30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 21

blog challenge day 22

There’s this beeping in the hallway and no one seems to be concerned about it except for me. Anyway, besides the point. I guess you could call me a collector- my mom would say I’m a hoarder. I collect everything from movie tickets to books.

It’s something I’ve always done. Growing up I constantly had a rock collection- there’s probably still part of it in a shoebox in my closet. Beanie babies were also really popular for me, I had a shelf in my room with them piled up on it, as well as other various stuffed animals scattered around any bedroom that I occupied.

More recently, I’ve been keeping every movie stub whether or not I like the movie. I don’t know why this started but it’s something that I’ve really grown to enjoy. I put them in a travel mug and I look at all the different movies I’ve seen. That sounds really lame but I really like movies.

I’ve also kept every book since elementary school. I don’t know what I plan on doing with them but there’s something about books that I just love. Even books that I hated or never read- I just love to be surrounded by them. I hope to either make a library when I have a house or share them with the less fortunate. We shall see.

I love to collect things. There’s something about a collection that makes me happy and I love it when other people have collections. What do you guys collect?



30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20

blog challenge day 20

Here’s the thing with this day. I don’t pick days, I don’t focus on days, mostly because I really believe that there is good and bad in everyday. I also couldn’t just go in my life and pick a single greatest day. I also believe that our memories do this thing where we really only tend to focus on the good things.

I’m 20 and I’ve had a lot of great moments- like the beach last week, I definitely think that’s something that I’m going to remember for a really long time. Our mind are always really going to focus on what happened that was good, at least for me. This is why I think so highly of people who are in my past- I forget what they did wrong and the reasons they’re in my past until I really think about it and I tend to really focus on the good.

I could easily tell you the worst two days of my life: when Hannah left for Ethiopia and when my Grandmom died. However, the best day of my life is hard to pinpoint because so many great things have happened to me, there are so many great memories I could focus on.

I’ve had so many great moments in my life I don’t want to focus on any specific memory or day that I would consider the best… Maybe one day I’ll get married or have kids and I’ll be able to do that. At this point I have a lot of perfect memories, not a perfect day that I can think of off the top of my head. I can’t complain about that though. I’m really okay with not having a best day of my life, I really like having a lot of really great days.

What about you guys?


Mental Pictures.


I’m one of those people who love to capture the moment, take a picture and remember it forever. I’m very big on memories, I don’t know why because they kind of prevent me from living in the now, but memories are just something I really cherish.


I try and take a lot of pictures. I’m bad at the mental pictures. I try my best to remember moments but it’s hard. Like there are some moments I really remember, like that I can remember living, but the picture just backs up how I was feeling in that moment. I can look at a picture and remember why I was laughing or what I was thinking, a picture is a solidified moment in time to remember.


Pictures become these very physical things of such memories and I think it’s beautiful. There’s nothing I love more than looking back at a picture and remembering the details of a moment. It’s amazing that a single picture can bring up so many memories and feelings from such different times.


The thing is with pictures is that they only really help you remember the good. You might look at a picture and think “Oh I didn’t want to take that” or “I was really unhappy at that point in my life” but for me, I’m so much more inclined to focus on the good of the moment rather than all of the bad. The good seems to outweigh that bad in photographic memories.


That’s why I like to take pictures. I like to remember.


Those Moments

Do you know those moments where you think to yourself “I am going to remember this moment the rest of my life.” Those are the best kind of moments. To me those moments aren’t the huge ones, it’s the little ones. Like I honestly don’t remember walking across the stage at graduation, but I remember senior skip day going to the dairy to get ice cream with my friend Holly and the song “Cruise” came one. She put the windows down and I just felt the wind in my hair and we couldn’t stop laughing. It was one of those surreal moments. When I think about it I’m back in her car laughing, wind in my hair, screaming the lyrics to a song I didn’t know. Every time I hear that song I think of that moment. I relive this moment all the time, yet there’s no picture of it.

On Valentine’s Day, Meag and I didn’t have dates so we had a girls night. We saw a movie and watched YouTube videos in my room and laughed all night. I don’t think we took a single picture of it but I know I had fun. I remember refreshing Troye and Tyler’s pages for ages because it was the night of the new Troyler videos. I remember both of us crying in the movie theater. But most of all I remember having a great night, so now when I watch Catching Fire or I see those videos pop up on my What to Watch videos, I think of that night and I’m right back there.

