Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 23

late night blogging with mary

It is late, I am tired, and I am writing this to further put off homework. I’m just not in the mood. I don’t have huge assignments due so I just really don’t want to do anything this week. However, that is not how college works and that just means I have more work to do for the next week so it can finally be spring break.

I’m not doing anything particularly interesting for spring break this year, I might go to NYC for a day, I hope I’m going to paint some pottery. I’m not sure what else really.  I’m just very excited to have a week off and not really have to worry about anything.

Newspaper elections are this week and I’m running for Editor-in-Chief, how cool/awesome/nerve-wracking is that?? I’m also officially done with my 8:25 class and that also means that I’m down to three classes a day. Thank God for half semester classes! There’s not much else going on in the school world. Everything is exhausting and boring and time consuming otherwise which is both very good and fairly  bad. I’m glad I didn’t go mad last week with the amount of homework I had to do. This week is catch up/get ahead week. Fingers crossed it goes well.

Who’s on spring break already? Who should I be jealous of most this week is what the questions should read. Hope you had a great weekend! Hopefully this won’t be the only post this week. I do have to catch up on my crafting blog though, so we’ll see. Leave suggestions of what you would like to read because my ideas have been dwindling again.



Average Adventure: Spring Break 2015- Orlando, Florida

So I did a college thing and went away for spring break. I went to Orlando, Florida. No I did not have one of those crazy movie spring break trips- but I did have a lot of fun. My friends and I drove the 13 or so hours to Florida and back. I think it was one of those opportunities that you have to take in college. It’s one of those times in your life where you can take four or five days and just drive somewhere so why not do it? Do you know what I mean? We had two big days- the biggest picture taking day was the beach, and then I have a few pictures from our day at Disney World- really just the castle though. I don’t like taking pictures with a lot of random people in them.

These are just some of my favorite pictures that I took while I was away.  Seriously- if you have an opportunity like this take it. How many times in your life can you take a road trip with your friends once you have a job and family of your own? Not very often.

What did  you guys do or what are you guys doing for spring break?

Also ps sorry if you already read this- I deleted it and reuploaded it.



Friends, Diners and a Bump in the Night

First of all I will be picking the winner of the Giveaway tomorrow around this time so if you want to submit your likes and comments!

Today I took Meag back to our half way point and decided to go out to coffee with Lindsay and Jade. Starbucks around here close at 9 and the only Dunkin that’s open 24 hours is way back where I live, so it’s way out of the way for them. So since I was passing through we decided to go to the diner. Diners are experiences in and of themselves, if not for the people you go with it’s the people there. I’ve only ever had two bad experiences at this diner, and I’m almost certain it was with the same waitress, but typically they’re such sweethearts.

Anyway it’s nice to be able to go out and laugh with my friends and forget about the fact that things have changed since being away. I just love hanging out with my friends and laughing. I don’t remember a time I laughed more than I did tonight. I hope all of you have a few close friends like this that you can just laugh so hard with you’re afraid you’re going to pee your pants. I can honestly there is nothing better then sitting and laughing with your friends.

Okay so we went to a 24 hour diner so we stayed until about 11:30 which didn’t  put me home until a little after midnight (why the post is late), and even though I’m 19 and live in a very safe place, I don’t like coming in that late or even walking around the house that late. So I change and grab my blanket, and headed to my basement because I wanted to watch Friends, plus that’s where I left my laptop today. I put down about half my stuff but I had to go get some water.  Finally once I’m all settled and started on this post, some noise happens upstairs and my phone of course is just restarting up, and my first thought is, “I’m going to die watching a rerun of friends, and I don’t get to update today” so even though it was probably just my dog or the ridiculous wind outside I still thought I was going to die. I am 19 years old and I still get carried away.

So yeah, I know it’s not update night and this isn’t really an update, more of a day in the life or something I don’t really know what to classify this as, oh well. Thanks for reading, and some cool things are coming this way. Winner to be announced soon so make sure you go back and enter if you haven’t already!



Updates All Around

This week has been completely exhausting, however very exciting. I started off the week with four exams and a paper due, all by Thursday. However, I was amazingly distracted by this wonderful idea I had Monday, and by Tuesday I was receiving all sorts of support, but more to come on that later. So yeah, four exams, the first full week of the semester, nothing really big happened. OH WAIT I saw Katie and Lindsay yesterday and that made me really happy. Nothing brings more joy to my heart than coffee and friends and we went to Starbucks so we had both. We also did some shopkicking at Target, can’t wait to earn my Coach bag, or a new camera! Oh I also found out that I will be getting a VoxBox, so in around a month or so there should be a good post on that! Oh I started crafting again, but you’ll see those pictures in a few scrolls. That involved an excellent trip to Target and Michaels. Two of my favorite stores with one of my best friends here at school, Zoe, we got a little out of control and we caused a bit of a scene, but none the less it was a bundle of fun. I think that’s it for this past week though.

