Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 29

Once upon a time, I started this blog because I was going to college and I wanted to document the most mundane of adventures. Did I ever really do that? Not really. It has been three and a half years of rants, thought vomit, out of this world adventures, and sometimes just straight non-sense.

Yesterday, I hit 500 followers. I didn’t cry or shout like I thought I would (well I was at work) but I did get teary eyed. a little shaken and quite frankly a little overwhelmed. That’s a lot of people my friends.

Anyway, so thank you for that. It’s very moving.

Speaking of moving, I have been watching “Girl Boss” which is slightly inspiring. Like Sophia is a one-of-a-kind type of gal who doesn’t always do what’s best and not always what I would do. However, she is quite the go-getter, which is admirable. The show starts off with Sophia (the main character) going on about how being an adult sucks; which is a sentiment I am starting to sympathize with.

While applying for many, many jobs I have found it to be barely bearable. I’m honestly so over it. It’s so boring and excruciatingly painstaking. However, I shall press on and find a job that will do until I have a million children and can start up my mommy blog.

So here’s just a short little LNBM for now. Still working on the re-brand. I’d say by June it’ll be full swing.


Netflix Recommendations: TV Shows

I use Netflix way too much. I’m obsessed with it and it’s a problem, but I thought, why not make use of my problem and give a huge list of recommendations  but only for television shows today, I’ll do movies another time.

  1. “The Office” -funny and lighthearted, for a person with a dryer sense of humor but can be appreciated by most in my opinion. Also Jim
  2. “Parks and Recreation” Leslie Knope and Chris Pratt and jokes so funny you laugh out loud with headphones in. It’s absolutely fantastic.
  3. “Grey’s Anatomy” -Just if you need a good cry for about 10 seasons just watch this. Also McDreamy.
  4. “The Carrie Diaries” -This is the prequel to “Sex in the City” which I’ve never seen but this show is very insightful into a teenager’s life. There are some very good quotable things in this show.
  5. “Psych” -hilarious crime show, Criminal Minds without the scariness
  6. “Criminal Minds” -Because who doesn’t love a good murder and being terrified to sleep in their dorm room alone?
  7. “Gossip Girl” -Sadly I predicted the ending from the first episode but most people don’t so I guess go for it.  I really liked the drama, however I don’t like drama so I would get annoyed and take breaks
  8. “Private Practice” -A spin off of Grey’s Anatomy with more drama, it’s great
  9. “The Foster’s” -Seems slightly insestuial but they’re only foster siblings so it’s okay, promotes good family values otherwise
  10. “How I Met Your Mother” -Just a funny show, you really can’t go wrong with it

These are my top ten Netflix suggestions for TV shows, what are yours? I’m always looking for new ones!


TV Shows that Teach

I’m a terrible binge watcher, it’s awful. I will sit and watch hours of a particular show instead of doing something I’m supposed to do. Currently I’m rewatching “The Office” and it’s makin me think about TV shows that teach us things.

  1. Modern Family: “Modern Family” teaches how love is unconditional, it literally shows every type of love possible and how perfect that can be. It shows imperfections in family, yet how those little things are what makes family great.
  2. The Office: “The Office” is an example of the types of people you will come across with in your life. I also think the relationships amongst the characters display a variety of relationships that someone can encounter, but everyone looks for a love like Jim and Pam’s.
  3. Parks and Rec: Can you say women empowerment? If you want to look up to someone look up to Leslie Knope. A little quirky, but hilarious and smart. She quickly takes over the town of Pawnee and I think she has the power to take over the world.
  4. New Girl: I mean who doesn’t want to live with three attractive guys? Not me actually. I think this show displays struggles not only through relationship, but in each characters’ personality as well. I haven’t watched it in a while, but I remember thinking “wow I learned something”.
  5. Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy: Each character has their own story line, their own background, their own problems. Their stories interconnect and solve the problems of one another, they’re there for each other and help each other out.

