Incase you didn’t know yesterday was National Siblings Day, and I don’t know why I didn’t think to write about this last night, but hey, I have two little sisters! So today I thought I would do a post all about them and the three of us. Look how cute we were! This had to … More Sisters.

College, The Debate

So I’ve been at college now for a little over six months, that however does not make me any sort of expert, but I have realized certain things not only about myself but the institution as a whole. Once upon a time I strongly believed that you could not be successful without a college degree … More College, The Debate

Ten Years

So since I stopped my series for February and a new one will be picking up in March, I didn’t really plan anything for today, so I opened my book of ideas and saw “letter to myself”. Now, I’m not exactly sure where I got this idea from, if I saw it somewhere, read it … More Ten Years

My Family

So today I’m a little bit homesick, well not homesick I just kind of miss my family, so I thought today I would tell “my” version of the story of my family. Okay so I’m just going to jump into this right away because it’s probably going to be super long and hopefully interesting. The … More My Family