I Went Outside.

The other day I went hiking with Margaret and Katie and I took some pictures that I thought I would share. I guess sometimes it’s nice getting outside, no matter how hot it is or how much I hate sweating (a lot), the view can be worth it.

woods flowersP1070944

P1070930 creek and trees cheese

margaret walking 1

Then I had this problem of not being able to choose a favorite edit because that’s something I’ve been toying around with lately.  I’m obsessed with the website “PicMonkey” and there are a lot of free services or you can pay for more like per year or month or something. I just love messing around with how a picture looks, like sure it looks great normal but pictures can look really cool if you mess around with them.

So basically this was my favorite picture but I couldn’t decide which edit I like the best, I narrowed it down to these five. I don’t know why I love the picture so much, but it’s just one of those ones that I just love.

So go outside and take some pictures and try to enjoy the summer.



I Missed a Lot

So I basically just took a week off and it wasn’t for a vacation, it wasn’t directly because of my anxiety, it was because in the past week I’ve felt like I’ve hardly had the time to breathe. I missed writing, I missed blogging. I missed the pages, I missed my comments, I missed just about everything but I didn’t have the time. I didn’t even have the time to sit down and read what other bloggers were writing. I also missed my fake two year anniversary and this whole website.

I’ve cried a lot this past week and it’s not about to stop. I’m not ready to say goodbye. It has not yet truly sunk in that I’m not coming back for eight months. I’m going to visit in the fall but it won’t be the same and while I’m so looking forward to go away and have new experiences there’s also the very small part of me that like to come out and cry about the little things I’ll miss around campus, but mostly my friends.  It’s just this weird thing that whispers to my heart “You only have one more semester with Eric” well that’s also him telling me that to make me upset, but other things too like missing classes with Logan. However, there’s the plus side of things like trying to see Molly while I’m abroad because she is too and meeting new people and making new friends and having this huge variety of experiences.

The year has wrapped up with countless group projects, lots of anxiety (more than the rest of the year combined probably) and finals are rapidly approaching. I spend a lot of my time consuming excessive amounts of caffeine that I know I shouldn’t have because of my anxiety but I choose to stay awake and get work done. I have hardly even started packing. Let’s just say that after the hell that was last week, this week should be a sigh of relief after everything is finished. Hopefully I get a job soon, still waiting on that one, but I’m ready for a break. Not ready for goodbye.

There will hopefully be another post or TWO (I know make a shocked look because I’m coming for you) this afternoon/evening. Sorry for going MIA if anyone missed me, I sure missed it here.


A Glance at My Summer

Here is just a glance at my summer with some pictures you may or may not have seen. I did this for the school year and the regular year so why not just have some more pictures!

So here are little snippets here of my summer. It was a rather “grownup” summer and I really didn’t do much like I typically do. It was a different kind of summer and it went really quickly. Have a great night!



Anxiety Update

With school over and more time to relax I thought maybe I should give you guys a little update on my anxiety. To be completely honest, it hasn’t gotten much better. I thought now maybe it would ease up. I don’t have panic attacks currently but I still feel very anxious a lot of the time. I am really glad that I haven’t been having attacks because those are the worst. It’s nice to not stress about a lot of stuff but it’s annoying that I’m still anxious a lot of the time. I’ve been thinking a lot about my childhood, stress when I was younger, and I’m starting to see signs of anxiety for a while now. I think now that I’m older it revolves around more social situations than stress now. I think I have learned to better deal with stress, even though it gets the best of me sometimes, other times I feel like I have more control.

I am a caffeine addict. It’s a real problem, I have at least two cups of coffee a day or a large iced coffee, a lot of caffeine in a day. After researching some stuff about anxiety, caffeine doesn’t help anything at all. I’m going to try and give up caffeine for the summer which will be hard because with my new job I have to be out of my house by 7:15ish. However hard this may be, today was the last day for the rest of summer for my caffeinated cup of coffee.

I really hope this helps, I’ve read a lot about it and I know it’s worked for other people. I am ready (okay only kind of) for lots of headaches and feeling sleepy, but I’m even more ready to feel less anxious and be a little bit happier.

Let me know if any of you have tired this, wish me luck, and give me your tips for battling with anxiety in the comments! Also, if you have any questions for me go ahead and leave them in the comments as well.



Brief Catch-Up!

Okay so I’m home now (as you all know) and is summer “break”. I put break in quotes because it hasn’t been much of a break so far, there has yet to be a day where I have done absolutely nothing and that partially my fault but also because I’ve been working/unpacking/cleaning/organizing. SO MUCH TO DO! I should’ve listened to my own advice while packing, I have no idea where anything is and the only time I really have is before/after work depending on the time. Spending so much time at work makes me know that I need to finish college, there’s no way I could spend my life at a job like that, I can hardly be there now. I’m applying for another so I’m hoping that works out, regular hours and weekends off, yes please.

While unpacking clothes I’m trying to go through my clothes and find things I don’t wear to try and sort through what I can sell at a consignment shop out towards Lindsay’s so I can try and make money on clothes I bought and hardly wore. There’s at least two things with tags still on it so hopefully those will at least be worth a few bucks. Really old stuff I’m just donating to the Goodwill. I can’t believe I had two or three bags of clothes last summer and now I have more, obviously I have a shopping problem.