What’s your favorite show that has taught you a lesson? I think Degrassi could maybe even be popped up on my list. Maybe I’ll pick this up again another time.


The Netflix Struggle

Incase you weren’t aware I struggle with a lot of things and one of those things happens to be Netflix. What do you do when you finish a 7 series show? I know I sit in my bed often this and ponder, what is my life now? What am I going to do with all of the free time I don’t have? What show shall I conquer next? And then the tears come because you will never have the feels from your favorite characters again.  This my friends, is the Netflix Struggle.

Netflix likes to pretend it knows a lot about you, it likes to recommend shows for you, no. Netflix makes up its suggestions I’m almost positive only because I watch two Disney Channel movies and all of the sudden all of my recommended listings are for children. I don’t think two movies make up for the Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Vampire Diaries, The Carrie Diaries, Parks and Rec, etc., that I have watched throughout my year or so on Netflix. They don’t know what I want and I’m left to hunt.  I spend more time trying to find a show I like, I’m sure then I spend watching the show that day. I am on season 4 of the Vampire Diaries and I’m still not sure if I like it! That was recommended to me because I watched American Horror Story, I don’t even know what the two have to do with one another.

Well anyway, this post was suggested to me by my pal Lindsay. Also we are out of good show to watch so leave good suggestions in the comments please! Sorry this is short, I didn’t get much sleep on the bus and after a day of exploring the city I’m pooped. Thanks for reading!



Stupid Things I Do.

First and foremost I thought my new series idea was dumb so I decided that I’m not going to do that one anymore. So this is just a random little post on stupid things I do because I do really dumb things all the time and  I repeat them all the time. I’m going to do a list of all the stupid things I do with some explanations of them.

  1. I skip a meal like lunch or breakfast and then I get so hungry my stomach hurts so I miss the rest of the meals. I did this today and I thought I was getting sick, turned out I just required food.
  2. I fill up shopping carts online and review them daily until I finally decide to either buy it or I don’t want it anymore. I recently just got rid of a Forever 21 bag and filled an eBay cart but I’ll probably actually buy that stuff because I need it.
  3. I binge watch Netflix. This is so bad. I could be such a productive person if I would’ve made a different investment this past summer. I can watch seasons of shows in days. It’s awful.
  4. I don’t sleep. I do this thing where I feel like sleeping is unnecessary so I’ll stay up to 2 or so in the morning and then I’ll be up by 9 at the latest the next morning and I’ll do this for days until it gets to the point where I can’t even keep my eyes open in class anymore. That’s stupid too.
  5. I don’t put my clothes away so my chair piles up with clothes until I run out of other clothes to wear and I have to start going through that to find something to wear.
  6. I get too lazy to text people back so I just don’t. It’s funny that I can sit here and write blog posts every day but I can’t respond to a simple yes or no question.
  7. I ignore important things like due dates that stress me out which only makes it worse when they get there.
  8. I try and do so many things at the same time. I will play YouTube videos while watching Netflix. This is taking multitasking to the extreme and I can’t say it’s a good thing.
  9. Sometimes I do this experiment where I see how long I can go without leaving my room except for class, bathroom, and food (to eat in my room) I’m not sure if this is healthy or not. Probably not.
  10. When I have to talk to new people I suddenly develop a stutter and I can no longer function. I am the most awkward person you could ever meet and I probably give a really bad first impression.

Anyway those are ten stupid things I do on a semi-regular basis. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I’ll have a new series for you guys next week!



My Life in 20 Questions!

Okay, it’s been decided, every other week will be Tag Tuesdays. Some Tuesdays will be no posts and other ones will just be random posts or serious posts, or whatever, and Tag Tuesdays might even go down to once a month just because it’s hard finding ones I like. Anywho, onto the questions. Also first a question, is anywho a word? Sometimes spellcheck underlines it and other times it doesn’t so is it a word? Because I really like it.

