The Newest Addition to My Life: Leslie Knope

As I mentioned briefly when we having coffee last weekend, I got a cat! She is five years old, rescued from a cat specific rescue league. Her name is Leslie Knope (but really goes by baby or sweetheart) and she is the most precious thing ever.

She doesn’t like to be held but she need to constantly be at my side.



If she’s not playing with my makeup brushes or jumping on and off the bed she is sound asleep at my feet or at my side.


So this is my kitty, Leslie.


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge: Day 3



Okay so maybe I went the unconventional route with this challenge, and didn’t take it too seriously but that’s how I like to do life. This is a quote from one of my favorite TV shows “Parks and Recreation”. I think this quote is very suitable for myself, however I must also include family with friends.

Leslie Knope is an inspiration to all. Like talk about an empowering woman, Leslie is a powerful, amazing, positive, breakfast loving woman, and all around very inspiring to me, which is why I thought it was very important to make it my last quote. She’s just this huge feminist icon in my opinion, feel free to disagree, but when I think feminism I think Leslie Knope.

I think this just suits me and my love for breakfast foods, especially IHOP, and that sometimes, maybe I can prioritize that over people, but not really. They might almost be equal because whenever I talk to my friends from back home I just go on and on about how I miss IHOP.  However silly it may seem, it really holds some truth to it though. Friends and family, waffles, work.

I really appreciate the last part, always put work third. Work should never be the first priority because than nothing is going to matter, and I think people forget about that. There is this idea that work is what makes you money so it has to go first, but really what makes you happy needs to go first.

So my list would probably go: God, friends and family, breakfast*, school/blogging/work. I put blogging in the work category since it takes up so much time, more time than a hobby, but I thoroughly enjoy it. I do need to remember not to put it first, because I did have a tendency to do that when I was daily blogging. You need to put people and the things that really enrich your life first.

What would your list be like?

If you are confused by this post, be sure to check out yesterday’s and Sunday’s posts to catch up! Thanks again to Getting Through Anxiety for challenging me to this, I’ve had a lot of fun with it! I didn’t challenge anyone like I was supposed to, but I really encourage everyone to try it, it really makes you think not only about  your favorite quotes,  but about what they really, truly mean to you.


*Half joking about breakfast being that high up on the list, half not joking.


Leslie Knope is the Greatest Role Model

leslie knope


*Caution this post will contain spoilers*

Parks and Rec is one of my all time favorite shows, mostly because Leslie Knope, the main character, is such a strong and powerful female figure. Also Chris Pratt is in it so that helps. Anyway, Leslie Knope is played by the great Amy Poehler and she is this great female figure that I think every girl should look up to.

  • She might not be the boss, but she sure does run the Parks Department
  • She is perky about everything and it takes a lot to get her down
  • She invented Galentines Day so that Valentine’s Day is fun for everyone
  • She loves breakfast
  • Her husband is awesome too, and she makes him a better person
  • She inspires the uninspirable, like April and Ron. Obviously April loves and cares for Leslie, nominating her for an award and actually doing work.
  • She is the first woman councilperson
  • She has her shit together. Even when everything is crazy she is still insanely organized and put together.
  • She has faith in everyone and for whatever reason, that faith is what makes people do what she needs them to do, no matter their level of stupidity
  • She admires women who should be admired like Hilary Clinton rather than a silly actress or singer.

Just like Jim is what girl should look for in a man, Leslie is a woman that every girl should strive to be. It doesn’t matter that she’s a fictional character, she’s still a huge inspiration.