There are so many of these surreal moments in life and I don’t think we appreciate them. We spend so much time trying to capture every important moment that we end up manipulating memories and remembering them just like the picture. Pictures don’t depict the days though, they depict a moment, a second of the day. Sometimes I think that the those surreal moments are so much better than the moments that are captured. When a song comes on the radio or you have that sip of a milkshake, it’s better than the picture because you’re back in the moment. It’s nice to have pictures, but really the great memories stick. The ones that count will always be there, if there’s fire they won’t disappear, if the basement floods and your yearbooks are destroyed, you’ll still remember the great parts of high school. Real memories will overpower the physical ones any day in my book.




The Best Kind of Adventures

As I haven’t actually done a post on adventures on such a long time, so I thought maybe I could actually write about my favorite kind of adventures and I had one today. I know this kind of an expensive and pointless adventure, but my friends and I do this at least once every break thingy we get. If you’ve been around for awhile you know that there isn’t much to do at all where I live, so my best friends Katie, Lindsay, Jade, and I take turns driving around trying to get lost. Which happens to be really hard when you’ve lived in the same area for 19 years.

I’m not focused today, I apologize. Anyway, this is one of my favorite things to do just because I get to spend time with three of my best friends. We went around the Lititz area today, Lindsay was driving Betsy, who could hardly make it up the hills, and these moments just become some surrell. I just looked around the car, laughing with my friends, on the top of the hill looking down at all of the really smelly fields, listening to music, and it’s one of those moments where I wouldn’t want to change anything. Except the smell.

These are just the best kind of adventures and I would do this every day if I could. I think it’s the moments like those that will stick with me the rest of my life. Like I’m not going to remember the stupid things we argue or get annoyed with each other over, we’re going to remember the times that we failed at getting lost on the backroads of Lancaster County. I’m glad I have something like that to cherish forever. The best kind of adventures don’t have to be far away they can be right in your backyard, it just takes a little work to make it an adventure. Never take for granted those of you who can turn an average day into an adventure day.

So one last note, well more like advertisement. I’m still in desperate need of a partner for this blogger convention so please contact me if you’re interested. Here’s a link to the the post Blogger Convention- Help Needed I really need help, I’m basically on my knees begging. If you are in the slightest bit interested in being my partner, but have concerns contact me anyway and we can talk about them! Thanks for at least considering!




13 Reasons Why

Now I’m not sure if anyone has read the book 13 Reasons Why if you have you know it’s an amazing and altogether sad book, if you haven’t however I greatly suggest it. A basic synopsis of the book for those of you haven’t read it is a girl records a tape of the 13 reasons why she committed suicide and she makes the 13 people who did so listen to the tapes and pass them on so they all feel guilty about the way they treated her.  Well this is a really serious subject that I kind of wanted to touch on, but I’m going to do a spin on this and make it the 13 reasons why you should stay alive, because every life is worth living and I don’t want anyone to ever feel bad about themselves.

First a quick little disclaimer, I am not any sort of professional and I just want to help anyone who needs it. I really don’t want to offend anyone with this post.

Please anyone who is struggling depression or contemplating suicide, seek help. I am including the hotlines for various countries if you need help.

So here it goes 13 Reasons to Stay Alive

  1. Every person you meet you have an impact on whether you talk to them for a second or a life time, and if you die you are taking away a piece of those people’s lives too.
  2. As much as you think no one cares, someone does, there is at least one person that will really care if you die.  Think about all the people you interact with on a daily basis, what if you were no longer there for them any more? How do you think they would feel?
  3. One day things will get better and even if you think they won’t, they will. One day you’ll find someone to love, find a job you love, have kids who love you, there are a million things to look forward to if you look to the future instead of the present.
  4. There has to be something that makes you happy whether it’s a TV show, movie, Oreos, a book, or even a stuffed animal, that thing will always be there for you no matter how hard things get and whenever you feel sad maybe think of that thing and it might help just a little.
  5. Everyone has a future and if you end your life you lose yours and that affects other people’s as well. This kind of goes along with number one, but this time think about all the people you could help or impact in a way, and without you there their whole live could be completely different.
  6. One day this time that you seem to be stuck in now will all be a bad memory, and do you know what happens with bad memories? We forget them and you’ll forget about how badly right now sucks.
  7. “It’s a bad day, not a bad life” is one of my favorite quotes, I’m not sure who it’s by, but it’s so right. You might be having a bad day, or a bad week, or even a bad year, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad life, it’s a rough patch but it will smooth over.
  8. Think about every good/great thing that has ever happened to you. There is something and if you think hard enough you’ll find it. It could be anything from the time you had a line in a school play, got “Most Improved”, or even made a new best friend it’s a good memory whether that thing is there or not, good memories bring back happy feelings.
  9. Your best friend, and this could be anyone, someone you met on the Internet, your mom, or the kid next door who you grew up with, that person would be devastated if you died, how would you feel if they felt the way you did right now? You’d be worried and concerned and I hope you know that’s how they feel about you to.
  10. Your favorite band. My friends did a video on this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQpghjbwdIk) and they talk about how if a band saved your life that’s awesome. Also, maybe it will help you see some more good in the world through music. Music is a great escape and it helps a lot of people, and it’s a lot of people’s reason to stay alive so maybe it can be yours too!
  11. A pet, if you live alone, or with a roommate, but you have a pet, who’s going to take care of it if you’re gone? It could end up in a pound and be put to sleep, and do you want that for your dog or cat? And if it’s smaller than that chances are people are going to care even less.
  12. Use books as an escape, authors provide you with different worlds, books like the Harry Potter series take you into the story, you can practically live a different life while things improve themselves.
  13. Finally, a reason to live is for yourself, to prove to yourself that you are so strong. Strong enough to make it, strong enough to prove not only yourself but anyone who doubts you wrong. You are a great person with so much potential and that should be a huge reason to want to stay alive.

