Lush Winter Haul/ Update

After the whole Lush debacle, I got my money back a month later after buying the products. As much as a headache the whole process was, I love the products I purchased.

I purchased the Santa’s lip scrub which I’ve always wanted to try, but the original price of $9.95 always seemed to be a bit much so with the BOGO sale I figured it was worth it. I find that it really works, however, you need to use it quite often, but I’ve still hardly made a dent in mine after over a month of uses so it’s worth it.


The other Christmas product I purchased was the Salt and Peppermint Bark for $9.95. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s just for exfoliating, there’s nothing really for moisturizing in it, like the Buffy bar I have. It’s very hard to use when it’s dry. I find it much easier to use in the shower, however that means the size goes down a lot quicker. It does work very well at getting the dead skin off. It looks pretty gross in the picture because I don’t know what happened  I don’t know if I would repurchase it.

I also tried the Santa Baby lip tint for $8.95. It has a very nice red color; however, don’t get it on your skin unless you want some Miranda Sings lips. It has stained around my lips as I was leaving for work, which was not fun. I also find it hard to get to stay on my lips. I don’t know if it’s too cold or something and it just doesn’t go on smoothly. I think it’s like one of those things that you might want to use an actual make up brush with.


I also got Fairy Dust for $6.95. It’s a sparkle powder for special occasions. I don’t know what special occasions I’ll use it for yet, but I love it and it smells amazing. I didn’t actually pay full price for the Christmas products, they were buy one get one free.


I also tried the Soak and Float shampoo bar which I’m still trying to figure out my feelings on. I like the simplicity of it and the idea. However, my scalp is still very dry after a month or so of using it. I look forward to the summer when the air isn’t as dry and I can try one for curly hair. I think to get better results I need a better conditioner as well.

My favorite thing from this purchase has been the Cup O’ Coffee face mask. It’s the perfect exfoliating mask. I’m in love with it. I only use it once a week on Fridays or Saturdays 15 minutes before I get in the shower so it’s easier to take off. It makes my skin feel so soft. It’s probably one of the things I would most recommend from Lush.

So these were the purchases I made right after Christmas, I suppose it’s only time now to upload this. To be fair, it did take a while to get, return, try and develop my opinions on the things.

Did you get anything at their after Christmas sale?



Lush Rant

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Lush. I could easily spend all of my money there, very very easily. When I go into the store I love their customer service and friendliness. However, online it is not the same.

We all know how excited I was for the online sale yesterday, well, the website was essentially a piece of crap and didn’t work. At all. It took me over two hours just to buy six things. I would add something to the cart, it would crash, I would go to checkout, it would crash. It was a piece of crap. What I have gathered from twitter is that this happens ever year, which that should probably be thought about every year then, in my opinion.

So anyway, after two hours, I put my computer away, cleaned my room and went to work, thinking my order was on it’s way. Well, today I’m on the phone with Eric and he’s looking at the sale to see if he wants anything, and I realized that I  never got an email confirming my order. So I go to my account, nothings there, so my next instinct is to check my bank account. I was charged twice, one of the times was when it crashed during check out, I didn’t confirm the order, the order was never presented as confirmed to me, so I assumed it didn’t go through, so the second order was just a repeat of my second order. Nope, I got charged twice. So of course, I hung up the phone with Eric and called.

So of course I caught this too late, that’s my fault for not checking sooner, so of course they already of tracking numbers so if they’re on the truck, I can’t get a refund until I get the package, I can call for a shipment label because for some ridiculous reason they can’t send that until I have the package in my hands, get the shipping label, call UPS, send it back, and once they get it back I can get my $50 refund. Ask me how happy I am about it, not at all. And it all comes back to it wouldn’t have happened if they would have had a properly working website. I wouldn’t be out 50 bucks for approximately the next three to four weeks.

Lush- SEND EMAIL CONFIRMATIONS OF ORDERS. Honestly, the conversation needs to be better when ordering. My order didn’t even show up in my account until I was on the phone with customer support person which is actually ridiculous. Work on your website orders, there’s obviously some major issues with it. I won’t be using it again, I’ll suck it up and go to a store. Luckily you have good products otherwise I would be long gone, as soon as some other cruelty free, more affordable shop comes along you might have some major competition, at least in my eyes.

