The Idolization of the Elite

We idolize the elite class, the professional athletes, the actors and actresses, the people who’s faces we see slapped on the cover of every tabloid, for drugs, cheating, arrests, and countless other offenses and these are the types of people we appoint to be our role models, why? Why do we choose drug addicts, adulterers, and criminals? We look to them for artificial reasons, their hair, their body, their talent, and every now and then their personality, however, we never seem to look to them for good character or strong morals. In my opinion, this doesn’t need to stop, but we need to stop putting these people on a pedestal.

If you’re a soccer player, it’s obvious that you’re going to look to other soccer players to be a better player, but that doesn’t meant that’s who you should be basing your entire persona around. You shouldn’t base your love life around the fact that the specific player cheats every time their in a relationship, on the opposite side, just because that player got married at 18 doesn’t mean that should be your goal either. If that player loves chicken nuggets and you hate chicken nuggets, you shouldn’t try your hardest to love chicken nuggets too. This may sound crazy but there are people who base their whole life and decisions around someone else. If you’re a singer, it might make sense to try and go Nashville to get a jump start on your country singing career like Taylor Swift. Does that mean you should write a love song about every relationship your in? Maybe not.

If you want to base your morals and character off of someone, I’m not sure Miley Cyrus is the person to be looking to, sure she doesn’t give a shit about what people think about her, and personally I strive for that, however, I’m not sure if anyone should be taking her advice on drugs. She could wind up being the next Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes at this rate. If you’re basing your morals off of someone, take someone good like Mother Teresa, pick someone who actually does good things in the world instead of gets drunk and high.

If I have kids I really hope their first role model is someone of substance, I mean I’m not sure what or who will be around then but if it’s even the Hannah Montana of their generation, the TV will be turned off and books will be given. The idolization of talented people is great when you’re looking to them as an inspiration, but different, maybe better people to base your life around.

Per usual this is all my own opinion and I would love to hear anyone elses, please, please, please tell me what you think about the idolization and romanticizing of celebrities. I think that we put them on this pedestal and we forget that they’re people just like us, well with a lot more money, and we forget that they have flaws. We forget that those we admire so greatly do highly illegal things (Justin Beiber anyone?) and are written off because they have the money to write them off. Just something to think about, don’t forget to leave your thoughts!




YouTube Culture Response

Recently one of my favorite YouTubers, Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter, did a video on the YouTube culture and ever since it has made me think about the YouTube community, especially the fandoms. If you haven’t seen it, it’s above and this is my response to that so maybe you want to watch it.  Most of the people I watch on YouTube have been there for quite sometime, and I don’t think any of them intended to start that endeavor with the intention to become an internet sensation. Up until now, I would have considered myself a part of the general YouTube fandom, then focusing on the Brit Crew, Connor Franta,  and Troyler. Now, I don’t know if I want to associate myself with that. I used to consider these people role models, but Louise is right, we only see the good parts. I just don’t know what to think any more.

Okay so first and foremost, have you seen any vlogs from Italy or Digitour? Fans are going crazy. People freak out as if these people are One Direction. That’s awesome for them, but that’s not something I would want to do if I ever met my favorite YouTubers, I would want to be able to talk to them. I would want to know them as people more than people on a screen that I see once a week maybe. That’s like a dream of mine, but seriously so impractical looking at where they are now. I wanted to go to things like Digitour, Playlist, and VidCon but now I’m not so sure. I don’t want to wait in line for hours upon hours to wait in line to never get to actually meet people who are in a rush to meet the next person. I want to sit down and talk to them, know them like I feel like I do.

When Louise, Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Connor, and so many “original” YouTubers mostly were just there for a creative outlet. Some went to college, some had day jobs, and others were trying to figure out their lives. I really think that was good, but somewhere along the lines I think things started to spiral. I’m really curious as to how this happened, I mean everyone knows Jenna Marbles, she’s huge and I think that’s where it started. Then there are collabs, that introduces you to more and more YouTubers. It’s a new generation of celebrities, and no one really expected it. However, is this a fleeting or what? Remember Fred? Well Lucas has his own channel now (to be honest, I haven’t seen any videos) but for a while everyone thought he made it, but his fame vanished almost as quickly as it came.

I believe YouTube is a great outlet for people, and it really gives great exposure to people who are trying to be discovered whether that’s singing/acting/directing or whatever, but really that whole idea has changed. People now go on YouTube to become what is considered  “YouTube” famous. What does that mean now? Every day more and more people are hitting one million subscribers, twitter followers, instagram followers, and Facebook likes, is this what YouTube fame is? I think this goes down into what is fame. As time goes on I think the majority of people really are starting to desire fame. Fame is just what people look for in life, they think that they will not be fulfilled until they are recognized by many. However, I’m getting off topic with my rant on self-fulfilment and fame.