I hope at least one of the reasons is a big enough one to keep you alive because you are so worth the life you have been given. So I hope this helped at least one person out there, if not that’s okay, maybe it can help you help someone. I know this a lot more serious than a lot of my posts, and I really hope it doesn’t offend anyone either, I tried my hardest on this. If you need help there are the hotlines, if you need to talk to a friend, I can be a friend, feel free to email me at marysaverageadventures@gmail.com the emails are sent to my phone which I always have on me so I’m basically available to anyone who needs help. However, I am not a professional whatsoever, as you know I’m a college freshman, also I have no experience on this topic either, so if you need real help call the hotline for your country that I have provided. There are so many people willing to help you and who want you alive.



The Answers:

January 1: Dust particles and dish towel fibers inside the Champagne glass, according to scientists at the University of Reims.

January 2: The US would not allow women to compete in events where they couldn’t wear long skirts.


January 3: What was the first single-letter ticker symbol on the Nasdaq stock exchange?

The Throwback Tag

So guys I haven’t really had the best day today, or even a good day like I was expecting.  My anxiety has been really bad day and I have had multiple panic attacks today so I decided instead of ranting about how bad it is again to just do a simple sort of tag and since I like them it might even help me feel a little bit more relaxed.

Here it is: The Throwback Tag

What year were you born in? 1994

Do you have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger? I only have one on my computer but I’ll be sure to include it in the end :)

What TV shows did you watch growing up? Rugrats, Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Even Stevens, Full House, and so many others I’ve always been TV addicted, whoops.

What were your favorite toys to play with? Well my best friend Hannah and I would only play things like Barbies occasionally and the only thing I really really remember us doing is making “muck” which was water mixed with anything we could get our hands on in her backyard.

What is the most embarrassing thing that you can remember doing? This is such a hard thing to answer because I would always do things on purpose to see how big of an idiot I could make of myself, something I look back on as really embarrassing is in the 8th grade each week I would pretend to be someone/something different, like I one week I was Hannah Montana, and then the next week I was like I duck I think. Surprisingly the same year I was voted most likely to be president…

Something you wrote in kindergarten.

Three songs you loved to listen as a child. “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne, “He Loves U Not” by Dream, and of course the whole entire High School Musical soundtrack, but my favorite song off of it had to be (and still is) “Start of Something New” and obviously it’s because it’s what the whole thing is centered around, duhhhh.

What was one funny thing you dressed up as for Halloween when you were younger? I believe it was in the 5th grade I dressed up as a prisoner, handcuffs and all, I even went as far as drawing on a unibrow and goatee and pulled my hair up to look like a man. 

Share a funny story of something you remembering happening when you were young. Well gather round boys and girls, one day my friend Hannah and I were going around my development trying to catch frogs, which we did, and we kept them in the bucket, when one jumped out in front of my scooter, and of course I didn’t want to hit it so I slammed my foot down and flipped my scooter! So needless to say I seriously hurt myself, and needed stitches, but didn’t get them so I have a pretty cool scar on my elbow.

Are there any special things you’ve kept from when you were a child?  I like to keep everything, but I’d say the most special thing that I’ve kept is my little stuffed bunny that has a rattle in it, not gonna lie, I still sleep with it and I’m 19.

