30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 13

blog challenge day 13

People in general are kind of a fascination of mine. I mean there are obviously certain people I find more fascinating than others but how people just interact with one another in general is just so interesting.

People are so different from one another, however, they’re so similar. While no one is the same, people are very similar. I like to see how people interact with one another because it doesn’t always make sense, even the way I interact with people doesn’t always make sense. Like couples hold hands but so do best friends, and that’s interesting to me, growing up I always thought it was a way to show  who you were dating but really it’s just another means of affection towards anyone. I also think the way friends talk to one another is interesting. At my dinner table we get very rowdy sometimes with our laughter and people trying to talk over one another and I find it simply hilarious. Like everyone has a different way of interacting with the next person.

I also find is really interesting how people act when they’re just alone. Like some people talk to themselves and it’s interesting how certain times I find that very creepy and other times I find it endearing. Other people (like myself) use their phones so that they don’t feel obligated to talk to anyone around them. Then there are the people I don’t understand but greatly admire who can just talk to anyone around them so they are no longer alone. It’s amazing that someone can just talk to anyone. I can write my feelings all I want but it’s hard for me to even verbalize to my friends and family. It is fascinating to me that there are people who can just talk to anyone about anything, I wish I was more like that.

There are specific people who fascinate me as well. Like I don’t want to go into detail about this guy who I never see talk and a lot of the time he’s alone but he just seems really interesting to me. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at someone or just had a very brief conversation and all you want is to know everything about them? That’s how what I think about this guy, even though I’m never going to talk to him because it will ruin the aire of mystery he holds. There are just some people that I see and I’m very interested to know more about them. There’s a whole complex to these people that just look so interesting. It can be as somewhere as simple as a bookstore where you just see someone and want to know a lot more about them. People are so complex and I want to know so much about them.

Am I crazy or does anyone else feel this way?



Their Purpose in Your Life

Well first and foremost, hello! I feel like it’s been a while, but it’s only been two days. I am without wifi in the evening hours, which has it perks, like I’m really into my fictional writing right now, but also it’s disadvantages like trying to reply to comments (can’t do that) and even posting, which is why Lindsay wrote about me on Sunday. I honestly thought she was going to write something very insightful, so imagine my surprise when I popped onto my phone to try and read it really quickly and it was about me. I cried. Then yesterday has been planned for a while actually, I’ve been emailing with the blogger behind Getting Through Anxiety,  not only working together on that lengthy article, but helping each other with anxiety. So I didn’t want to double post, so for me, it feels like I haven’t been around in a while.

Currently I’m at my internship, thank goodness WordPress isn’t blocked or I would be spending my evening in various coffee shops around town trying to find the best wifi to use. Rambling ends now. Kind of. Now it’s relevant.

I’ve always believed that God has people enter your life to teach you something and that the specific lesson they teach you has the potential to change your whole life. Yes you have choices when it comes to people, what they are in your mind and heart, but you don’t really chose who comes in the first place. Sure there are people that you might see on the bus and all you can think about is how cute they are, but you don’t say anything. Now if you would’ve said something, that person would’ve had the potential to play another role in your life. So it comes down to our choices, but I do think that God influences us to make them. You’re going to change a person’s life whether you know it or not. I think you should think about whether you’re being a positive or negative light in someone’s life because that can change the person they’re going to be too.

If three years ago my mom would’ve gotten the mail instead of me that day I wouldn’t have gotten the letter inviting me to Europe, I wouldn’t have met my best friends or realized some of the people that I previously surrounded myself with weren’t good for me and I deserved better. I think there was a reason God sent me to the mailbox that day instead of my mom.

If last year I wouldn’t have stayed after Youth Group to get something out of the gym I would’ve saved myself a lot of hurt, but again, who knows what would’ve happened if I didn’t allow myself to get hurt, if I didn’t allow myself to feel something different, however, maybe I would be able to trust again.

If I didn’t pick the college I went to who knows, I might not be single right at this moment. I might be totally naive though of what kind of person he is.

Everything happens for a reason which is hard to get sometimes because when everything hurts, you don’t want it to be for a reason. When one door closes a window opens, you might have to search for the window but it’s there.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments or comment with something that you think happened for a reason!




