Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 24

late night blogging with mary

I hate the number 24, and I also hate that I chose to number this series. I always have to look up what number I’m at. Happy last three weeks of school which always suck.

I just made the mistake of looking at my planner and that was quite upsetting. I have so much to do and so little time. Deadlines are rapidly approaching and the semester is dwindling away. I can’t believe it’s already April. I am a mixture of very ready for summer and I need more time in this semester.

Currently, my blog sucks and summer I think will be the cure. I want to do some more adventure posts, I want to do a weekend trip to the beach, at least one, and I really just want to go somewhere new too. I would also like to clean out the nearly 200 drafts I have piled up, see what’s worth salvaging and what’s worth deleting. I just have such an issue with deleting my writing. I don’t know why. I’m trying to make it through the semester without getting too anxious, you know because I have complete control over that (sense the sarcasm). The last two weeks were filled with middle of the night panic attacks and what seems to be a case of strep throat.

I want to be better. I always want to be better and I think that’s why I have anxiety sometimes. There will always be something wrong with everything I do. I think most people would think that’s great, always wanting to be better, but for me, I just get hung up on everything I’m doing wrong. I don’t know. Brains are weird.

I’m mentally exhausted and it’s Monday.

Monday tip, only look at Monday on  your planner so you don’t cry.


A Glance at My Summer

Here is just a glance at my summer with some pictures you may or may not have seen. I did this for the school year and the regular year so why not just have some more pictures!

So here are little snippets here of my summer. It was a rather “grownup” summer and I really didn’t do much like I typically do. It was a different kind of summer and it went really quickly. Have a great night!



I’ve Defeated the Bikini

First of all, I know it’s really late, but I wrote a post and didn’t like so I didn’t want to post. Okay, I didn’t actually finish it but that’s okay too. I’ve also been catching up on YouTube because I was busy yesterday and today so I’m far behind and I don’t work until noon tomorrow so why not stay up super late?

After reading this article here it’s safe to say that I have not only regained my own body confidence but I’m not going to let people shame other’s weight. I don’t think it’s okay to say “oh her shorts shouldn’t be that short” or “why is she wearing a bikini?” or anything like that shouldn’t be said. You shouldn’t make someone feel bad for being confident. I remember when I came to this realization a few summers ago in the editorial section of Seventeen Magazine someone sent in a comments saying something along the lines of “I don’t understand why the bathing suits in the curvy section were all tankinis or one pieces, I’m curvy and I like bikinis.” I thought to myself, and mind you at this time I wouldn’t wear anything that wasn’t straight so I was just like okay good for you, plus I was like 120 lbs with big boobs and I just felt uncomfortable in everything. Now, that I’m a curvy girl, who maybe’s a little bit chubby bathing suit shopping is a nightmare.

I’ve been postponing this inevitable event all summer but I’m supposed to go to the beach a week from tomorrow (okay well technically today) and my friends are tiny, they are just small, people and they pretty, and that was no motivation whatsoever to try and find a bathing suit. After a full day of anxiety for no apparent reason I decided to go shopping. My youngest sister wanted to join me, her mistake, and mine. She likes to complain. We went to Walmart, Boscovs, Bon Ton, Sears, American Eagle, and finally Target. I couldn’t find one that I liked at all, let alone on me. I found two at Target but I went with the one I liked better, maybe the other one looked better on me, but that wasn’t the one I was comfortable in. I was comfortable in the one I picked.

I’m sure you guys will see it eventually see it since I have many, many trips coming up so do you know what that means? Finally some more adventure posts filled with friends and family.

So yes, once again, don’t body shame anyone, including yourself. Also, please read that attached article, it’s much better written and makes clear point rather than my jumbled up mess of words. This is why I stopped writing in the middle of the night. Please share with me your opinions of bikinis and bathing suits in the comments, I love other opinions too.



Inspiration is Hidden & Summer Goals

I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not but I’m in a slump. The quality of my posts have not been up to par recently and I’m truly sorry. I would say I have a lot going on, but I only have work. My only excuse is that I’ve just been in a terrible mood. Seriously everything has just been pissing me off and I don’t know why but I blame home boundness. As I’m writing this I’m actually at a little get away back in Maryland with my friend Meag.

Inspiration is hidden. I’m most inspired usually late at night and in the rain. I don’t know. Basically this a short apology for crappy quality posts. I want to improve, somedays I feel like I peaked and that’s not good.

I do have things planned, I think I just get lazy when they involve work. Next week I am going to try and motivate myself with chocolate to try and accomplish some of the ideas I have. I feel like I get on the computer type a stupid post and put it away. I stop checking my email to see if anyone likes or comments on stuff because I know no one is.

I’m making summer goals right now.

