To Those Who Love Me.

My school just released us off of lockdown after a shooting at a local high school. This really just stuck a cord and serves as a reminder about how precious life is I thought I would write to all the people in my life who love and care for me like my family and friends (real life and internet). Thank you all just so much.

Thank you for listening to me ask you a million times if you are okay or if I should be worried or just my million questions and comments that I say so that I know you’re safe so I can worry less. Thank  you for answering and responding and knowing that I mean it with love and not to be controlling. I’m not trying to be crazy and that I just really care a lot to the point of being annoying. I know my  constant questions and requests for someone to let me know that they’re safe and home are probably really annoying. I know that sometimes I nag like a second mom but it’s only because I care- so thanks for dealing with that.

Thank you for putting me at ease and reassuring me after every little freak out that I’m going to be okay and I don’t need to stress so much. Although it doesn’t always work you all try your best and that’s the comforting thing to me. It’s almost as if no matter how hard I freak out and lack faith in myself there always seems to be someone around who thinks that I have some sort of potential.

Thank you for laughing at my super lame jokes and pretending I’m funny. I know I’m one of the few people who find myself hilarious and a lot of people laugh at me rather than with me so thank you for pretending to laugh with me even when I’m not actually funny. If you genuinely think I’m funny thanks for that too, like you’re one of a few.

Thank you for being there when I need someone. I kind of covered this above but thank you for just being around when I need to talk about the stupidest stuff and listening to my rants about things that I only think matter. Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on when I need it- even though I don’t cry in front of people really.

Thank you for being honest with me. I know that I have the habit of being too honest sometimes but that’s because that’s how I want people to be with me. Thank you for telling me when I look stupid or my hair is wacky or I need to fix my eyebrows.

Thank you for lying to me and telling me that I look good when I look like a hot mess minus the hot part. Thank you for boosting my confidence when I’m feeling really low. Thank you for telling me that I don’t need to diet and workout when we all know it would hurt me to lose a few pounds.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for making sure I’m okay and not about to break. Thank you for making sure I’m safe when I often find myself in sticky situations. I can always count on someone to make sure I’m okay when I ignore too many messages from the group or an individual.

Thank you for motivating and pushing me to do my best. Thank you for not letting my negative thoughts bring me down. Thank you for telling me that I’m not stupid or dumb and I just didn’t do something right and I can fix it. Thank you for letting me know that I can do better.

Thank you for letting me be me. I know I’m weird and I say weird things and I do weird things and yet you all seem to still like me for it. Thank you for letting me be me and accepting me for that even with my little freakouts and snapping moments. You allow me to be weird and share my stories of my weird life and you still accept me and that’s pretty cool.

Thank you for not holding me to everything I say and knowing I’m a wuss when it comes to certain things. Thank you for not pressuring me or asking me to do something or telling me to do something because that’s what you would do in the situation- thank you for letting me figure some things out on my own.

Thank you for understanding. Thank you for realizing that sometimes my anxiety will get the best of me at really inconvenient times but you’ll let me be because you know I can’t help it. Thanks for not pushing me to do more than I can handle.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for not letting other people influence you and take over the person that love and care for. Thank you for taking care of yourself and putting you above me sometimes because that’s what people need to do.

So this is to all of the people who care for me and love me more than I deserve sometimes. I really, really appreciate you. Thank you so much.


100 Followers, What? + Giveaway!

Guys, this is crazy! I’m in Starbucks today and I hit a hundred followers! Guys that’s insane. Well I actually hit a hundred followers a few days ago, with those who get posts emailed to them, but that doesn’t count to WordPress, so the official hit happened today. Anyway this is just really weird to me that a hundred people read my blog. Like that’s insane. I honestly can’t believe this. It took me longer to hit a hundred twitter followers which is weird because I know people on twitter and I only know two people in real life that follow me through actual WordPress and not email.  I’m so thankful to all of you because I don’t really blog about anything imparticular and I usually just put a bunch of feelings and annoyances here and you guys read it and it means a lot to me.  To be honest this is just really overwhelming and I’m so grateful for every single one of you! If I could I would hug you all, but I’m not really touchy so I might not actually do that even if I met you. Actually I might because if I met any of you in real life I would be really excited. Now I’m just rambling per usual.

