30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 18

blog challenge day 18

This one says “something about your shoes” what does that mean? I’m not a huge fan of shoes- well more like shoe shopping so I usually stick to a pair or two. Right now, since it’s starting to warm up m grey Target converse have been broken out of the closet. They really smell because I go through a lot of periods where I just essentially refuse to wear socks even though I now I will regret it.

I’m really not a shoe person though.  I know that most girls (and a lot of guys) have like shoes for outfits but as long as they kind of match I just go with that they’re good enough. I’m a converse/flip flop kind of girl. Shoes aren’t my thing. I’d rather spend my money on other things, I don’t see the need for the world’s greatest shoes. The basics will always do for me.

There are times where I wish I spent the money on better shoes- mostly when it snows or rains because I’m pretty sure my rain boots are broken since my feel always get wet when I wear them.

I have to ask though- what shoes should be my go to pair? If you have any reasonably priced suggestions I will definitely look into them.