Megabus Review

As you probably already know I recently took the Megabus to Boston. I thought I could do a quick review for you guys. I went from Baltimore to Boston and back. On the way there I left at 8:30pm and we arrived 20 minutes early at 4:50am, on the way back I left at 9:30am and arrived back on time at 6:30pm.

First of all, the good about the Megabus. I reserved my ticket in January for only $2.50 round trip, if I would’ve tried to order them the next day it would’ve been $38 each way. That was a really good price and definitely within my budget, especially if something came up that weekend I would’ve been fine to cancel. The bus also has wifi, that works I would say the majority of the time, however, on the way back it was harder to use. The bus drivers for the most part are really helpful and friendly. I did not use the bathroom, but I would say the bus seemed clean to me. There wasn’t trash or crumbs really anywhere which was pretty impressive. At night they only turned the lights on when they stopped, so it did make it a little easier to sleep. It also has at least on outlet per two seats so you can charge stuff too which was really helpful.

Okay so now the not so good. On the way there, as you may know, someone took my plug and wouldn’t get off the phone, luckily they got off the bus in Philadelphia and I didn’t have to deal with them anymore.  The bus driver on the way back was very rude. He even made us climb into the luggage compartment with only one door open to try and find our bags, while yelling at us “WATCH THE BAGS!” he even took up two seats for his laptop and coat. It was also hard to sleep on the way there. Every time we stopped the lights turned on and it would wake me up. When we stopped in Connecticut it was for a half an hour, okay that’s fine, but they left the doors open the whole time and it was freezing. I had finally fallen asleep and the lights didn’t wake me up, but I did wake up to the freezing air and the smell of smoke, since someone decided to step outside and smoke, but they faced the open door. I don’t know if it was bad roads or bad driving, half the time I felt like I was just being bounced around and it was not very pleasant.  I was lucky enough to be sat alone most of the time, but when someone did sit next to me it just felt like they were on top of me and that was uncomfortable. The bus stop in Baltimore was also very hard to find, we even called the company and they just kept saying “opposite of Red Lobster” THERE ARE FOUR DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS FROM RED LOBSTER! They need better signage for their stops because it really stressed me out.

In the end, if I was paying the $2.50 I would do it again, but if I missed that deal there’s no way I would pay full price to ride it. It might have it’s benefits but at that point you might as well go on a plane and pay another $40. If you have any questions I can try my best to answer them! Thanks for reading!



Average Adventure: Boston

Okay so incase you guys don’t remember my super excited posts about getting to visit Lindsay, I went to Boston last weekend! I thought I would share this adventure with you guys through a video as well as pictures with more details! So check out the video on my YouTube channel, here’s the link: Boston I hope you like it. Feel free to subscribe since I will be posting DAILY videos over the summer. I’m going to try out the whole daily vlogging thing in addition to daily blogging, in addition to maybe two jobs if I don’t get full time at the one I already have. There’s a way to keep busy. Anyway, on we go! There’s a lot but some of them I’m really proud of so try to look at them all please!


Rain in Philadelphia from the bus. If you want to see cooler bus pictures, there’s footage in the video. They liked to keep the lights on, don’t worry I’ll have a Megabus review later this week. For the parts of the journey that I was awake it was very nice drive in which I enjoyed Camp Takota.


Waiting for the Subway, it literally took forever. I’m exhausted, I had gotten off the bus at 4:50, picked up my bag, found a bathroom and had to try and find my way to find the subway, let me tell you this was not easy. It was even harder when I got off and I had to think, left or right, so I went right. Wrong way. I walked a few blocks before I decided to turn around and as my luck goes if I would’ve gone left I would’ve walked around a sign thing and there would’ve been Starbucks.


So this sunrise started at about 6:45 after being in Starbucks for like 45 minutes I at least got to see the beauty of the city. This Harvard Square by the way, that’s where the shuttle from Lindsay’s school and picks up/drops off.


After going back to her room for a little to drop off my stuff and relax and rest we went out for lunch to Quincy Market for lunch where I got cheese pizza.The guys across from us were disgusting.


Lindsay told me what this was but I already don’t remember. Sorry pal. But it looks really cool. Maybe it was the first courthouse in Boston, but don’t quote me on that!


This was taken on our two mile walk to Brandy Mellville to get free sticker. I’m all about free. This is a row of houses that faces a park.


This was a cool building. Lindsay told me to take the picture and then called me a tourist, which I was, but she was being rude. Rude, rude, rude.  But ooo look pretty, also it’s not warm like picture makes it seem, it was very cold.


It was cold in Lindsay’s room but we both did our makeup so she wanted to take selfies.


This is a boxer, who’s name I don’t remember. Over break we were supposed to take selfies with statues but we ran out of time, so we did it in Boston. Admire my new prescription sunglasses, I can now see in the sun without squinting.


There’s the North Church and you can kinda see Paul Revere. We were going to walk the freedom trail but we decided not to.


Well we tried to take a picture with Paul Revere and his horse, but instead I accidently cut off his head.


This is a picture of the Harbor and there was a park around here. We stumbled upon it while exploring, it was very pretty.


This was an archway that looked pretty. Look how blue the sky was it was so beautiful. I wish those people weren’t there though, they ruined the picture.


This is supposed to be a selfie with Christopher Columbus. Lindsay is supposed to be pointing at it, and his head is supposed to be in the picture too.


Well the panorama picture didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, but it’s still a cool picture of the water. This was our last adventure of the whole trip, how sad.


Here I am with the city in the back ooo lala. I’m wearing my Jawbreaking shirt that I won from their Instagram contest which is super cool. I just really like this picture too.


Just another scenic picture of the city.


We found this sandwich place and it was so good. Chicken pesto with mozzarella, was so delicious. Yum, yum, yum.


I got a whole table to myself until New Jersey on the bus and it was so lovely to be able to spread all of my stuff out.

Okay sorry this wasn’t very detailed. There’s only so much you can say when you’re looking at a picture. I’m so glad I got to go visit my best pal. Thanks Lindsay! Thanks for reading everyone!