How to Move on From Mondays

Today is Monday. Today is stressful. Today has been one of those days where I want to find a hole and cry in it for a very long time. Today has been a day, and it’s only Monday.

This is how I feel  most Mondays that are the starts of busy weeks, only looking forward to the weekend. I don’t like to live waiting for the weekend, I want to make the most of each day. Today is national coffee day and yet I did not make it to Dunkin to get free coffee and that really upsets me but I’ve been too busy with papers and other work to get into something like free coffee. How disappointing. I was also hoping to go on a run because I feel very stressed but that wouldn’t help anything.

How do you move on from these Mondays? I’m not sure, maybe look forward to dinners with friends or treat yourself with some chocolate (I do this way more than I should). I try to look forward to the little things in my day. Lately I’ve been running away from my problems, usually to Target. For some reason Target has become a happy place, even if I don’t buy anything it’s just a nice vibe for me.

So tomorrow is Tuesday, a day closer to the weekend, a day closer to doomsday (that’s what I’m calling three paper Thursday), but at least I get to sleep in a little bit. Wednesday will come sooner than wanted with a lot of stress, but Thursday will get here, I’ll hand in my papers and everything will be good and over with. I might have to not sleep a lot this week but that’s college and I’m going to make it through this Monday and get to doomsday. Maybe afterwards I’ll treat myself to some IHOP and a little bit of extra chocolate.

Hows your Monday going? Do you have a doomsday this week too? HOW ARE ALL OF YOU MANAGING BECAUSE I’M LOSING IT!


P.S Guess what you can see in my Inner Harbor pictures? My really bad unshaven legs, good one Mary.

School Work and Thoughts on the Future.


To be honest I hate doing school work, but I guess who does? The problem is for me that I do anything to avoid it, I’ll watch YouTube videos, read blogs, check my blog, write  posts, edit videos, basically anything but homework. I hate the fact that I’m learning things I could care less about. I want to learn exciting things, however to do that I need to be more interested in something, and I don’t know what that something is. I love history but what do history majors do? Teach, no thank you. I like writing, and I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but the journalism/ communication majors drive me insane and it’s hard to take classes with them. They think they know everything and I can’t stand people like that and I can’t see myself in an industry of people like that. So that leaves me with gen eds this semester, two sciences, sociology- which I don’t think is even a gen ed, I was considering double majoring in social work and political science, so my adviser recommended that but that’s not what I’m doing so it’s a waste of credits, yay, a language requirement- Arabic 102 which is the only thing keeping me away from my maybe major of Global Studies because I don’t think I can do two more semesters of that or place into a high enough Spanish so yeah, I don’t know what I’m doing, and finally Model UN which is way too much work for a one credit class if you ask me.

I hate the fact that when I get out of class around 3:30 everyday that I have to come back to my room, take a twenty minute break if I’m lucky and spend the rest of my night trying to do homework that I could care less about. I hate the fact that I have to try and decide what I’m going to spend the rest of my life doing by next year. This is all very stressful. I never thought in high school that I would be in college so unsure of what I was going to do. I guess I thought that it would just come to me, I don’t know why I thought that, I just thought it would. I know there are no short cuts to anywhere worth going, so I’m just going to take this journey where it leads me, and hopefully it’s not too bad. 

Well this post got a little bit more in depth than I thought it would, hopefully that’s okay though.