The Best of Internet: April

Okay so last month I did one of these posts and no one liked it, and guess who doesn’t really care, THIS GIRL! I write for myself and I like compiling things so that’s what’s going on again today. First and foremost, I’m not doing BuzzFeed this month and I’m adding my favorite YouTube videos of the month as well as my favorite songs of the month. Also, if you would like to be featured in May’s post be sure to leave your twitter/tumblr/Wordpress/anything you want in the comments so I can check it out and maybe throw that in!


ice cream


First of all, please click on the picture so you can see the whole thing. I just thought it was funny. Also if you have a tumblr you have to follow the user pizza, literally the best account.

a month


I think this is so true. Too much happens in a month and you can’t focus on all of that. You have to focus on what’s happening in the now, and what you can do right now to help you get farther to what you to do. Don’t focus on what you can do a year from now, because a year from now everything might be really different, look at right now.

city lights


I just thought this was really pretty. It’s seeing pictures like this that make me fall in love with traveling over and over again. I don’t know how people look at these things and shrug them off like they’re nothing. I want to be the person taking these pictures, writing down how I feel in these places, and just how magical the world can be.

lizzie mcguire


Do I need reasoning other than Lizzie McGuire? Well and Gordo is basically me whenever I go to a campus wide event, the only reasons I ever go is so I don’t have to eat my own snacks, I can eat the ones the colleges provide me with. Unless it sounds horrendous then I’ll stay in my room thank you very much.

getting better


I like to think I’m getting better so I really like this quote. It might take a lot, and some days might be really bad, but the anxiety is lessening and the panic attacks are fewer. I don’t know what I’m doing, maybe things are just better, or it’s just a good spell. I’m not sure, but I’m going to think for now that I’m getting better, and I know it’ll take a while until I’m 100% better, I probably will never be at 100%, overall though I’m doing fine. That’s what’s important.

they were wrong


There will always be bullies and there will always be people who try to put you down. I don’t think people should let this nonsense get to them.  I know it hurts, but in the end they’re going to be the ones that are wrong. I know most of you are older and past this point at your life, then tell people how it gets better. Tell them how high school doesn’t matter, you know those bullies were wrong, show them how great you are. If I ever fall in love with something I’m not going to let people tell me it’s stupid if it’s something I want to do.



I love this because it’s so true. We encounter so many faces on a daily basis and we never think about them. You will never know about the man who got on the subway with his headphones in a smile on his face, did he just meet the love of his life or did he quit a job he hated? It’s crazy to think that we can encounter thousands of people in a day and we’re lucky if we know about a hundred. It’s sad and amazing at the same time.

thinking about it


I do this all the time. The only reason that certain people are still in my life is because my mind won’t let them go. I think that this quote shows that we make our own realities sometimes. If we want to let something go, we can’t think about it anymore. There will always be those days where a name will be said and memories will rush through your mind, but if you stopped thinking about it a while ago, the memories will leave as fast as they came.

letting people


There are always people in your life that are more of a detriment than a benefit to your wellbeing. This is important to me because I tend to care about those who would rather see me put down than see me happy. That’s only bad for me. I do too much for people who care too little about me and this shows that I deserve better than that, more than that. People that are a detriment to you control these things, they get in your mind and you think that you’re important to them as well, but if someone makes you feel worse than the make you feel good, it’s not a good relationship, and that includes friendships.

hate yourself


If you can’t read this you should really click on it and read it. I think this applies to so many people, but especially girls. I’ve wrote about it numerous times but society is so harsh and girls just hate themselves. I hate seeing people so harsh on themselves when they don’t see the perfect parts about them. It’s so important that everyone can see how wonderful they really are.


If you love music watch this. This girl took a bunch of different songs and put them into one. However, it’s pretty old and you might have already seen it, but if not watch it!

You guys might know, I’m obsessed with YouTubers, especially daily vloggers, like the Shaytards. Well this month the Shaytards gave a shoutout to a couple and they’re making my new list. I’m going to put their latest video here, but they vlog everyday and you should just watch them all because they’re pretty cool. They’re called Samika because his name is Sam and her name is Jennika (which I love that name), they’re also expecting a baby and I’m sure that will only make their vlogs more interesting.