So right now it’s supposed to be snowing and raining, however it is not, and it needs to because having tomorrow off would be absolutely incredible. This week needs to go by quickly because the second I get out of lab Friday I’m heading home for spring break. A week off is going to be quite incredible. Anyway, this week I have a lab report, group presentation, and a research paper due. This is at least a little better than last week, just a little bit more involved work that it would be nice to get a head start on tomorrow. Friday, I’m not sure what I’m doing when I get home, but Saturday is Lindsay’s birthday so I’m going to spend the day with her, Katie, and possibly Jade.  I’m just looking forward to some normal quality time with my friends rather than rushed or limited time with them.  I think that’s about it for now that’s going on in the upcoming week. I think.

New Part of Weekly Updates!

Anyway more about my exciting news that I have been so anxious to share more about with you guys! Incase you haven’t seen it here is my post on this section that is being added to my weekly updates: Blogger Convention. So first update on this situation is that I have finally named it! The name is going to be blogvention (blog+convention, so creative, I know) it will be held in the beginning of June of summer 2015 in Philadelphia. However, I am still struggling to find a partner to accomplish this huge task with. I’m just going to put it out again that I can’t do this on my own and if someone would be willing to be other half during this project I would be more than happy. Please email me at with any comments, concerns, or questions because I would really really appreciate any kind of help ideas, or just happy emails in general. This is something I’m really excited, but for the convention to live up to the expectations I have for it, it’s not something I can realistically do on my own. I also mentioned that I started crafting this week, well that would be to start having some sort of organizational system behind blogvention. So here are some pictures of my book that contains a few sneak peaks of ideas I have.

Displaying image.jpeg

A beautiful sparkly cover! (Well in my biased opinion.)

Displaying image.jpeg

My first of four to-do pages, which I’m sure will be followed by many more.

Displaying image.jpeg

Just a few of the plans I’m starting to develop for the days of the convention!

Displaying image.jpeg

Obviously a lot of bloggers have confirmed they’re going ;)

Displaying image.jpeg

Sponsors are going to be a hard thing to find and they are just one of the many things I need help finding.

Displaying image.jpeg

Hopefully as I set dates in stone and make more specific plans I’ll be able to fill pages of the agenda to eventually make a program for the event.

Displaying image.jpeg

This is a place designated for any important information or papers that I might get for this event. I have a tendency to pile things, which then get lost, so hopefully this will help to prevent that problem.

Displaying image.jpeg

Just some random thoughts and ideas that may not fit into another category yet. There just little things that need more development. I think as I get closer it’ll be a good reality check to see how far I’ve taken one little idea I had whilst peeing.

Okay so that’s it for today guys, I really hope if you are at all interested in this idea that you will contact me. Seriously you can be from anywhere in the country or world and still come. This started as an idea for the east coast, but the more it expands the better. I would love any help that anyone could give. Thanks for considering to help at least, and thank you for reading!



Almost Done.

I can’t believe that break is almost over and I didn’t even do half the things I wanted to do.  I didn’t have nearly as many sleepovers or good times with my friends, about halfway through break I realized that I wouldn’t be able to read all the Harry Potter book I had to settle with the last one, I didn’t crochet at all, and I didn’t film nearly as many videos as I wanted to. I thought maybe the anxiety attacks would stop, but they didn’t, so that’s another stress to go back to. I can honestly say I don’t want to go back to school. There are some benefits of returning, like no work, but I kind of want a job because the money would be nice. It’s also nice to be away from home, like the town. I feel like when I go back this time I’m going to be a lot more homesick just because I don’t want to be there. I feel like this semester is going to be super crazy and stressful with a full class load, along with a four day trip to NYC (hopefully) with MUN, a long weekend visit to Boston to see Lindsay and obviously several visits home for not just work but occasions like my sister’s birthday, a wiffle-ball tournament, Easter and spring break (is now an appropriate time to start the count down?) so hopefully all of these exciting things will help the semester will go quickly and May 9 will come quickly and I will be home for a good three, almost four months. So next will be here soon sadly and I hope I will have a post, but I will also be getting settled into my dorm once again so it might be a little bit harder to blog but then I will hopefully be able to make it up hopefully.

So a little idea I just thought up for tomorrow’s tag Tuesday, would anyone be up for a question and answer? If so ask any questions you may have for me in the comments and whether or not tomorrow is long enough to be a Q and A I’ll answer it!




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