2018 Goals

You had to know this was coming, so here are my 2018 goals! I decided to pick just 10 this year (again) so it is more achievable.

  1. Go to the gym a minimum of three times a week
  2. Work on transitioning my blog and online presence to more of what I want it to be and less of just quick fixes.
  3. Start working freelance
  4. Get organized
  5. Open an Etsy shop
  6. A solo-vacation (or maybe with friends who knows)
  7. Read 12 books
  8. Volunteer and be more charitable
  9. Write a book about blogging and publish it for the Amazon Kindle
  10. Eat better!

What are your goals for the new year?

The Filofax Obsession.

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen my tweet that my goal in life is to create a range of affordable filofaxes, because I have a bit of an obsession. I love that everything is one, they’re compact, you can change them so you get several uses out of them. They’re just amazing.

Now if I was super cool this would be like oh here, by my affordable filofaxes, but that’s definitely not what this is, this is just a post about how much I love filofaxes. I don’t have one, but I love the idea, and I love to stare at them and look them up on Etsy and Amazon. That’s so weird, I realize, but it’s the perfect organizer.

I would not say I’m the most organized person on the planet, actually I’m quite messy if I’m being, but it’s what I call an organized mess. I always know where everything is. I do like my life to be organized though. I hate feeling rushed or late. I need to be on time and I need to know due dates so to me, filofaxes are the most amazing things. I think I finally found a decent website for one to order when I get back.

My favorite thing about them is that they’re practical and reusable. If you have one it will last you years because you just need to replace the dates and such on the inside.  Plus you can get inserts for your credit cards so then you also eliminate the need for a wallet. They’re just very efficient.

So there you go, that’s how you know the bloggers block is real when you do a whole blog post on filofaxes. You’re welcome.



Well my plan was to write about something hard hitting tonight, okay not hard hitting but more serious and controversial than organization that’s for sure. However, I logged onto WordPress and I saw Alyssa’s post on From Campus With Love and she inspired you to share with you about my organizational skills or lack there of. Make sure you go check her blog out too!

Basically I am horribly messy and disorganized. My plan for tomorrow is to hang up the clothes that are all over my room and clean my car. That’s just the basics though. I commented on Alyssa’s blog that my to-do list is typically located on my hand. THIS IS TERRIBLE! How did I make it a year through college without missing an assignment!? I think God must’ve been keeping an eye out for me because that is mighty lucky.

Anyway, thanks to the beautiful decorated planner that Alyssa posted here my goal this upcoming school year is to get and STAY organized. I will be ordering a new journal to keep track of solely blog post ideas, my old one is every sort of idea and I want to organize that. The second thing I am going to order is a to-do list journal or calendar depending on what I can find. I am also going to show you guys some of my tips on organizing my room that I’m going to try this year like I do every year to do a little bit better with all of that.

So here is to the organization of a new year. Starting right now, I’m going to try and find some sort of organizational system that might be good for me via etsy. Wish me luck, and thank you to Alyssa for inspiring to get my life together.

I’ll be sure to update you guys with what I get and put in some reviews too!