  • Improve quality of posts, add pictures, tell stories, share writings, etc.
  • Exercise/walk/be active at least a little bit every week
  • Take time to relax. I spend too much time running all throughout the county trying to see people and I’ve hardly given myself anytime.

So those are my three summer goals, you guys keep me on top of that stuff, okay? Thank you for at least trying to stick with me through all of this nonsensical posts.



I Want Adventure In the Great Wide Somewhere

I’m so tired of  “the same thing, different day” kind of lifestyle I seem to be living lately. I go to work and I meet my friends at Starbucks. Maybe we go somewhere else out of the 5 places we rotate to eat. I come home from work and I do this (which I love). I’m just tired of it. I need change and adventure.

I think this is why I have always related to Belle, with the exception of the bestiality. I love to read because I think it’s like an escape from the real world and a way to take adventures while laying in bed or sitting outside. Belle also craves adventure- like the lyric she sings that is the title of this post. I’m so fancy (please sing that).

Anyway I’m rambling. Basically I need to do something I need change. I swear my life at home it more scheduled and busy than it is at school. I’m at the point now where I hate a lot of what I do. I’m finding it very hard to feel content in anything. I just need something new. I need an adventure. I need to get out.

I’m back in this town and I dislike it just as much as I did when I left it in the fall. A week is long enough. Sure I miss my family when I’m gone, but the open fields and small town atmosphere isn’t for me. And as much as I would like to get away it’s expensive. Gas in PA is around $3.70 a gallon, THAT’S SO MUCH! I’m also really trying to save money to buy a new camera, unless someone know of a good camera app for the iPhone?  I’m trying some out maybe that will help, however I’ll still save for one I’m sure. It just means I can’t quit my job no matter how much I dislike it at the moment.

I don’t know guys I’m in a rut. I just want to do something fun pleaseeeeeee. I need to go adventuring. Someone give me a cheap adventure ideas. Seriously any ideas? I can’t keep doing summer like this.

Sorry this is a very crappy post. I’m in a bad mood. Thanks for reading this piece of crap anyway. I admire you if you made it this far. It was supposed to be a lot better but then I went to work and got angry. I’m sorry.



Hello Summer and Advice for Freshman Year

Hello everyone, yes I am home. I am already failing at daily vlogging, whoops, I guess I’ll just add on today’s footage with tomorrows.  So yes finally home, thank goodness. One year down, three to go. Woohoo. Actually when you think about it, it’s only three years until I’m a real grownup, that’s kind of scary.


Here are some pictures of my first year at college. Some of these might be repeats but that’s okay.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Okay so here’s a list of advice or just things I picked up from freshman year.

  • Be roommates before friends. It’s nice to be friends with your roommate, but it’s also good to make friends you don’t share with them. That way incase you fight you have somewhere to go and you aren’t messing with the dynamic of a whole group.
  • Make solid group of friends. I have all different types of friends, but I didn’t really find a solid group until later in the year. I’m really grateful that I found a large group of people than just one or two.
  • Go to all the orientation meetings and such. It might be annoying and stupid to play those games but you really make good friends.
  • Force yourself to be friendly, talk to people in the halls, don’t be afraid to ask where something is, sit in the dining hall, and most importantly don’t seclude yourself. At first my roommate and I ate together in the dining hall and then we started branching out and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.
  • Know you can’t do everything. If you try to be in every club, have every job, and do every activity you will not only run out of time for yourself but time to do school work and really that’s more important. It’s good to get involved but you can’t do everything as much as you want to.
  • If a class sounds hard it probably is, and if you aren’t up for the challenge don’t risk your GPA. Trust me I wish I would’ve taken Spanish instead of Arabic all the time, I would’ve done either a lot better or I would’ve been able to test out.
  • Take time for yourself. Eat dinner in your room, take a break from people. You don’t have to be with your friends all the time.
  • Call your parents. Seriously, call them. It’s nice to have that connection and just talk to them, especially when  you feel homesick.
  • If you have the opportunity to go out with friends, and you have the money, take it. It’s a way to strengthen friendships and get to know people better. It’s also nice to eat real food.

I’m also going to do a post (probably on August) on things I think are really important to bring and things that I didn’t find necessary. Anyway, if any of you are finishing finals good luck, and to all of you that finished happy summer! Thanks for reading guys!



Four Finals and Some Plastic Totes

It is currently 9:21 am and I’m pretty sure this is the earliest I have ever blogged. It is 9:21 am and I am sipping my first cup of coffee, I have a load of laundry in, and I have already finished my breakfast. It is 9:22 am and I have four finals to study for and four plastic totes to fill. It is 9:22 am and I want to go back to bed. It is 9:23 am and I have been awake for an hour and twenty-three minutes. I am determined to make today productive, ignoring the cramps and itchy eyes, today will be productive.