1.  What is your favorite color? I hate this question, I don’t believe in favorite colors and I refuse to answer it.

2.  What is your favorite number? 5. I like odd numbers only please.

3.  What is your dream career? To be honest, this would be an awesome career to just blog and travel blog about it, but also help people. I really want to work for an NGO and teach English to women in Africa, as well as subjects like math and other basics so that they can teach the kids so that they don’t become dependent upon foreigners teaching everyone.

4.  Where do you see yourself living when you’re on your own?  I hope either on the west coast like Seattle, or somewhere in California, or in London or Dublin, two of my favorite cities in the world.

5.  Where is your favorite place to travel? I love London and Dublin, but when I travel I like to go to new places and new cities. I really want to go to Charleston, South Carolina.

6.  What do you do in your free time? Free time? Thats a thing? No when I have that I like to crochet, read, watch Netflix, okay so I guess free time is a regular day for me… Awkward.

7.  Favorite clothing stores? Forever 21, when they have good clothes, I feel like they’re hit or miss a lot of the time. I also love American Eagle, but I’m also poor so that doesn’t happen a lot. Finally Target, I love it so much also because they have more than just clothes.

8.  Dream car? No car…? I have a love/hate relationship with driving, I don’t really like it but I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t drive. So I’d rather just live in a city where I can get everywhere by walking or public transportation like subways and stuff. 

9.  What TV shows can’t you live without? Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, and whatever my addiction of the week is.

10.  Three people you need in your life. Well I can’t just pick three so I’m going to do three groups. My parents, they are always there for me, like I am always amazed at how supportive they are of me no matter what, and I know I can go to them with any problem but also things I’m proud of and they’ll be proud too.  My best friends, Katie, Lindsay, and Hannah, I honestly don’t know what I would do without these three ladies, no matter how bad of a day I’m having and I need to rant they’re there to listen and make me laugh. I couldn’t ask for a better support system. Finally, but not least important, I need God. I mean He’s always listening, so I guess He probably hears the things in my head that no one should hear, but He does protect me and answers my prayers, whether I like the answers or not.

11.  I can’t sleep without my old, ratty, “chew” bunny, or an extra pillow, I always need something to hold in my arms while I fall asleep.

12.  If you were given a million dollars all for yourself what would you do with it?  I know it says all for myself but the first thing I would do is pay off my parents house, pay for my college, and then my sisters, and then with whatevers left I would travel for a summer. Hopefully there’s no taxes on this million dollars.

13.  I have a celebrity crush on… Zac Efron, first and foremost who doesn’t? Then if you consider YouTubers celebrities, which some people do and some people don’t, Joe Sugg, but I feel like I know him so it’s almost like a real crush, which is creepy. Very very creepy.

14.  What is your favorite treat to eat? Chocolate. I love it so much. I could marry it.

15.  My favorite animals are… Giraffes. They are so majestic and beautiful and I love them so much.

16.  What is your favorite season? Fall because I don’t like the heat and all the bees finally start to go away.

17.  My favorite childhood shows were… Lizzie McGuire, That So Raven, Even Stevens, I guess you get the gist, Disney Channel shows basically.

18.  Why did you start blogging? Well when I entered college my plan was to be a communications major with a concentration in journalism and I thought it would be a good start, but now I don’t want to do that I still love blogging though and I don’t plan on ever stopping.

19.  What do you hold close to your heart? My grandmom, she died two years ago this month and I will always keep her close to my heart. She was an amazing woman when she was alive, and that will always stay with me and when I make big decisions I try to think of advice she would give me because she was always so wise.

20.  What is one music artist that you are in love with? Well I’m going to assume this questions means with their music and that would be Taylor Swift, and that used to be a super cliche white girl thing and I don’t think it is anymore because now the super cliche white girl thing to do is make fun of her, but that’s not cool.

Anyway so this is actually basically my life but that was the point of the tag, so I guess it worked. 




January 6: Dustin Hoffman in 1973


January 7: Who was Harald Bluetooth, the 10th-century figure for whom the Bluetooth wireless transferring technology is named?