One thing I try not to do on here is get too cheesy or cliche, but isn’t that what life is? One big cheesy cliche? In my opinion, yes that is exactly what life is like.  I have recently started thinking about my future, but more in the sense of my personal life than career options. If you have been a reader for a while you may know my recent story about a bad guy who played me, if your new, find the post on it, I’m sure it’s mentioned in many, anyway because of that for a while I have been turned off to any idea of a relationship because of fear.  Before him I was too tied up in a guy friend that used me to find any sort of relationship, and before that I had a bad boyfriend, and before that I had a good one who broke up with me. Literally my first, very pathetic, but first relationship was the only good and functional relationship I have been in. Anyway, that’s not the point, but because of my bad experiences I was always afraid of opening myself up to new people and letting other people in again. It’s really scary to do, for me it’s even scarier knowing that people out there who are basically strangers to me now, know so much about my life.



However, I’m to the point now where I realize I’m getting older, heck I’m turning 20 this year, which is crazy, I remember turning ten and thinking twenty was so far away, now it’s going to be here in seven months.  This makes me think about what exactly I’ll be doing twenty years from now, I can’t even imagine turning 40, but someday I will, and it makes me wonder what my life will be like. When my mom turned 40 her and my dad went on a cruise just the two of them, I was starting my sophomore year, Sarah was going into middle school, and Julia was going into the fourth grade. To me that’s so weird that in double my age I could have kids in three different schools. To also think that I could have kids at all is crazy. I’m pretty independent and self-sufficient, however I don’t know if I could be taking care of a child anytime soon, let alone be thinking about starting a family. But I also don’t want to be alone twenty years from now, I think I might want to have a family. It’s weird that the next relationship I get in could be the last, but then again that’s a possibility with any relationship. Sometimes I think I want the fairy tale, the happily ever after, but the I think, really? Spending the next 40 so years with someone, that’s insane! I don’t know if I can do it. This whole someday thing is scary no matter how you look at it, in terms of personal life, career, everything. I think you go into college thinking that it’ll all just come to you, that every doubt you ever had will be at ease. That’s not what it’s like at all, it just gets worse. For example, today I’m saying that I could see myself with a family in ten years, however, tomorrow I could say I never want kids, I want to be alone my whole life. Someday I’ll figure it out I guess.

So sorry this isn’t a post about school, and sorry it’s really late, I was getting really good at putting them up earlier. Has anyone else thought about this? Well and I guess some of my readers are older too, so to my older readers, when did you figure it out? When did you know if you wanted a family? When did you know what career path you wanted?  I’m curious because my life is the definition of lost right now. Include your responses in the comments please! Thanks for reading!



People Watching

One of my favorite things to do is to people watch. My friends laugh at me because I have no problem whatsoever going to coffee shops, restaurants, movies, and basically anywhere else by myself. the reason I don’t mind however is that I simply love watching people in their natural habitat. I love making up stories for different people. I like to wonder what they are doing in that moment, if I’m at the mall, is a girl nervously trying to find a cute outfit for the boy she has been wanting to ask her out for three months now, or is the man in the jewelry store finally picking out that engagement ring after a seven year relationship and her constantly hinting at marriage. I like and try to figure out who’s on a first date and who is nearing their last.  I find it amazing that we could encounter up to thousands of people in a day and not know a single thing about the majority of them. In my head I want to know more about them without actually talking to them, because to be honest, their lives are probably boring and in my head I make them interesting.

I don’t really consider it eavesdropping if people are talking loud enough for most people to hear. I have heard some of the most interesting conversations you could ever believe, some appalling, some hilarious, it all depends on where you are and what time of day it is.  I have a theory that people talk about private matters in public because they like to be a spectacle, they want other people to pay attention to them, so I do. I mean if people didn’t want attention they wouldn’t do things like public proposals, or break ups for that matter. So a warning to all of you, if you ever happen to see me in public I may listen to your conversation, and if you’re talking loudly enough for me to hear it, I’m not going to feel bad about it at all.

I’ve come to the conclusion over the years now that my hobbies are indeed odd and most people don’t enjoy them but they’re interesting to hear about, well at least I think so. Anyway I hope you were a little interested in this a little bit, sorry about the rambling it’s late and I drove home today. I guess it’s technically tomorrow now, so another post in less than 24 hours hopefully.



Also sorry no trivia today because, silly me, I left my calendar at school because I packed super lightly this trip home, so extra on Monday.

Why I Can’t Stand People

So basically I hate people. Well okay, hate is a strong word, I guess I strongly detest most people. Of course not you guys, I love internet people, mostly because I feel like the dislike most of the same things I do. So today I’m just going to give you a list of reason s of why I dislike people.

