I’m a Rebel

You know after my post last night I’m afraid that I may have come across as prudish, so I thought I would share with ¬†you guys my rebel side tonight.

I'm basically your stereotypical bad girl.
I’m basically your stereotypical bad girl.

Yeah so I’m just going to write a list for you about how badass I am.

  • I speed like a demon, like ten over the limit, maybe fifteen if I’m passing someone right before my exit, yeah I’m a speeder.
  • Sometimes, well I guess you guys have seen some of it, but I say bad words in the middle of sentence, sometimes just for effect.
  • I use a lot of run on sentences (in case you haven’t noticed).
  • I’m writing this post right after taking NyQuil and I’m not sure if I’m going to go to bed anytime soon.
  • I don’t repeat when washing my hair.
  • Sometimes, if I’m doing well in a class, I won’t do the assigned readings.
  • Every now and then I tell someone I’m going to bed, but actually I stay up all night on twitter, tumblr, and wordpress.
  • When people yell at me I don’t listen.
  • People ask me to go to parties, I think about it.
  • In high school I skipped class.

Yeah so that’s basically as bad ass as you can get in my book. I also hope you got a kick out of my random Friday post. Anywho I’m falling asleep, darn sleeping cold medicine! Also, I still can’t find my calendar, so extra, extra trivia for tomorrow (hopefully).