Don’t forget to comment with your guesses!

50+ Facts About Me

So for those of you who don’t know (which I’m assuming is all of you) I would like to confess that I am YouTube obsessed and not only that but I owe a lot to these YouTubers. I don’t have a dramatic story like I was suicidal or depressed when I started watching these people who made me smile no matter how I was feeling, but I do have a lot of anxiety and they did always help ease that. Anyway I’ll give you some of my favorites at the end so you guys can look them up, but some of them do tags so their viewers can get to know them better so I thought I would do the same sort of thing just fifty some odd facts about myself so I hope you enjoy and laugh at my little quirks!

  1. I still sleep with my stuffed rabbit that has a rattle in it from when I was a baby. Its name is Chew Bunny because I used to suck on its ears when I was sad so it’s really mangy and gross. (If this post gets 5 likes I’ll post a picture in the comments!!)
  2. Junior and Senior year of high school I carried a briefcase instead of a backpack to class.
  3. When I was about 9 or 10 I fell of my scooter to save a frog and a chunk of my skin came out of my elbow so I have a scar because my mom didn’t know I needed stiches. There was too much blood to be able to tell.
  4. I love to crochet, but I have never actually made anything for myself.
  5. I met my best friends on a People to People trip, I haven’t even known them for two years but it feels like I’ve known them forever. We do absolutely everything together.
  6. When I was checking my email today Caspar Lee (my favorite YouTuber replied to my comment) and I sobbed for ten minutes because I was fangirling.
  7. I can’t sleep if it’s silent.
  8. My newest obsession is Grey’s Anatomy.
  9. It looks like I take a lot of pictures but I take a lot in one day so it looks like I do but I really don’t.
  10. I hate sleeping I think it’s a waste of time.
  11. I have a lot of nice clothes but I’d rather wear t-shirts all the time.
  12. I have the most random collection of music ever because I have not deleted anything since the fifth grade and only added.
  13. My inspiration for starting a blog came from a YouTube video and I guess that’s kind of why I started a vlog too but I believe that I’m much better at writing than I am at talking.
  14. During my senior year of high school I was President of Quiz Bowl (as well as MVP), President of Science Olympiad, Vice President of Model UN, Treasurer of my class, and I was also in a leadership club and National Honors Society.
  15. I have two little sisters, a dog, and I had a turtle up until about a week before I left for college when it died.
  16. I’m a coffee addict.
  17. I work at Starbucks and Burger King.
  18. I love to read but I haven’t read a really good book in a very long time. (Any suggestions?!?)
  19. I’ve been to Canada (three times), Ireland (twice), England, Wales, France, Netherlands, and Belgium. (I really like traveling.)
  20. My favorite places include Seattle and London because of their gloominess, I don’t like the sun.
  21. I love rain, it’s so inspiring.
  22. I’d much rather be cold than hot.
  23. People think I’m a hipster because I wear “hipster” glasses but they’re real and they were not my first choice, but my first choice were way too big and the optometrist said I couldn’t get them.
  24. If I’m around someone too long I pick up their mannerisms and it drives me insane because I don’t feel like an individual anymore.
  25. When I graduate I’m going to join an NGO and help people because that’s my dream. I don’t really care if I won’t make any money.
  26. I don’t really want to get married or have kids, it’s never been a goal of mine.
  27. The biggest thing I miss about my hometown is the stars. I don’t know if you just can’t see them here or if I’m never out late enough, but I miss the clear skies at home.
  28. I have not worn matching socks since the first grade.
  29. If I am home alone I will not wear pants, and I will not wear them to bed.
  30. I love Netflix, I like to watch the super weird movies.
  31. I love converse but my mom said that they were too worn to bring to college so I think that’s an excuse to buy another pair.
  32. I am very good at reading people, I can tell if I’ll be able to be friends with someone just by looking at them. I am a very good judge of character and I am never surprised by someone’s personality. Sometimes I fall for their tricks, but my first opinion of them is always right.
  33. I hate texting unless it’s with my best friends, if someone wants to have a conversation they should call me.
  34. I can’t be with most people for more than a day without getting annoyed.
  35. I am very introverted and I don’t like to go out.
  36. People in high school called me “Mother Mary” and “Mamma Mary” because I liked to take care of everyone.
  37. I was commencement speaker at my high school graduation.
  38. I am extremely honest and I don’t like to sugar coat anything.
  39. I don’t like keeping secrets about me or anyone else for that matter. If you want to know something about me all you have to do is ask and I won’t have a problem telling you. I am an open book.
  40. This is the first time in years that I do not have a crush on anyone, I do however still have feelings for a guy that played me. I do not like him, but yes I still have feelings for him.
  41. I had my first boyfriend in ninth grade and we “dated” for over a year.
  42. The only sport I genuinely like watching is baseball, I did go to my best friends volleyball games occasionally to be supportive.
  43. I am an awful speller and spell check is my best friend.
  44. I am horribly impatient.
  45. I love cardigans and they are my favorite winter wear.
  46. Sports bras are my favorite because I don’t like how big my boobs are.
  47. If I don’t like someone they usually can tell, I’m not going to try and hide it.
  48. If a boy gave me flowers I’d be pissed. They’re just going to die. It is not romantic. Buy me chocolate and I will love you forever.
  49. I have a vat of useless knowledge.
  50. I know a lot about animal sex habits for some reason. (Like I don’t actually know why.)
  51. I seriously appreciate every single one of you who reads my blog. I hope I entertain you in some way.