Okay you might not know this guy, but he’s one of my favorites, Andrew Lowe. He is my spirit animal. I end up crying by the end because he’s so funny. He has a very dry sense of humor so if you aren’t into that I wouldn’t suggest him, but actually I would because he’s hilarious.

Guys, Connor Franta. I know, Joe Sugg was my favorite for a long time, but I have like a legit crush on Connor Franta. Like it’s a real problem and the worst part is if I wrote down everything I wanted in a guy it would be him, which is terrible because he has no idea I exist. Also, I doubt he would ever date a fan, how sad. It’s okay one day I’ll meet a real boy just as good.

I threw Troye in last month twice, however this month he posted a song and I couldn’t leave it out. If he wasn’t gay, it would be my life goal to marry him. He sings, acts, and is hilarious. If you want to subscribe to anyone on YouTube pick him.


First of all, you guys should all follow me :) @mrmilligan13 that’s also my instagram and tumblr.

Next you should follow @wordsporn don’t worry it’s not actually porn! It’s just like quotes and inspiring phrases, like food porn with words, ya know?

If you like anti jokes you need to follow @antijokeapple because it’s hilarious.

If you are a Harry Potter fan it’s very important to follow @_Snape_ because whoever runs that is the funniest person ever.

I’m a huge Office fan so I follow @OfficeScenes because they have the best quotes from the show and it’s perfect. I’m pretty sure I always retweet them.

Okay so that’s the best of this month. Let me know if you want to be included next month so I can throw you in there! I’m all about promoting people who work hard! Thanks for reading!



Travel Bucket List Part One.

I’m having lots of computer trouble today and it’s super frustrating but I’m pressing on and I’m going to keep trying, please pray for me to stay calm. I’ve obviously expressed my interesting in traveling several times, places I’ve been, and places I want to go, but I’ve never done a formal bucket list type thing for this. I’m going to give my friend Katie some credit on this because her other ideas for me today just kind of sparked it, so yeah. Also I’m going to try and link all of the pictures I use because I know I’m not usually very good at this.  So basically I realized there are way too many places I want to go so this is only going to be part one of many.

The Vatican City is somewhere I’ve wanted to go since my grandmom went when I was younger. As a Catholic it’s pretty customary to go, but I would just love to bring Rosary beads and have them blessed by the Pope. I think it would be so cool. (

I want to go back to London and England in general so badly. I want to be able to see more and just explore more in general. Like the only place I have found just as beautiful is Ireland and that’s a different kind of beautiful and they can’t be compared. I just want to go so badly. (×360-skyline_westminster_large.jpg)

This is going to sound super lame of why I want to go to Greece, but ever since I saw “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” I have wanted to go to Greece. Like it just looks so pretty and I think it would be an awesome place to explore. (,H759,X0,Y0/S=W394,H380/

Kind of going along with the movie theme, I have wanted to go to Rome ever since I saw “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.” I was and kind of still am a huge Hilary Duff fan. It also just seems really surreal and I want to go and see it badly. (×430/o_r/rome_cnt_24nov09_iStock_.jpg)

I want to go exploring the nature (yes, I did say nature) in South Africa. Every time I see pictures of the nature and mountains there I want to go exploring. Also I really want to go on a safari and I heard you can do that there. Plus it’s like one of the safest countries in Africa so yeah. (

Okay so here’s something a little closer to home, Charleston, South Carolina.  My parents have gone a few times I think and my sisters have been there, so it’s only fitting that I should get to go too. It just seems really pretty and a chill place to visit. (

Well I’m not sure if you can call this part of my bucket list because I’ve been there and I’m going in a little over a month. This is going to be AMAZING! I’m going to visit my best friend Lindsay and we’re going to have so much fun! I’m going to make her explore the docks, the city, and everything. I love exploring.  (

Okay well this is it because I have my freaking Saturday environmental seminar thing tomorrow so I have to go to bed now. Something cool tomorrow hopefully, maybe part two since Saturday is adventure day. Anywho, thanks for reading guys!