How to Prepare for the Snowstorm

Apparently there’s supposed to be a lot of snow this weekend, starting tonight. I don’t know if I can believe it, if I’m being honest. However, in case it does, here are some tips for preparing for the storm.

  • Have something to do- Don’t allow yourself get bored. Make sure you have at least one thing in mind to do that doesn’t require electricity, for example almost any craft.
  • Have food- snacks, candy, but also protein and other things in case you can’t cook. So essentially meals. The stores have been out of milk, bread, and eggs for days so good luck with those items at this point.
  • Keep a shovel in your car- I’ve learned this the hard way when the school calls and tells me to move my car, but my car is behind a three foot pile of snow.
  • Do your homework- This isn’t really how to be prepared or anything, it’s just a tip on what to do when it snows.
  • Have winter supplies ready to go- You don’t want to be searching for your winter boots when you have to walk to the dining hall, just to remember that you left them in your car on move-in day.
  • Keep blankets at the ready- Again, you never know when the power may go off, so always make sure you have blankets ready to go in case the heat goes off.

Are you in the 18-24 inch zone like me? The first flurries just started, I’m not ready for this. I don’t like snow. Stay safe everyone!



Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 20

late night blogging with mary

I’m exhausted. Just like physically exhausted. My IT class has already kept me up until 2 am two nights ago and until 12 last night and it’s only the second week of classes.

This semester is going to be long. I just know it. Maybe this light dusting of snow will give me a delay tomorrow, I would not complain. I would like to have a week off due to snow delays and days off in total because they added a week to our calendar. We’re supposed to get this huge snow storm this weekend, but I have a feeling that it won’t happen. Also, I hate that, weekend storms are the worst. I always have to move my car through the icy campus and they wait until Sunday to actually plow/salt anything. Maryland doesn’t do snow well.

My classes thus far are interesting, yet I know they will be challenging. I’m already learning new things in nearly all of my classes, which is great because usually it’s still a review. I’m glad that I’m finally getting interested in what I’m learning about. Advanced Reporting is probably  my least favorite class, but Online Journalism is probably my favorite, we all know I have a little obsession with the internet.

This weekend I have a lot to do, and I would like to do some scrapbooking. I know I live a fascinating life and you were all dying to know that I just want to scrapbook. I want to try and get a head start on my homework that way I’m not procrastinating. This week when I tried to get ahead on my IT homework, the site was down, so that didn’t help my procrastination at all. My philosophy is this semester the farther ahead I get the easier life will be in the long run. We’ll see how that works out.

I really want to get into being more creative. I feel like I’m just letting all of my creative energy fall to the wayside while I don’t do much with my free time. I need to devote more of my free time to creative things and less to Netflix and doing nothing.

I don’t know if I’ve written this anywhere, but I’m very glad to be back at school with my friends, but it does take some adjusting. I hardly recognize anyone and all of last week I just felt like I had to leave soon. I think it’s just starting to sink in that I’m not going back to Ireland anytime soon, however, I am glad to be back. You can’t dwell on the fact that you’re back in the US, otherwise you’ll never move on in life, so I’m just accepting it and moving on.

Everyone seems to just be going back to school, but how are your semesters going so far? Or jobs? Or just life in general?


12 Days of Christmas: Day 7- Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag


I was recently nominated by B from Getting Through Anxiety to do this tag and I thought it was perfect for my 12 days of Christmas!


Thank the curator (Astra @ A Stranger’s Guide To Novels). Thank you!

Tag five people to spread the Christmas joy

Have fun!


1. Name a book you would like to see under your Christmas tree.  Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me– I read the first one last year and I really want to read her second one, she’s hilarious and inspirational in my opinion. 

2.) A book you’ll be reading over the Christmas season. I’m not sure, hopefully the one above, or maybe Grace’s Guide because I really need to learn how to be an adult. 

3.) Favorite Christmas movie. I’ll use this for promotion of my post earlier this week, but also I’ll answer it with probably The Polar Express. 

4.) Do you like snow?  No. I like when it looks pretty and I don’t have to go outside, however, there are very few times that I don’t have to go outside when it snows, therefore, I usually hate it. 

5.) Name a character you’d like to spend your Christmas day with. I think it would be fun to spend Christmas day with Harry and Ron when they stayed at Hogwarts, however, I would want to be the same age as them then, not the age I am now because that would be weird. 

6.) To give or receive. I love to give people Christmas presents, I think it’s because I like to shop. I also like to see the reactions when I get someone something they love. 

7.) What fictional place would you like to spend Christmas at? I guess I already answered this but Hogwarts. 

8.) Fondest Christmas memory? I just love spending Christmas Eve and day with my family every year. 