  1. I can’t stand people who lie. I have trust issues because of liars. Also if you leave a detail out, it’s lying by omission, so yes you’re still a liar.
  2. I think people in general are rude. As I am writing this the girls above me are running around, stomping or something, but that’s rude. I try to walk quietly so I don’t disrupt the loud boys below me.
  3. I can’t handle aggressive drivers. I don’t drive slowly so there is really no need to be on my tail, especially on the highway, just pass me!
  4. People try to be controlling, and I can’t stand it. Everyone is their own person and you need to get over yourself and accept it. Others are not going to change their lives so that they can fit into yours, that’s a compromise, and if it’s not understood then the relationship isn’t worth it.
  5. They’re judgemental, mind your own business. I don’t understand why people are always insert themselves into their other people’s lives, it’s not right.  How would you feel if everyone had their noses in your business? You wouldn’t like it, so don’t do it!

Okay so that’s all I’m going to write for today. Maybe I’ll continue this post on another day but I feel as if this is an overarching theme for my dislike of people. Why don’t you like people?




February 5: Denmark


February 6: What 1915 product gave the Sharp Corporation, Japan’s consumer electronics giant, its name?

My Top Ten Least Favorite Things.

So my blog has been rather negative recently so I decided to continue with that trend for today, even though this may be a little funnier. Also today was Chicken Nugget Thursday (yes that deserves to be a proper noun) so it was a lot better than the rest of the week. Plus I get to go home for the weekend tomorrow and shopping so I’m excited. So onto my least favorite things.

Here’s a little disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend anyone with this and I think I’m a lot funnier than I actually am.

1.  Public Restrooms. I hate how dirty they are and I don’t like not knowing who else has touched and used stuff in them and how dirty those people are.

2.  Noisy places.  They just stress me out in general and they make me really anxious.

3.  Slow people. This makes school in the south hard sometimes because they are a lot more relaxed and I like things fast, I like to drive fast, walk fast, eat fast. I hate slow things.

4.  Dirty things. I don’t mind if things are messy but once something’s actually dirty it really grosses me out.

5.  People who drive. I should be the only one allowed on the road, my life would be a lot better this way.

6.  Dishevelled sheets. I literally cannot stand when my sheets don’t lay just right.  They can be messy they just have to lay right. Does that make sense? Probably not.

7.  Smelly people/things. Like gross, just clean yourself/stuff.

8.  Crowds. Disperse please, I don’t like groups of people, that’s how mobs start.

9.  Conceited people. You are not all that and a bag of chips, so please get over yourself.

10. Not finishing things.  Once I start something I have to finish it even if I hate it, like books, movies, shows, ect. 

Well here is just a short list of many things I don’t like :)

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel for more (search marysaverageadventur) 

Thanks for reading



Awkward Icebreakers, People I Avoid, and Roommates (so much to handle!)

So first things first, sorry about the double post yesterday, I realized that I was posting in the wrong blog so people couldn’t read as easily so now everything is on the right blog and I hope you guys enjoy it!

Moving on- awkward icebreakers. Now everyone has been playing these icebreakers since elementary (primary) school. We start with the stupid ones to try to learn names, circles upon circles of where are you from? what is your major of intent? and lastly what is your name? and this just gets to the point where I’m like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I’m tired of these games and questions lets just move on, but no. Today was only day two of my orientation process and we have already played so many games! I can’t handle it. Tonight we have real bingo rather than the fake shit with people that we played last night, so hopefully that will better than these dumb icebreakers.

Now for the people at least I try to avoid  are the ones who are super annoying. Like I hate those people who never shut up, they think everything they have to say is important and it’s not! Like nobody even cares! A girl in my group today said, Normal girl: “Oh yeah well me and my boyfriend have been dating for two years now.” Annoying a girl: “Oh. My boyfriend broke up with me after two months, I couldn’t believe it!” Like what the hell, that’s probably why he broke up with you, you’re so freaking irrelevant!  I also try to avoid the people who think they’re really smart, because usually they’re not and they just try to have competitions to see if they can beat you and I’m just like no. There are so many people I try to avoid, another group is the girls who try to flirt with every cute guy and they aren’t even pretty! Now go ahead and say your comments about how everyone is beautiful, but honestly, these girls would be pretty if they knew how to dress appropriately for their bodies. Like try and take care of yourself and then maybe boys will pay attention to you.

So my final topic is roommates. Now this one is fairly important because you will be spending a whole year with this person so you need to at least get along a little bit. My plan for my roommate is to get along, if there’s a problem I’ll address it. I’m going into this assuming we aren’t going to be best friends and that we will probably not room together next year.  I figure all we have to do is make it through the year and it’ll be good. If anyone has any roommate problems let me know and I’ll see if I can lend you any helpful advice!

Until tomorrow (hopefully) my lovely readers. Comment with any of  you icebreaker hatreds, the people you try to avoid, as well as any roommate situations! I love hearing about other people’s experiences so spread the word!