie. So what I’m going to do is leave the question after my name along with the answer from the day before so you guys can see if you get it right! Fell free to comment with what you think the answer is actually please do that!  Anyway, so this will start today with yesterdays and todays questions since I forgot and you’ll probably get it better because I’m rubbish at explaining things. 



January 1: What makes a glass of Champagne fizz?

January 2: Why were there no U.S. competitors in 1912 when swimming events for women were introduced at the Olympics?

Pretty Places: My Hometown

Pretty Places: My Hometown

I don’t know if I have ever put it out there but I am not exactly a fan of where I’m from. I was born and raised in Lancaster County. This past weekend I took a visit home with one of my friends. She is from Maryland so I decided to show her around the touristy town of Intercourse. Yes, that is a town name and it is where a lot of the Amish live. To be honest I have no idea why on earth anyone would want to name a town Intercourse but that’s Pennsylvania for you.
Even though I don’t like it where I live, I have to admit is a very beautiful place. The farm land, hills, changing colors in the trees, and sheer beauty of the land itself is actually amazing. Sometimes I lose myself in the beauty. I don’t really know what else to say, but if you guys have any questions on the Amish or Mennonites that occupy my area I will try my best to answer them. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys are doing well! Feel free to follow me on twitter and instagram @mrmilligan13