Trying Not to Kill the World.


I am a person with an enormous conscious so hearing bad things about products I use daily is a little upsetting to me. For a while I have been using Simple Products, but then I found out that there’s still a good number of chemicals in them, and the exfoliator has the little plastic beads that are killing ocean creatures which is bad and those things make me feel like I’m not treating the world or myself like the best I should be.

This lead to me to Lush. Everything is made with natural ingredients and is cruelty free. These products make me feel like I’m doing better for the world. However, they also make me feel like a hypocrite.  I feel like I need to switch everything I use and investigate every product I own to make sure I’m not killing the environment, that’s expensive my friends, very, very expensive.

How does it work? Using all natural products, why i it so expensive? I feel like things found in nature should not be so expensive. It just seems crazy to me. I wish I could afford to go all out with this, but I guess for now it’ll be piece by piece and I will live with my guilty conscious of killing our precious world. However, I do believe that this is something that everyone should try and do so that we aren’t all killing the world, something to consider.

Please let me know if you know of any affordable organic/cruelty free beauty products! I would love to research more and more. Also, let me know your own thoughts and opinions on the subject at hand!