When I Move Out…

Eventually there will come the inevitable day where I will have to move out of my parents house, not for a while, but eventually. I mean obviously the most ideal time for this would be post graduation, but you never know. Sometimes when I’m bored I just think about what I will do for like decor and such once I have my own house/apartment/building in which I reside, and I thought maybe I would just give you a list (since I haven’t done one of my lists in forever) of what I’m going to do when I have my own place. However, this is providing that I end up very very rich. So basically this is my dream house for eventually, not really right after I move out.

  • Instead of putting up wedding pictures and such since I would like to wait quite a while to get married I’m going to put pictures of myself in frames.
  • All of my tupperware will be the same brand and once the bottom is without a lid or vice versa it will be thrown away.
  • A whole wall filled with white boards to write notes to myself and reminders, along with numerous pads of paper to write lists of things off of the wall.
  • The rest of the walls in the white board room will be filled with book shelves and a sliding ladder so that I can be like Belle in the library.
  • All of my kitchen appliances will match like my microwave, oven, toaster, coffee maker, kitchenaid, fridge, dishwasher, and all of that fun stuff.
  • My bed room will have a tower with a seat around the inside, the roof over this part will be copper so that when it rains it sounds beautiful.
  • The top part of the tower, the cone part, will be filled with my favorite books so that when I’m sitting enjoying the rain I can just pull down a good one.
  • I’ll have one of those old fashioned bathtubs so I can take giant bubble baths, that is if I actually make time for myself for a bath.
  • The guest room will have four different walls, one that they can sign like instead of a guest book, another filled with pictures so they can use a provided polaroid camera so they can take a picture in their favorite part of my amazing home, another wall that’s just a giant map so they can put a pin in where they came from and another for where they’re going next, the last wall will just be plain, the bed has to go against something!
  • I also want just a room for fun, I can go pin up my favorite pictures of the places I’ve been on a huge map again. A nice little office place just to write, a computer, an old typewriter for inspiration, and some beautiful comments around that I’ve been giving on my writing.

Well that’s all I have for the time being. Also incase you were wondering, I do not have writer’s block (my usual reason for making a list), I just wanted to make this one. Thanks for reading everyone, have a great night! :)