So I really just wanted to come up with a way to thank you guys, so I decided to a (very,very) small give away! I think I’ve only ever entered one or two give aways on YouTube and I’ve been really unsuccessful, however they’re still fun so I’m going to do one. The things I will be giving away are things that I really like or I saw at Target and I thought they looked cool. So I’m just going to list all of the items and why I chose them and then I’m going to explain the rules and boring stuff like that.

  • Mixed Fruit, Fruit-Flavored Snacks, this is because I love fruit snacks so much. I love them. I love them. I love them. photo 1
  • Fruit-opia 8-pack of Crayola Crayons, because who doesn’t love to color? I know I do.                                               photo 2
  • Chalkboard Coasters, Katie pointed these out to me out Target and they’re just so cute so I thought why not throw that in this giveaway?photo 3
  • NYC Red Velvet Rope nail polish, it’s not like super red so I thought it would be a pretty spring summer color and painting nails is just one thing to do while you procrastinate, which is my area of expertise.                                                                                                    photo 5
  • NYC Tudor City Teal, it’s just so pretty and teal is just in lately.                                                                                                     photo 4
  • Finally, I had to include some type of chocolate and a lot of people don’t know this doesn’t exist so I thought I should throw this in there too, an m&m chocolate bar. It’s made up of mini m&ms, which are far better than regular ones if you ask me, and it’s just delicious, I’m trying not to eat it myself to be quite honest.                                                                                                                                                                                photo (2)

Okay so that’s the small giveaway items now for the rules and all that stuff. So obviously you have to be following me because that’s what this is all about obviously, thanking all of my lovely followers. I’m also going to ask you to like this post, and either comment with your favorite post that I’ve written or why you decided to follow me. I will chose the winner Saturday March 15, 2014 at midnight, so you have until 11:59 March 14 to enter. I will then reply to the winners comment with my email and ask them to email me their address. Seriously thanks again everyone, I’m so thankful for every single one of you and I hope that you’ll stick with me through the posts to come. If you have any questions comment with those too! I’m also not going to be putting this post on any social media sites so that you guys are the only ones who are open to this because I’m not thanking them, I’m thanking you guys! Thank you so much! I love you guys so much, you mean the world to me.



More than a Weekly Update!

So what happened this week in my life? Well two snow days, I swear they only happen on the days I get to sleep in already but instead they wake me up at 6 am with the call to let me know. Other than that, nothing super productive unfortunately. I became addicted to the show Weeds (it’s on Netflix, watch it), is that productive?  I did however plan out every post for every day of February which made me feel really organized (more to come on blogging stuff later). I went home this weekend because it is my beautiful younger sisters birthday tomorrow, I can’t believe she is turning 16.  I did some Target shopping and I collected some things in a Forever 21 online shopping bag, just haven’t ordered it yet.  Anyway, I had to drive back in the snow today, which was awful. So now I’m back at school where I have already worked on homework for three and a half hours, and I still have more to do so that’s great.

This coming week, what is going on? I have no idea. I know that Katie may or may not be visiting this weekend, I really hope she is. Either way I know I will be heading to Target on Saturday to get the after Valentines Day sales on chocolate. If Katie comes we’re going to go to Rockville and maybe DC, we shall see what happens. Other than that I have my basic weekly chores, homework, papers, lab reports, the list goes on and on. My biggest thing right now is trying and getting my Model UN paper done, but I still have two more topics to read through so I’m not really looking forward to that, I like the arguing my place parts, not the writing down my position part.

