Post from the Road

As I’m writing this post I’m currently in a parking lot on a bust that should be enroute to Boston. I have already realized that I did not pick a good seat. Right now there is no one sitting next to me but I think someone might end up there. The lady in front of me has already stolen my outlet and I might have to ask her to move her bags to use hers because she’s not the only one on this bus double decker bus. I swear if she puts her arm back here one more time I may or may not lose it.  She has already answered her phone two three four times, they weren’t going to let her on for some reason, I wish they didn’t.  Once I return I will do a formal review of my bus experience.

I thought since I’m writing this whilst traveling, I would share with you why I believe I started traveling in the first place.

When I was about three my dad’s side of the family went to Disney World, at the time the only kids were my cousin Chris and I. There are only a few very specific things, having a candy lipstick on the plane, crying when they sang happy birthday to me because it wasn’t my birthday it was my cousin’s they just didn’t want me to feel left out, and going to some Medieval dinner thing. That’s the first vacation I really remember.

As I got older, and my sisters starting coming along we used to go to my Grandmom’s beach house for the week (I think). My first really big vacation that I remember was going to Bush Gardens, it was really cool and we’ve actually been back since. All of these vacations were great, but I think the only that really did it for me was a road trip right before the fifth grade. We went up to Niagara Falls, which at the time didn’t impress me very much, but since returning I really like it. From there we went to Cleveland, Ohio namely Cedar Point Amusement Park, I know we were somewhere in Kentucky for a night, we went to Graceland, visited our friends in Tennessee, and went to Washington D.C. We were probably a few other places too but that was nearly ten years ago and I’m having trouble remembering. I think it was that road trip that really led me to my appreciation of travel.

The push and start of wanting to travel for the rest of my life started when I went to Europe the summer before my senior year. I had always been really interested in travelling but I never thought that’s something I would consider when trying to find a major. It was there I really discovered my love for the world and other cultures. That’s where I found my love for exploring cities, finding little things that people would overlook. I had become enlightened and fascinated with the world around me.

Now, a year and a half later nothing has changed. I want to see as much as I can. Junior year I’m going to study abroad and explore some more nooks and crannies of the world. Post-graduation I want to maybe go and do something like the Peace Corps. to try and change the world a little bit. The more I think about how big the world is, the more I want to see it. It makes me think that you really can’t waste anytime, every second is a moment that counts. Maybe by the time I’m aging the average life expectancy will be higher and it’ll give me more time, but I’m still going to explore as much as I can while I’m young. I’m going to try and take every opprotunity I’m given (if I  have the financial support, I need a job next year) and make the best of each one.

So hopefully this lady hangs up her phone, I can watch some YouTube videos, and get some sleep. I might not be able to post tomorrow, but here’s the warning! Thanks for reading!




My Future…

So guys something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is the future.

What I really want to do is after college get hired by an NGO and go to places in Africa, the Middle East, and India to teach English and just help improve the quality of life for those less fortunate than myself. After I’m done travelling over seas, because you can really only do that for so long, I want to either work in one of the offices or just make a career out of blogging, which I highly doubt is possible.

Now many of you may be thinking- what about marriage? Children? Well the truth is I don’t know.  To be honest, I can’t see myself tolerating someone long enough to marry them. It takes a lot for me to make friends, let alone a boyfriend. Also with the whole kid thing, I don’t really want anything that big coming out of my… Well you know where I’m going with this. Anyway, if I ever have kids they will probably be adopted just because I don’t think I could do that. Also, I’d rather just watch my friends kids, like I could watch them, buy them cool stuff, and then leave. I wouldn’t actually have to always be responsible for them.  I could also be the cool aunt for my sisters’ kids.  As of now that’s kind of the plan. So yeah. Just thought I’d share this tidbit of information with you guys. What do you want to do with your lives? What are you college/life/career plans? Feel free to comment, I love to hear about that stuff!

Thanks for reading.



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Another Little Update

Well guys, I’m home for the weekend. I hope to be posting the video and Pretty Places post anytime now.  I only need to add music and go over the vlog a few more times- I want it to be at least decent. I know future ones will be better because I know the different footage I want and I want to use my actual camera.  But it will be a heck of a lot easier to upload from home then at school because the internet here actually works… so yeah.  Hopefully there are also some good posts this weekend because I feel like I’ve been ripping you guys off. Anything you want me to do? I think I kind of want to do something on my hometown, but I don’t know if I want that to be fall/winter/spring so yeah… I really appreciate you guys sticking through these transitions and stuff with me. I think I’m going to do another tag post soon because I think they’re fun and I don’t think you guys like them but I enjoy writing them.  I hope to give you guys some good stuff soon too! I feel like all I’ve been doing are updates, and I know these are kind of boring too. I’d also really like some topic suggestions from you guys so I can write about what you guys want to read! I’m going to follow anyone’s blog who comments with suggestions! Hopefully that’s some motivation- probably not though.  Thanks for reading guys, it means a lot. Here’s to hoping tomorrow is the lucky video day! Love you all.