I thought today would be a good day to share with you some of my plans for this summer, more elaborate than what I have previously shared with you. First and foremost, much to the dismay of my friends, the whole summer will be recorded, that’s right, I’m daily vlogging. Starting Thursday (with bits and pieces from this week) my life will be uploaded everyday onto my YouTube channel. Once the videos start I will link them at the end of every blog post. This will most likely eliminate the need for any updates on here really. Anyway on Thursday I will enter my house for a solid four months and I couldn’t be more excited. Friday, I go back to work, but only for two hours on Friday and Saturday. Monday I go back full time and hopefully I’ll be working at my favorite section with my favorite people. Sadly, there will be no world adventures for me this summer, but that’s how life works, you can’t always see another part of the world. I will be going to the beach for a week with some of my best pals. I will also try to avoid shopping temptations. I really want to save up for a really nice camera.

I want to start adding pictures here but I feel like they always look really bad, maybe it’s dorm lighting, maybe it’s my phone camera, and maybe it’s just me. I’m going to have my friend Jade teach me photoshop, she really has no other choice. I also want to do some more girly posts with fashion and that sort of thing. I’m not sure if I’ll really get into that or not but if I do I want to make sure it’s still me.

I have some really cool posts coming up (or at least I think so) and I’m excited about that. If there’s anything you want to address pop it in the comments or if you want to remain anonymous you can email me at with advice, questions, or anything.

Okay so it’s 9:59 and I’m about to hit publish. Now it’s time to pack and study. Wish me luck an thanks for reading!



Down with Updates and 18 Days.

First of all Happy Easter! I was going to do a thoughtful post filled with pictures, family love, and a beautiful message, yet guess who forgot to take picture, yep you got it right, this girl. So is it still the thought that counts?

Hey an updates on updates, how awkward. However, I’m tired of doing weekly updates so now I’m just going to let you guys know when something big is going on like trips, fun stuff, ect. This next sentence was written post title, post first, second, and third paragraph, post first two sentences: I WROTE A FREAKING UPDATE WITHOUT EVEN TRYING, I’m sorry. The title seems misleading, but I promise that it will hopefully be worth it.

Guys. I have 18 (okay it’s actually going to be 17 by the time you see this sorry I’m bad at posting) of being in Maryland until I leave for the summer. I mean I’m sure I’ll be back at some point to do some visiting to some friends but other than that I’m going to be home for four months. To be honest guys I can’t wait, however there is indeed a lot of preparations that need to take place before I can depart. First of all I have two project, two papers, one test, plus finals school wise, which is quite a lot when you add in homework and such too. Then I have to pack and clean. If you saw my room right now you would understand. I guess that’s about it, but it is a lot to do in not that much time.

Anyway, I’m sure you understand that with this exciting change, things will change here. For example, I have basically already decided that I’m going to daily vlog this summer, which isn’t supported by anyone, but I want to do it so I’m going to. I will still be blogging on a daily basis just in addition to this new stuff. I think I’m going to go more with what I did for Boston, but who knows. I have also yet to decide the logistics if I will do vlogging everyday or every other day or once a week, you know? I’m also planning on saving money for a new camera to improve the quality of my pictures here and for vlogging, but that probably won’t happen until like July at the earliest. I’m also going be back to my job full time, sadly, I did not find a new one so I’m there another summer. So you may be wondering, what does this mean to me? Well, that means my posts will either be posted early or late, I think 9 or 10 is what I’ll aim for but it’s hard and it probably won’t happen. My guess is that I’ll either post from 5-7 or 11-1 I apologize that I cannot give you a specific time frame. I only have one week of vacation planned, which I will still be doing all of this stuff during. Last year the wifi there was rather slow, so I will be dragging most likely Lindsay around with me to find the best locations for wifi, she’s usually the only one who cooperates with me.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else I need to let you guys in on that’s coming up in the near future, but this is what updates are going to be for a while. If you guys have any questions about any of this just comment. I’m sure you don’t, no one ever has questions for me.

I actually want to put some self promo up here for once.

Follow me on twitter/instagram/tumblr @mrmilligan13 let me know to follow you back.




Pretty Places

Pretty Places

Here is the first of many pictures from places I have traveled. Traveling is something I just love to do and I have loads of pictures from them. Two summers ago I went to Europe where I met my friend Lindsay (her blog is Musings of Lindsay), and this past summer I went to Ireland and Washington. This picture is from my time in London, it is the iconic Big Ben, and a simple picture does not do it justice. So sorry this little post veers from my typical long drawn out rant or little update, but I thought this might be something fun to look at. Hopefully my junior year I can study abroad and see these beautiful places everyday. I can’t wait to a future of traveling after graduation. It’s really my biggest dream (as you may know if you read my bucket list) and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. So this is just a random little thing for you guys to look at. Thanks for reading!