9.) Can you say Christmas tree ten times FAST in a row (pronouncing it correctly). Like B said I whispered it to myself and I could do it haha. 

I tag all of the Christmas lovers to do this post!



It’s not even winter and I hate the cold. Today it was cold and windy and the only thing that would’ve made it worse was the snow we were supposed to get. I walked to class in my sweatshirt and coat and I was still freezing. The wind burned my eyes and made my throat sting. I mean the fact that I’m sick probably doesn’t help the fact that my nose is basically dripping disgusting liquids on my way to class that freeze to the inside of my nose. Yes, now you’re all screaming “TOO MUCH INFORMATION” but this is how I feel during winter GROSS.

It snowed a little here but not enough to lay over the weekend and it really just makes me nervous for the rest of the winter. Since I’m TWENTY MINUTES below the Mason Dixon Line it seems as if anyway to remove snow within the first hour of it falling is lost which makes it difficult to get around. Maybe I’m just used to snow coming and being gone and usually having school anyway, but here a little bit of snow goes a long way and classes are canceled very quickly. Which is okay sometimes just not all the time.

The cold makes me want to crawl up under my blankets with coffee or hot chocolate and a not school related book or netflix. This is ineffective when I have stuff to do, like papers and studying, which I no longer want to do when it’s cold and gross outside. I also hate the cold so much. Sometimes I wish I had a boyfriend in the winter because cuddling would be nice but then I remember, relationships are expensive and I’m not at a point where I’m ready to think about someone in addition to myself. I’m allowed to be selfish I’m 20. Well that got weird… I guess that’s just what’s on my mind with this freaking cold weather.

What’s the weather like near you and where I can I move that it’s not cold or hot??


Snow Days are Better in College

Well by looking at the title I guess you could assume that I had another snow day today, so thank you to those of you who said a little prayer or did a little dance for me yesterday. So today I’m going to do a list on why snow days are way better than they were in elementary/middle/high schools.

  1. The school calls you. The only thing I have to do is roll over when I hear my phone and hear the message, no watching the TV for fifteen minutes waiting for your school to show up and then not being able to go back to sleep.
  2. Your parents are going to ask you every five minutes if you are going to go sledding or go outside when you actually just want to lay around and do nothing all day.
  3. You don’t have an “extra” day to do chores. Before now my parents would always find me something to clean, however now I never have to clean, but I do anyway.
  4. No makeup days. In high school you had to make up every day you missed so two hour delays were the hope, now we hope for days off because we don’t have to make them up and it’s not going to change finals week or anything like that.
  5. You have extra time to get ahead. You have a whole day to do catch up or get ahead on work to make the rest of the week easier.
  6. However if you aren’t into the whole getting ahead thing you have a day to do nothing, which is also really nice and relaxing.

Well that’s all I have. Go ahead and comment what you like to do on snow days so I can get some more ideas for the next one, which could be as soon as Wednesday (a girl can only hope!). Thanks for reading pals.




February 2: Crust.


February 3: What are the only colors Dutch abstract artist Piet Mondrian used in the spare geometric paintings created during his Neoplastic period?

Here We Go Again…

Well guys you know what I haven’t done in a while? A rant! And man do I have some stuff to rant about so I’m going to make a list.

1. SCREW YOU COMMON APP! Well apparently many people don’t decide to transfer so you know what the Common App doesn’t do? Save my freaking information. This required me to make several phone calls to my parents because of stupid stuff I don’t know about them and  their life.

2. SNOW IN THE SOUTH! For those of you who don’t know I go to school below the Mason Dixon Line, not very far below but still it should be warmer here than it is at home and it’s not! It’s supposed to snow the whole way home tomorrow and I am not looking forward to that two hour drive in the ice that will probably end up taking three or four hours instead.

3. BOYS ARE STILL DUMB! That dumb boy didn’t talk to me for a month, ignored me at church, he then has the nerve to send me a Facebook message asking me what I am doing over Thanksgiving break. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if he wants to hang out, I am extremely busy and I can always use that as an excuse but still, I don’t know what to do.

4. SCREW YOU WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER!  I can’t download it, I can’t find a way to edit on my computer, so this awesome video I had planned for this week is going to be boring and dumb and not as cool as I wanted it to be.  So now I have to keep using my iPad and refilm this weeks video again and use the cheap editing software I have on that.

I am keeping this relatively this time just because I have so much stuff to do! I have to finish a paper, clean my room, pack, AND refilm this weeks video for a fourth time!  So wish me luck! Hopefully I can update you guys tomorrow! Hopefully Lindsay and I will have an awesome blogging party over break but probably not because she’s been lazy with hers lately!

Anyway thanks for reading!