Anyway, I think Louise brought up some really great points and aspects of the YouTube culture, but I also think that it’s not going to change the thoughts of others. There are always gong to be people who base their thoughts and ideas off of others, and I think Louise is a role model to many and that’s not going to change. She’s done videos on body confidence, self harm, love, friendships, giving loads of advice to many people, which I think will always inspire people and motivate them to be better people. When I look at that, does that mean that she is qualified to be role model? I’m not sure. I think more than anything her video made me think about who I should consider an influence in my life, that even includes people on a day to day basis. There’s a lot to consider before calling someone a role model. I do think everyone impacts you and inspires you in different ways. I mean I didn’t just decide to blog one day, it was something I always thought about or wanted to do, but if it wasn’t for one of Caspar Lee’s videos I watched I don’t think I ever would have followed through. I would disagree that she’s not an inspiration, maybe not a role model, but she does say inspiring things and does help so many people, especially young girls gain confidence. I don’t think that’s something anyone should downplay either.

These are just my thoughts on this, let me know what you think about this evolving fame in the comments! I would love to talk to you guys about this. Thanks for reading! I’m sorry I know this might not appeal to everyone either.



Forever Alone: It’s not okay…?

For anyone who has ever been on the internet we all know the meme “Forever Alone” and I’m sure everyone at one point or another has felt that way, but no one actually seems to want their life to be that way. I believe this is more of a male concentrated joke, and I don’t know why I think this I just do. However, if I were to wear a shirt, tweet, or write a status about my family would probably ridicule me for it along with the majority of society. A lot of this however comes from where I grew up, but I think this is a widespread problem.  

Where I grew up it is expected that you date, or even court in some instances, then you go on and get married, have kids, quit your job and stay at home until you end up like my mom trying to get back into work but nobody wants to hire you because you have too much experience and they would have to pay you more so you end up with temporary positions. 

For me, this is NEVER something that I wanted. I may have spend countless hours watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings” and casually browsing the Wedding category on Pinterest, but that doesn’t mean I necessarily wanted to be in that position, and this lead everyone I know to think I’m actually crazy.  While all my friends at school were searching for the perfect mate, I was into reading, coloring, building robots, crocheting, and building roller coasters, this wasn’t always a good thing. I never had a serious boyfriend, yes I did date two people in high school, but I would never say they were serious relationships. 

Anyway this just seems like a double standard to me. Guys can sleep around, have crazy amounts of girlfriends, but I can’t.  They can go around and play girls left and right, but I can’t even talk to a guy without being accused of putting him in the “friend zone” did I even mention how many times guys have put me in the friend zone? You don’t even know! 

So back to being a kid and growing up as a girl. I believe this is something that I have touched on before but I think it is such a problem.  As a little girl I played house with my mom’s friends son Ryan.  He would wear my dad’s tie “go to work” and I would make us dinner at my little pretend kitchen. Like what the hell? I was a stay at home wife at the age of 3 or 4. I hate that.  This brings me to a conversation I had with my five year old cousin over Thanksgiving break. She loves her baby dolls and playing house as well as what I recently found out boys.  As a five year old my cousin does go to preschool and apparently she has asked every boy accept one to be her boyfriend, they all said no, and she was planning on asking the last one the day she went back. This has been something that my aunt has really been trying to discourage because she really wants to raise an independent daughter but with the princesses and so many shows have taught girls that they need boyfriends and husbands and then they can be successful in life, but that’s not true! 

They need to start making role models who are single and independent. I don’t need a man to make me happy.  This time of year I always question that though.  My name is MARY, do you know how many lovey dovey Christmas movies have Mary as the main character who falls in love within the first ten minutes of the movie, A LOT! I don’t want to be one of those girls who swoons over boys and gets caught up in all that love shit because I’ve been there and I’ve hated every moment of it, but once in a while I do get tired of being alone and I want to be one of the many Marys in the movies. But then I remember that I want to be that independent role model that little girls like my baby cousin can look up to and see that you don’t need a man to be a great and successful woman, you can be all of that on your own. 

Sorry about the super long erratic post that doesn’t make chronological sense, but I just have a lot of feelings on this subject and I am a rather erratic person. I would love to hear some other people’s views on this topic, so please comment below (I’ll follow anyone who comments).  Also I was home for the weekend and very busy so sorry about the lack of posts.  Hopefully there will be some more good ones to come soon! Thanks for reading!