Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 15

late night blogging with mary

First and foremost I would like to point out that I haven’t done one of these in a week, so slow clap for me everyone. Also, I’m actually blogging not on the last three days of the week, so another win on my part.  But those two points bring me to my first problem of this LNBM, I’m in a blogging rut. I feel like I see so many people growing with their blogs or stopping. I feel like I peaked last year with my daily blog, seriously, I feel like this downward spiral with my blog and I think that’s because the way I am as a person.  I am one of those all or nothing people. If it’s not part of my routine I can’t do it. Well, I can, it just doesn’t flow as easily and I forget to do it.  I’m super frustrated with myself and that I just can’t seem to get out of this rut.

I am trying however, I think that if maybe I try to plan my blog posts out more I can provide more content, which is something that I like to do to better my writing skills, but I also have some type of structure to follow. Of course it can be mended because I don’t like to limit my creativity. I just want to strive to be a better blogger.

This week has been kind of stressful. I don’t want to get into all the stuff at the beginning of the week, but I’ve been kind of anxious and stressed about a lot. To top it off yesterday I lost my key, luckily I called the cafe I had class at yesterday and they had it so I got it today, very thankfully. I feel like Monday through Wednesday are busy and stressful and drag on forever, but then Thursday through Sunday go by in the blink of an eye. Time is such a weird concept.

Next weekend I’m going to Paris to see my dad since he will be there for work and I’m very excited. My problem is that I don’t get homesick, I just miss people a lot. However, with travelling and visits it will help that not be so bad. This weekend I think I’m going to a seaside town or something, definitely seeing more of Ireland.

I do really love it here, it’s so pretty. As much as  I get frustrated with the scheduling or feeling like I don’t have enough information, I do love the city. This is the first time I’ve ever lived in an actual city and it’s so convenient. Like I thought Frederick was nice and convenient, but really you need a car or need to know someone with a car. Here, the buses are great, but walking isn’t bad either. I really like it.

Goodnight world.


Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 11

So I tried to make a schedule, I just need to finish it and then I might be able to follow it. I don’t know though. I’m trying. I hoping once I have a routine that it will help my blog as well.

I was going to try and do some more blogging today, like scheduled posts, because they make me feel like I have my life together. However, I just didn’t do anything instead. Which is okay, but I feel like now, looking back on my day I should’ve packed more or blogged some or just should have been more productive in general. I hate that, but I guess that’s okay.

I’ve also been dealing with some shoulder blade pain which has made late night blogging tough because all I want to do is lay in bed, which is what I’m doing now, but it’s harder to blog in pain. I don’t want to complain too much, but it hurts.

My study abroad count down is officially into the single digits, I leave next Sunday and I can’t wait. This week I’m going to Hood to spend time with my friends, and thank goodness because I am going stir crazy in Pennsylvania and I need some distractions, also I miss everyone a lot. I was finally assigned my roommates, so that really just makes everything seem more real. I only have three more days of work left, which is crazy. When I get back from Hood Monday night we’re getting to crunch time and I can’t wait.

I don’t like that I feel like I’m wishing away my time, because you know that’s my most precious commodity. However, this summer has been long enough, things haven’t gone my way, yes, I’m aware that sounds bratty, but I’m ready to have a routine once again, I’m ready to go to class, and I’m ready to explore new places in the world.

Yes so this is tonight’s LNBM, not much too it haha. But definitely check out Wednesday’s post about trying to do better for the world and give me any advice you have!


Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 6

Well we are back with some LNBM. Let me tell you bank and rain jacket shopping are both a lot harder than expected, but the bank has been easier. This rain jacket is killing me, I think it’s because it’s not rain jacket season and every single one is the most vibrant colors. So frustrating.

It’s officially August and normally I would be getting ready to leave for school in three weeks. This year, I have five, almost six. Which is both a good and bad thing. I am so ready for all the study abroad information just to be here. I hate waiting and this is a lot of waiting for me. I’m also ready to get there. Like yes, I will miss everyone here but I’m very ready for this huge adventure. I think it’s because I’m always ready for the next adventure, but this one is just so big and so full of anticipation that I’m getting to the anxiously awaiting the departure point.

Traveling is super weird though and like the whole process. I’m flying out of New York because it’s cheaper, but I have a three hour layover in Philly (a mere hour drive from my house) because it saves so much money it makes more sense. I just don’t understand that, but I guess it’s whatever. Also it’s weird that it will take less than six hours to get there and it’s thousands of miles away.

I have hardly crafted all summer. That’s a fact. How have I done it? I need to like watercolor or something tomorrow because I need to release the creative tension that has been building up. I also was going to start an etsy shop of scarves and such, but I only have one and two halves, so I guess that’s not happening this summer. Maybe next year, or this winter depending on what happens with schedules and whatnot.

Do you know what’s also interesting? Time zones. I still hate them. Also anything that has to deal with the concept of time. It’s so weird and man constructed, it’s so unnecessary. We just need a standard time world round, I don’t care about the sun rotation, I just feel like that would make sense, but that’s probably just me.

What are your late night thoughts?