Yin to My Yang: Soulmates

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

Let me be quite frank, I don’t know if I believe in soulmates the way that people mean the term. I think there are different kind of soulmates, and maybe that the soulmate isn’t just one, I think that there can be more than one because every situation has choices and two people might not make the same decisions every time which can lead to heartbreak, or just a complete breakaway before it even comes to love or the idea of a soulmate, it’s just that they could’ve been one of them.

When I think “Yin to My Yang” I honestly don’t even think about love or a soulmate. I think about my best friends. I’m not really good friends with anyone who is super similar to me. I’m friends with people who contrast me so well that it just works. I don’t ever think about that in relationships like that though. I don’t know why, but when I’m thinking about relationships, I’m never thinking about finding my perfect opposite, I don’t know what I’m thinking about, but I don’t think it’s that.

I once saw soulmates described like this:

“You don’t have only one soul-mate. If you did, you would have married your best friend three years ago. She knows you better than her right hand and she’ll listen to you cry from eight states away. You don’t have only one soul-mate because people wake up different parts of you- parts you never even knew existed. The boy when you were 15 taught you what it felt like to get caught kissing in a closet at the party you never should have been at in the first place, without his lips ever touching yours. When you were 18 a boy let you know what it’s like to have your heart lodged in your throat because he’s moving 2,000 miles away, and he won’t tell you when he’ll be back. You wait until you’re 22 to get attached again, and this time you felt it in every inch. It’s as if you got struck by lightning- the Lichtenberg figure crawls up  your arms and across your back, like his hands on your skin while you laid in bed together and you thought the thump of your heart was in time with his. You don’t have one soul-mate; instead, you have soul-mates, because your heart in huge and you have the room.” –s.m

To me this is the perfect description of soulmates in general. I think there are so many people that your soul connects with and I think that’s the perfect thing about love. That’s the great thing that we get to experience as humans. We get to be Yins and Yangs, for all different people and they get to be that for us. Soulmates don’t always have to be romantic. We can love people without having to worry about if they are the one destined for us because there are so many people that are destined for us. There are so many people that are meant to be in our lives, whether that’s temporary or forever.

I don’t know if any of this is true, but there are so many people in my life that don’t necessarily make sense. Take Hannah for example, if we didn’t meet as children, I don’t know if we ever would have been friends in high school, we were in such different circles, but because of that she has turned into one of my best friend soulmates.  There are people I’m no longer friends with, but they helped me so much in life that there had to be a reason that they were here, so they are the temporary soulmates. Then there’s recent people in my life like Eric, and I couldn’t tell you when he became my best friend, but he is, so he’s another one of those best friend soulmates. There are so many people that can come into your life at any given time and you just have to trust that they are there for a reason. Whether they are the Yin to your Yang or the Yin to your Yin, soulmates are all around you.

What do you think?



Do you believe in soulmates?

So for this month I’m writing on topics that people either do or do not believe in, and this week’s topic is soul mates.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this question, it’s one of those things that if it wasn’t for the fact that my parents had such a strong relationship I would never even consider believing in them. I’ve come to the conclusion after a lot of thinking and processing on this topic that I believe in soulmates they’re just a rare find. If every person found their soulmate there wouldn’t be divorce or separations. I also think that it is really hard to find the right person because you have to find a lot of the wrong people first. Couples like my parents are really lucky. I also don’t think that every single person “gets” one. Some people are destined to either be single forever or just be in different relationships and never settle down. Or maybe the just never get the chance to meet theirs and I guess that’s kind of sad.

So to deepen the question: do I think that I have a soulmate? To be honest I don’t really know. I’m not sure if I’m the kind of person who can settle down with someone for my whole life. I’m also unsure of what I would do if I met someone who I believed to be my soulmate. Would I accept it? I’m not sure, would they accept me? I’m not sure.

I guess over all I have come to the conclusion that I believe in soulmates but I think it’s an exclusive type of thing. Maybe I’ll revisit this question in a few years, who knows maybe in a month I’ll be head over heals in love, probably not, but who knows. I shall leave you guys to tell me what I thought now whenever I change my mind. I don’t know if I’m making any sense right now, I’m irritated. Sorry guys.




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