Long Time, No Blog

What else is new- I’m gone, I’m back, I’m gone, I’m back, the cycle truly never ends. As always, when I disappear for 5 months, I come back with a lot of changes so we’re going to quickly address those and then resume our regularly scheduled blogging. Aka three random posts a week- NO EXCUSES MARY!!!

The biggest news and will eventually be a whole blog post- I’M ENGAGED. So yes, wedding planning will now be a topic of my blog.

I’ve also moved out of my shit hole apartment into a new and slightly better one. The people that lived there before us didn’t clean or really take care of it for the five years they lived there so it’s a fixer-upper that my roommate and I took on for a rental so that’s different.

Additionally- I’ve re-vamped my job search which like hopefully no one from my current company still remembers this blog because if they see this line I’ll get fired because that’s the kind of place I work out. But really the drive is getting to be too much and I need more work to do. Ideally- I’d love to learn but we’ll see if that happens.

So here’s some poll questions that I’d love for y’all to give me some input on for what content should be posted!

That’s all I have for now and I will be back on Saturday!

The Trudge Back

Currently, I should be packing, but I’m not. Tomorrow I’m making the trudge back to Maryland, I only say trudge because I packed way too much to come home and I need to bring it all back with me with some of the stuff I got for Christmas. Not the point though.

It’s interesting how life goes living between two places. I spend more time at school than I do at home and yet I try to keep my life at school much more minimalistic simply because I don’t have the room that I have at home for all of my stuff. So every time I go between it’s “If I bring x back with me I can bring y and maybe z can go with me,” and trying to make sure that I have the essentials.

Like I always say that I’m going home but every time I come home it’s different. The scenery changes the buildings get painted, things are built, signs are added and taken down and it just gives me a different vibe. Being at school and school becomes the new normal for me, not the back roads that I took to high school, I’ve been getting mixed up on roads that I used to know like the back of my hand and I’m figuring out which city road will take me away and which will take me back. I’ve learned the back roads of a city I never saw myself in and I’m starting to get from A to B without directions.

I’ve noticed that life is a lot different when you live in two places. There is more to life than living in one place and that’s something I’ve always thought. I never really liked the idea of being a stationary kind of person in my young adult years and now that’s how I live. I have two rooms and two lives almost. School and home hardly ever intersect. I talk to my friends that I met at school at home and my other friends and family at school but it’s not like they’re the same at all. It’s not like my friends from home come to school and my friends from school come home with me really, like it happens sometimes but not often.

The more I go back and forth I begin to notice how much my life has changed in the past year and a half. I used to believe that it was in a bad way but the more I get used to it the more I understand where I am in life and I get more and more comfortable with that. I feel like I’m on the right path to where I’m supposed to go and the living and the trudging back and forth between Maryland and Pennsylvania every month is so worth it.





Currently I’m procrastinating because I have a research paper to do and I thought the benefits of being a communications major was no research papers but I’m in a literature class (that I really don’t like) and I have a research paper due Tuesday. I think I kind of forgot how to write them, it’s been over a year! Luckily the other paper I have Tuesday is essentially done which means that I have to do an article by tomorrow that I honestly don’t want to do. The timing of it seems really awkward so it just seems pointless to me. I actually have two articles to do but the other is pretty easy. ┬áNow I’m just rambling to avoid real work.

I have a real knack for wanting to travel. I’m never quite content on where I am in the world and I always want to be somewhere else. I go to school in Frederick Maryland and it’s one of the prettiest places I could ever be.After I see the world I could easily see myself settling down here. I would have to have a lot of money but it would be nice to live here later in life. It’s one of the first places I’m content in living. Sure Lancaster is good and all but I couldn’t spend my whole life there. The people are ignorant and they need to open their minds.

After college I obviously want a job that will allow me to travel. What that is, I have no clue. The thing that gets me and I think about a lot is where do I want to end up? I would say the majority of my friends from Maryland want to stay in Maryland. People from here have an odd obsession with their state that I just don’t understand. My assumption would be that a lot of the people I went to high school with will end up back in Lancaster whether they plan to or not Lancaster is essentially a black hole. I think that’s why it’s really good I went out of state for college, if I would have stayed in Pennsylvania I’m afraid that I would end up back where I was and I would really hate that.

I don’t know where in the world I’ll end up. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to settle down in one place. Whenever I’m somewhere for more than a month I’m ready to see what the world has in store for me. I don’t think life is meant to live in one place, at least not for me. There are 50 states within my country, half of which I haven’t even seen a corner of and more than that there are countries upon countries that are ready for me to explore and I can’t wait to do that.

When the question comes down to where I’m going to live when I grow up, I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to answer that and that’s okay with me.