When I’m not cleaning, organizing, or working I’m trying to hang out with my friends. That’s really nice too, but I so far the only time I have really spent alone is at night blogging and trying to read or accomplish other random tasks. Summer break has yet to really be a break, but I guess that’s okay. I’m making money and memories, it’s worth it in the end.

I am looking for two people possibly. I’m looking for someone to interview, so if you would like to be interviewed and you are at least a little interesting leave a comment below. I am also looking for someone who would like to do a guest post, if you are a college student who has a similar blog type to me, let me know, I’ll read it and let you know. So comment with that if you are interested in doing that.

Finally, I would like to start brainstorming about blogvention again, but I really do need help. If anyone wants to help with that leave a comment or email me at marysaverageadventures@gmail.com.

So yep a little update for summer so far, hope all of you guys are enjoying it as well!



Hello Summer and Advice for Freshman Year

Hello everyone, yes I am home. I am already failing at daily vlogging, whoops, I guess I’ll just add on today’s footage with tomorrows.  So yes finally home, thank goodness. One year down, three to go. Woohoo. Actually when you think about it, it’s only three years until I’m a real grownup, that’s kind of scary.


Here are some pictures of my first year at college. Some of these might be repeats but that’s okay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay so here’s a list of advice or just things I picked up from freshman year.

  • Be roommates before friends. It’s nice to be friends with your roommate, but it’s also good to make friends you don’t share with them. That way incase you fight you have somewhere to go and you aren’t messing with the dynamic of a whole group.
  • Make solid group of friends. I have all different types of friends, but I didn’t really find a solid group until later in the year. I’m really grateful that I found a large group of people than just one or two.
  • Go to all the orientation meetings and such. It might be annoying and stupid to play those games but you really make good friends.
  • Force yourself to be friendly, talk to people in the halls, don’t be afraid to ask where something is, sit in the dining hall, and most importantly don’t seclude yourself. At first my roommate and I ate together in the dining hall and then we started branching out and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.
  • Know you can’t do everything. If you try to be in every club, have every job, and do every activity you will not only run out of time for yourself but time to do school work and really that’s more important. It’s good to get involved but you can’t do everything as much as you want to.
  • If a class sounds hard it probably is, and if you aren’t up for the challenge don’t risk your GPA. Trust me I wish I would’ve taken Spanish instead of Arabic all the time, I would’ve done either a lot better or I would’ve been able to test out.
  • Take time for yourself. Eat dinner in your room, take a break from people. You don’t have to be with your friends all the time.
  • Call your parents. Seriously, call them. It’s nice to have that connection and just talk to them, especially when  you feel homesick.
  • If you have the opportunity to go out with friends, and you have the money, take it. It’s a way to strengthen friendships and get to know people better. It’s also nice to eat real food.

I’m also going to do a post (probably on August) on things I think are really important to bring and things that I didn’t find necessary. Anyway, if any of you are finishing finals good luck, and to all of you that finished happy summer! Thanks for reading guys!



Down with Updates and 18 Days.

First of all Happy Easter! I was going to do a thoughtful post filled with pictures, family love, and a beautiful message, yet guess who forgot to take picture, yep you got it right, this girl. So is it still the thought that counts?

Hey an updates on updates, how awkward. However, I’m tired of doing weekly updates so now I’m just going to let you guys know when something big is going on like trips, fun stuff, ect. This next sentence was written post title, post first, second, and third paragraph, post first two sentences: I WROTE A FREAKING UPDATE WITHOUT EVEN TRYING, I’m sorry. The title seems misleading, but I promise that it will hopefully be worth it.

Guys. I have 18 (okay it’s actually going to be 17 by the time you see this sorry I’m bad at posting) of being in Maryland until I leave for the summer. I mean I’m sure I’ll be back at some point to do some visiting to some friends but other than that I’m going to be home for four months. To be honest guys I can’t wait, however there is indeed a lot of preparations that need to take place before I can depart. First of all I have two project, two papers, one test, plus finals school wise, which is quite a lot when you add in homework and such too. Then I have to pack and clean. If you saw my room right now you would understand. I guess that’s about it, but it is a lot to do in not that much time.

Anyway, I’m sure you understand that with this exciting change, things will change here. For example, I have basically already decided that I’m going to daily vlog this summer, which isn’t supported by anyone, but I want to do it so I’m going to. I will still be blogging on a daily basis just in addition to this new stuff. I think I’m going to go more with what I did for Boston, but who knows. I have also yet to decide the logistics if I will do vlogging everyday or every other day or once a week, you know? I’m also planning on saving money for a new camera to improve the quality of my pictures here and for vlogging, but that probably won’t happen until like July at the earliest. I’m also going be back to my job full time, sadly, I did not find a new one so I’m there another summer. So you may be wondering, what does this mean to me? Well, that means my posts will either be posted early or late, I think 9 or 10 is what I’ll aim for but it’s hard and it probably won’t happen. My guess is that I’ll either post from 5-7 or 11-1 I apologize that I cannot give you a specific time frame. I only have one week of vacation planned, which I will still be doing all of this stuff during. Last year the wifi there was rather slow, so I will be dragging most likely Lindsay around with me to find the best locations for wifi, she’s usually the only one who cooperates with me.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else I need to let you guys in on that’s coming up in the near future, but this is what updates are going to be for a while. If you guys have any questions about any of this just comment. I’m sure you don’t, no one ever has questions for me.

I actually want to put some self promo up here for once.

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