Three Wishes.

I like to think that I will be Aladin one day, no not a poor man, but rather have a lamp with a Genie inside. If I was granted three wishes what would I wish for? After giving this ZERO thought whatsoever, I’m making three selfish wishes because the chances of this happening are zero … More Three Wishes.

Amazing Bloggers!

Okay, so when I started blogging, I just wanted to write and I never really had the intention of reading any other blogs. To be honest it was nevers something I really thought about until I started stumbling upon other blogs and really enjoying reading about other lives too. I thought today I could just … More Amazing Bloggers!

Pretty Places

Here is the first of many pictures from places I have traveled. Traveling is something I just love to do and I have loads of pictures from them. Two summers ago I went to Europe where I met my friend Lindsay (her blog is Musings of Lindsay), and this past summer I went to Ireland … More Pretty Places