Okay so what I really wanted to share with you guys is some stuff that I want to start doing on here, and I would like your input if at all possible. The first thing is review products, shops on sites like etsy, and even shows and movies on Netflix. This is something I really want to do just because I love reading them and I find them really helpful as well, they’re something I’m always looking up so I’m going to try it and see how it goes. Now one project that I’m seriously considering is a lookbook and that will either be here or on my YouTube channel, I’m not sure which yet but I really want to do one so I have to try and get one of my friends to help me with it. Also, next thing, something I want to try and do is get more involved in the blogging community, so to come on here today and have two comments from two amazing bloggers made my day (don’t worry, I’ll mention them soon with links!). Some days I get really discouraged when a post doesn’t get any likes, but then I stop and think to myself, that’s not what I’m here for, I’m here to share my story and put stuff out there for other people to take in if they want. I had my blog for five months before I shared it with anyone outside of a very few close friends, and that was a big step for me, but the people like my uncle and my parents who get it emailed to them daily have been nothing but supportive. Then to get texts, tweets, facebook messages, and even family members coming up to me to let me know that they are impressed or happy with this makes it totally worth it and I’m glad I decided to share this with the world. I can’t wait to see where this brings me. So yeah this just got super sappy, way to go Mary. So thanks to all of you reading this right now, it means a lot.




So guys enough with the downside to life, let’s talk about something fun rather than a serious topic. I am so thrilled that you guys have been following me, and that I have passed 20 followers! I never honestly believed I’d have more than one (myself). I really started this so that people would laugh at it, seeing it in passing, but mostly it was just to get my feelings out.  I never thought that a month and a half into this I would have over twenty followers- which doesn’t sound like much but to me it means the world to me. To me this means that over twenty people somewhere in the world actually care about what I have to say. So enough with the sappy stuff and onto something FUN! Well fun for me at least I don’t know if you guys will enjoy it or not.

So the last time I did one of these “tag” posts I did 50+ facts about me. So today I’m going to do my “bucket” list.

1.  I want to be in at least two countries in every continent, I even want to go to Antarctica.

2.  I plan on going traveling with my friends every summer for the rest of our lives, and that’s something that we’ve already started.

3.  I want to go to India, and other various places in the Middle East to teach women and young girls English.

4.  I would also like to work in an orphanage over seas so that they can have better lives than they would have without an English speaking contact.

5.  I want to go to the Vatican City and go to a mass given by the Pope.

6.  I want to meet Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) to let her know what a powerful influence she has been on my life and how much she has changed it.

7.  I want see the Seven Wonders of the World.

8.  I want to live in London for at least a year.

9.  I want to study abroad for at least one semester of my junior year, probably in London but possibly Dublin because I love both cities so much. A big factor in choosing Dublin would be that I basically already know how to navigate the city, but London has so much culture and history that I love.

10.  I never want to end up in my hometown for more than a week or two just visiting my family.

11.  I want to visit every state, and I’ve probably have already done if not half close to that already.

12.  I don’t want to give birth but if I ever want to have kids I want to adopt them from all different countries.

13.  I hope to make a living doing something I genuinely love rather than some desk job I’ll never be happy with.

14.  I want to change a life.

15.  I hope that I can encourage people to do good in the world rather than bad.

16.  I want to change someone’s opinion on something I care about passionately.

17.  I want to go backpacking with my best friend.

18.  I want to get a lamb so when people ask me about my lamb I can show them.

19.  If I ever have kids I want them to teach them to call one of my best friends Voldemort.

20.  I want to write a book.

21.  I want to fall in love to see how it feels.

22.  I want a little girl to write me a letter and tell me about how I’m her role model, or at least be a person that a little girl could look up to.

So this give you guys a little more incent to me, I hope it put a smile on your face! Feel free to comment with your own bucket lists! I’d love to hear them and talk to you guys about them. Also go ahead and follow me on twitter! @mrmilligan13. Let me know how you found me and I’ll follow you back! Thanks so much for all of your support, I love you guys so much!