Thanks so much for reading guys, if I can I’m gonna try and do daily uploads. Let’s hope I can do it. I love writing to you guys I feel like I’m putting a smile on at least one person’s face. If you guys have any questions about my facts or you want to let me know anything about you go for it in the comments! I would love to read about what you guys have to say and know more about you!

As promise here are some of my favorite YouTubers: Zoella, PointlessblogTV, MarcusButtlerTV, dicasp (Caspar Lee), ThatcherJoe, and so many more. These guys have literally changed my life and there’s really no other way to put that. It’s probably super lame and cliché but they really have and if they ever see this I hope  they know the differences they have made in my life.

Thanks again guys you mean the world to me, I love you all so much.



Convocation and Other Stuff.

So sorry about the missing the past few days, it’s been super busy. HA just kidding. I’ve been watching Netflix on my laptop so I couldn’t type at the same time. So any way, today was the last day of orientation and the start of classes yippee! To finish off orientation we had our convocation and received our dinks (if anyone has a question about that put it in the comments and it will be the first picture posted of me!) and had to sit in the heat and listen to people talk and it was boring. After that I had lunch went back to my dorm with some of the friends I made and then I went to my first class. My major of intent is Communications with the intention to concentrate in Journalism with either a double major or minor in Political Science, so anyway my first class was Mass Media and Society. The professor was really funny but some people in the class seemed a little snooty and that was kinda annoying. Anyway so that was today.

Now I’m back in my dorm watching some YouTube videos and I’m going to go to dinner soon but I wanted to write about something I’ve been struggling with the past couple of days and that is loneliness. I think for most people college is a time to find the friends that they will have for life because they didn’t have great friends in high school, but my experience differed from that of a lot of peoples, and I know I already have those friends back home. So for me being here and trying to make friends is hard because I just don’t seem to be making that connection with anyone like most people are. I did make one friend but she’s a commuter so that means breakfast and dinner alone and that wasn’t as bad when it was just the freshman but now it’s everyone and the dining hall is always more crowded and that’s a little frustrating. So if anyone else is struggling with that let me know because I don’t know if I shouldn’t be feeling like this. So comment with your experiences so I can try to help and maybe someone out there has some advice for me too! So hopefully there will be an update tomorrow but I’m not exactly sure on what.