What was something weird you did as a child? Well I did a lot of weird things as a kid, but I’d say the weirdest thing I did was play this game with myself where I would go and hide until my mom started freaking out that I ran away and then I would emerge laughing and I would typically get in trouble for this. I would also play board games alone, guess that’s weird too.

What’s the scariest thing that happened to you when you were younger? One halloween my friends and I went alone and these boys tried to attack us but I called my mom and she called Hannah’s dad and he came with a bat and threatened to beat them up so yeah there’s that.

How is the world different now from when you were a child? Well this is depressing, I guess I would say it’s not as easy.  As I got older everything got harder, plus it’s more expensive since I need more than candy and toys now, but I still want those too!

Here’s the picture of my cousin and I from when we were really little kids, yeah I was cute once.

Well anyway guys I’m headed off to bed now because I have to be up pretty early for work tomorrow, and I still have to find my pants before I go to bed. I know these aren’t exactly popular on my channel but I want to try and do a post a day and with how I’m feeling today this is the best it was going to get. Hope you could at least laugh at my childhood adventures a little bit. Thanks for reading!



P.S. Question to anyone who pays the $18 a year for their website name, why do you do so? I’m thinking about doing it and I need some other opinions on the matter so feel free to chime in on why you made the decision to either pay for it or not in my comment section. Thanks for the input!

My Life’s Most Awesome Moments!

So I’m back, procrastinating. Whoops.

Okay so I know one thing I do on here is complain… A LOT! Well so I’m going to try and change that, and one way I’m going to do that is listing My Life’s Most Awesome Moments.

  • My first big, huge awesome moment was going to the Hilary Duff concert right before the fourth grade. It was such an amazing experience because I had to be one of her biggest fans at the time.  She was such an inspiration to me during my childhood so that’s something I will always carry with me.
  • My second most awesome moment was moving to my new house and my best friend’s mom bribing her to go play with me.  Originally- like any other child, I did not want to move, but I will be forever grateful for doing so because otherwise I would have never met my best friend. I’m very glad her mom said she would get candy if she went to play with me when I first moved in.
  • My next big moment was being cast in the school play in elementary school because it gave me such great confidence and leadership skills that I would have today.  On the other hand though I’m also really glad I never got casted in high school because I think my life would be very different than it is now and it really helped me see what was really important in life.
  • Now, you’ve all heard this one, but I am so glad I was invited to go to Europe before my senior year because if I wouldn’t have gone I would have never met my two best friends and I think I would be completely lost without them.
  • This next great moment I never thought it would be considered that great, but it was my decision to ask my new friends to hang out a few weeks after the trip because if it wasn’t for that we probably would’ve never gotten to be as close as we are now, because it was the first of many times going to Katie’s house, which is probably more like a second home now. Shout out to the floor and couch in the basement.
  • The final most awesome moment that I’m going to leave you guys with is something that at the time wasn’t awesome at all, but it really helped me improve my quality of life. This was my decision to ask my old best friend to stay out of my life.  I know that sounds really bad, but in life you have to let go of the things, and people that hinder your happiness, and I can honestly say after the sadness of losing my best friend wore off I felt like a ton of bricks had been taken off my shoulders.

Well those are just of few of my life’s many awesome moments! I hope you guys enjoyed them. If you have any awesome moments you want to share, comment! And also comment if you see anything special about the comment section! (I think I’m really funny) Anyway, thanks for reading!



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Leaving: Packing and Goodbyes

As I prepare myself to leave for college there are a lot of matters to take care of. The first being packing, I don’t know about you but I hate packing, it’s so time consuming and annoying. So whilst packing as well as cleaning out my room I found hundreds of memories. I found pictures, notes, books, things from third grade, it’s amazing the things I thought I would want but after years and years of saving they were tossed into the trashcan without a second glance. Once the room and memories are put into boxes and you’re left with very few items in your bedroom, clothes are packed and you have a few outfits out for the next few days so that you don’t miss any clothes it comes time to start saying goodbyes. The thing about goodbyes are sometimes you never know that’s the moment of goodbye, you’ll say “I’ll see you soon” and before you know it soon becomes too late and it’ll be a while until you see them again, November, December. who knows. So far I have said my official goodbyes to two of my very good friends and that went buy without tears and now as I’m writing this I am preparing myself for tomorrow, saying goodbye to three of my best friends, I can already feel the tears. So my beloved readers, tell me your goodbye stories, tell me how you dealt with those, because tomorrow when I hug them goodbye, it’s goodbye for good and that kills me. My advice for goodbyes, keep it simple, and remember that it’s not forever but just a little while. So my goodbye to you readers is filled with love, until next post.