Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee you’d be sitting on the other side of the couch at the home I babysit at every Sunday. We would be watch “13 Reasons Why” and I would be ranting about how much I hate boys and I just want to meet a nice man that treats me right and how I hope so badly it’s the one that’s talking to me now. Then I’d tell you that I don’t think it is, which makes me feel conflicted as conflicted can be.

If we were having coffee I’d be sipping my second big cup of the day. Trying to get rid of the headache, the tiredness I’ve been feeling from barely sleeping the past few weeks, and most importantly, just trying to enjoy the taste and calming down.

If we were having coffee I’d pour you a nice big cup. We would talk about all of the things that have been bothering me. My blog, boys, jobs, everything. I would vent, and then let you vent. I’d probably interrupt because that’s probably my worst habit of all. I’d complain about not knowing what to make for dinner, my diet, and then I would whisper “I’ll probably just go to Subway again.”

If we were having coffee, I’d let you know that I think it’s weird the baby has been sleeping for three hours, but I wouldn’t complain. Trust me I’m thankful. I would then go on to show you pictures of how cute he is, and how thankful I am for all of the wonderful families have allowed me to watch over their children this year.

If we were having coffee, I would probably go on a feminist rant, tell you about how much I love social media, and how I wish my blog would thrive. I’d have a lot to say, but at the same time, nothing at all. I’d open up like I used to on my blog. Before I went public with it, before I was applying for jobs, and before when I didn’t have many friends. I’d share my worries, my thoughts, and my doubts.

If we were having coffee, I’d ask you if you want another cup but pour you another no matter what the answer was. The truth is, on Sundays I get to a point where I desperately need to talk to an adult so I wouldn’t really want you to leave.

If we were having coffee, I’d have to eventually excuse myself to get the crying baby and I’d thank you for joining me. I’d invite you back next week and be so happy for my friendships with you.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?


Midweekly Update, Breaking the Rules

Okay I promised you guys and update midweek since I skipped Sunday. I BROKE THE RULES AND I DON’T FEEL BAD! I tried to film a little dance here to upload for you guys to show how carefree I was being but it didn’t work so you’re just going to have to imagine it.

Anywho this past week was spring break and it was fairly uneventful. I called off work Monday because I was not feeling well at all. I don’t remember what else I did then to be honest, maybe I saw my friends. I know I saw them frequently. I’m actually having a very hard time remembering what day I did things so I’m just going to give an overview of what I did. I made pancakes for my work/high school friends Alex and Margaret one day, which is always nice to catch up with them. My friend Meag from school came and stayed with us for a few days and we went to the mall so she could get a dress for the upcoming dance. We met my dad at a local ice cream parlor for lunch and I had delicious french toast. I also visited my mom one day for lunch, which  feel bad for her because she only has a half an hour, teachers have it rough. Caspar Lee favorited my tweet, yeah that happened.  I did some work, but that’s about it. I also got a flatish tire, confused about that.  Oh wait I applied for Amtrak’s residence trips so I’m waiting to hear about that, I’m not very confident in my application piece I selected so I’ll let you guys know if I hear anything.

So I’m actually going to update you guys on what has happened since returning to school because even though its only been like two and a half days a lot has happened.  I got back Sunday evening and worked on a paper until midnight. I got woken up to a call Monday with a snow day, will it ever stop? I don’t know, freezing rain and more snow tonight. *Rolls eyes* Anyway, so I entered a contest for shopjawbreaking.com yesterday and I found out today which is awesome (go ahead and check them out guys). So Ally if you ever see this, thank you so much! Thanks Jawbreaking, love your clothes!  I also found out that my voxbox should be coming soon, and I can’t wait! If you don’t know what that is it will all be here in a few weeks and I’m really excited about that. I also found a normal roommate for next year! So that’s really lucky too. What else? I’m not sure.  Oh! I started applying for nanny positions for over the summer on care.com, so you know if that works out maybe I’ll have some new aspects on life and that could even affect some writing. I hope if I get one I can do some cool DIY tutorials and maybe even day trip ideas.  So yeah, that’s it on so far this week, good week so far.

What else do I have going on this week? I have a dance Friday, and probably a movie night Saturday since I’m worried to drive my car far. I guess I should explain why I was going to drive far, I was going to go visit my friend Alex. I swear every time I’m supposed to go visit her something goes wrong so I can’t. Hopefully I can get down there sometime in April. That’s about it, maybe taking some pictures for an upcoming post but I’m not sure yet.

Well this it for today guys.