What am I doing here?

This seems to be a question that I have been asking myself a lot recently.  I don’t feel happy here.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it at all in any other of my posts but I am seriously considering transferring.  To be honest I was never really sure about coming here in the first place, it wasn’t really my first choice.  When it came down to choosing a school I had very few options. When I went looking for schools I had a very hard time finding ones I likes, so it came time to apply and I only applied to two. I got accepted to both, one with very little financial aid, and one with a lot.  I chose the one with a lot so I would be able to come out without debt.  I came back to spend the night here before I committed and I didn’t really feel at ease at all.  It was then that I started questioning why I wanted to go here in the first place, but there really wasn’t much I could do.  I could go to community college for a semester and transfer somewhere else in the spring and continue to look at colleges, but I didn’t want to do that because I needed to get out of my hometown, if I would’ve stayed there any longer I would have gone crazy.  I could’ve done that for a year as well.  One of the major reasons I was worried about doing that was because I didn’t want to end up moving into management where I worked and end up staying there the rest of my life. So I think I made the wrong decision and came to a school I didn’t like.

Up until this point I thought I was going to be fine, I would study abroad and hopefully I would be able to graduate a semester early and I thought I had made rather good friends here but now they seem slightly crazy.  For whatever reason I seem to get along with the commuters really well which sucks so besides my one commuter friend and the two or three others I seem to be making I don’t really have any reason to stay.  So now I’m applying to schools and I’m just gonna see what happens. If worse comes to worse I stay here and if I transfer I transfer.  I’m seeing it as if I have nothing to lose because I really don’t.  Feel free to comment with your opinions on transferring, especially if any of you guys have already done it because that would be awesome! Thanks for reading!