Did anyone else have problems with the sale? Or was it smooth sailing? If you’re following me on twitter you probably saw my extreme frustration. Was I the only one in this boat? Let me know.


Lush Oxford Street Haul!


I’ve never actually done a real haul on my blog before because I’m not that kind of blogger typically, but I went to the Lush on Oxford Street in London and I couldn’t resist doing one. I also I feel like every female blogger has like an obligatory Lush haul… Okay probably not, but it feels natural so it’s happening.

I was so excited to go, this was honestly like one of the biggest things I wanted to do in London, it was worth every penny I spent.

This is the “Melting Marshmallow Moment” bath melt. The one thing I really wanted to try were the bath melts since they only have them at the Oxford Street store or online. It has a super sweet smell and it’s very glittery as you can probably see from the pictures. These are supposed to make the bath extra moisturizing, which will be great since my good lotion is at home so my skin is starting to feel the cold here. I’m probably looking most forward to baths once I get back home.

This is the “Snow Melt” bath melt. This is a special one for the holidays obviously. It has a very clean smell, and again glitter. I think this one was mint and lemon if I remember correctly. Honestly, all the smells start running together when you start to smell so many things. You have to be really careful with these because they can melt with just body temperature.

This is the “Golden Handshake” hot hand mask. To be honest, this was quite the impulse by. I’m a sucker for glitter and it was the first glittery thing that I saw as soon as I walked in and it wasn’t ridiculously expensive so I put it in my basket and forgot about it until check out. I think it is going to be more work than what I had originally thought. I don’t really think it has a strong smell, and I’m super sensitive to smell if that means anything to anyone.


This is the “Milky Bath” bubble bar. It got a little smashed in my bag since I had been travelling with it for over a week by the time I got to take the pictures.  Again, I got this mostly for the softening aspect that it’s supposed to have for my dry skin in the winter. This also doesn’t have too strong of a smell which is something I really appreciate.


This is the “Start Dust” bath bomb. Unfortunately this one got completely smashed in my bag so I didn’t even bother to open it and try to take a picture because I could just feel that it was going to be a mess. It has a slight vanilla smell, which I always find really comforting, especially in the winter months.

If you have heard about the Lush Oxford Street store, then you know what this is, “The Experimenter” bath bomb. This is the one thing that I was just like “I have to try this!!!!” because I just kept hearing about it, it’s so many colors, I need to know what color it turns the bath in person. It says online that it has a sweet smell, but I honestly feel like there are so many combinations in the smell that it’s not entirely sweet, it’s a different smell. I’m not quite sure how I feel about it, but I am so excited to try it anyway.

So yeah! Here’s my first haul. I’ll definitely do an impressions (okay won’t say definitely but I’ll try) once I use the products, especially the bath melts. I’m so excited to try all of these things once I get back home (one month!!!) and to a bath tub.

Get ready for me to be back because I have so many ideas and posts coming your way!!


Trying Not to Kill the World.


I am a person with an enormous conscious so hearing bad things about products I use daily is a little upsetting to me. For a while I have been using Simple Products, but then I found out that there’s still a good number of chemicals in them, and the exfoliator has the little plastic beads that are killing ocean creatures which is bad and those things make me feel like I’m not treating the world or myself like the best I should be.

This lead to me to Lush. Everything is made with natural ingredients and is cruelty free. These products make me feel like I’m doing better for the world. However, they also make me feel like a hypocrite.  I feel like I need to switch everything I use and investigate every product I own to make sure I’m not killing the environment, that’s expensive my friends, very, very expensive.

How does it work? Using all natural products, why i it so expensive? I feel like things found in nature should not be so expensive. It just seems crazy to me. I wish I could afford to go all out with this, but I guess for now it’ll be piece by piece and I will live with my guilty conscious of killing our precious world. However, I do believe that this is something that everyone should try and do so that we aren’t all killing the world, something to consider.

Please let me know if you know of any affordable organic/cruelty free beauty products! I would love to research more and more. Also, let me know your own thoughts and opinions on the subject at hand!