Yin to My Yang: Soulmates

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.”

Let me be quite frank, I don’t know if I believe in soulmates the way that people mean the term. I think there are different kind of soulmates, and maybe that the soulmate isn’t just one, I think that there can be more than one because every situation has choices and two people might not make the same decisions every time which can lead to heartbreak, or just a complete breakaway before it even comes to love or the idea of a soulmate, it’s just that they could’ve been one of them.

When I think “Yin to My Yang” I honestly don’t even think about love or a soulmate. I think about my best friends. I’m not really good friends with anyone who is super similar to me. I’m friends with people who contrast me so well that it just works. I don’t ever think about that in relationships like that though. I don’t know why, but when I’m thinking about relationships, I’m never thinking about finding my perfect opposite, I don’t know what I’m thinking about, but I don’t think it’s that.

I once saw soulmates described like this:

“You don’t have only one soul-mate. If you did, you would have married your best friend three years ago. She knows you better than her right hand and she’ll listen to you cry from eight states away. You don’t have only one soul-mate because people wake up different parts of you- parts you never even knew existed. The boy when you were 15 taught you what it felt like to get caught kissing in a closet at the party you never should have been at in the first place, without his lips ever touching yours. When you were 18 a boy let you know what it’s like to have your heart lodged in your throat because he’s moving 2,000 miles away, and he won’t tell you when he’ll be back. You wait until you’re 22 to get attached again, and this time you felt it in every inch. It’s as if you got struck by lightning- the Lichtenberg figure crawls up  your arms and across your back, like his hands on your skin while you laid in bed together and you thought the thump of your heart was in time with his. You don’t have one soul-mate; instead, you have soul-mates, because your heart in huge and you have the room.” –s.m

To me this is the perfect description of soulmates in general. I think there are so many people that your soul connects with and I think that’s the perfect thing about love. That’s the great thing that we get to experience as humans. We get to be Yins and Yangs, for all different people and they get to be that for us. Soulmates don’t always have to be romantic. We can love people without having to worry about if they are the one destined for us because there are so many people that are destined for us. There are so many people that are meant to be in our lives, whether that’s temporary or forever.

I don’t know if any of this is true, but there are so many people in my life that don’t necessarily make sense. Take Hannah for example, if we didn’t meet as children, I don’t know if we ever would have been friends in high school, we were in such different circles, but because of that she has turned into one of my best friend soulmates.  There are people I’m no longer friends with, but they helped me so much in life that there had to be a reason that they were here, so they are the temporary soulmates. Then there’s recent people in my life like Eric, and I couldn’t tell you when he became my best friend, but he is, so he’s another one of those best friend soulmates. There are so many people that can come into your life at any given time and you just have to trust that they are there for a reason. Whether they are the Yin to your Yang or the Yin to your Yin, soulmates are all around you.

What do you think?



Lazy Late Night

Okay it’s not too late, but I am feeling really lazy, so I’m finishing these tumblr questions (and tomorrow is going to be a different type of questions sorry in advance but it’s already planned I would do it today but it’s more involved you’ll see:)).

101. Do you type fast? If I’m inspired enough.

102. Do you regret anything from your past?
 Sometimes, but I usually really think through my decisions (contrary to popular belief) and I try and make the best decision for the future. Even though this might make me upset, I don’t think I actually regret much if anything.

103. Can you spell well? No spell check is my best friend.

104. Do you miss anyone from your past?  Loads of people. 

105. Ever been to a bonfire party?
 I have had a bonfire, not a party though.

106. Ever broken someone’s heart?
 So he said.

107. Have you ever been on a horse?
 I’m not sure, not that I remember.

108. What should you be doing?

109. Is something irritating you right now?
 This darn cough that won’t go away.

110. Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?

111. Do you have trust issues?

112. Who was the last person you cried in front of?
 I don’t usually cry in front of people, I’m thinking either someone in my family, and I know I called Meag crying one day but I don’t know if I cried in front of her. If I’m going to cry I’m going to do it on my own.

113. What was your childhood nickname?
 My dad has always called me Mare, my mom calls me Mary Girl, and my sister used to call me “Oh” but other than that nothing really.

114. Have you ever been out of your province/state?
 Obviously, I go to school out of state.

115. Do you play the Wii?

116. Are you listening to music right now?
 Nope, I’m watching Friends.

117. Do you like chicken noodle soup?
 I don’t like wet foods.

118. Do you like Chinese food?
 Not really. 

119. Favourite book?
 Harry Potter.

120. Are you afraid of the dark? It depends on the situation.

121. Are you mean? I can be, don’t cross me.

122. Is cheating ever okay?
 In a relationship no.

123. Can you keep white shoes clean? I don’t own white shoes but I doubt I could.

124. Do you believe in love at first sight? No, I believe in lust at first sight.

125. Do you believe in true love?

126. Are you currently bored? Not really, just tired.

127. What makes you happy?
 Coffee and dark chocolate.

128. Would you change your name?
 Nope, my name suits me.

129. What your zodiac sign? Virgo.

130. Do you like subway? Yes, delicious.

131. Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do? If I like them, I date them, if I don’t, we stay best friends.

132. Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
 I don’t remember.

133. Favourite lyrics right now?
  Tell me does she look at you the way I do, Try to understand the words you say, and the way you move? Does she get the same big rush, When you go in for a hug and your cheeks brush?”

134. Can you count to one million? I suppose if I wanted to I could.

135. Dumbest lie you ever told?
 “I don’t know.”

136. Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?

137. How tall are you? 5 foot, 5 and one half inch. 

138. Curly or Straight hair?
 I like both, my hair is in the middle and I can do either or so that’s nice.

139. Brunette or Blonde? I like brunettes better, but that’s because that’s the color of my hair.

140. Summer or Winter?
 I don’t like either. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold. If I had to pick I would pick summer since I have off.

141. Night or Day? Night.

142. Favourite month? September, perfect weather and my birthday.

143. Are you a vegetarian?
 No way.

144. Dark, milk or white chocolate?  Dark chocolate for sure.

145. Tea or Coffee? Coffee, I don’t like the aftertaste of tea at all.

146. Was today a good day? It was decent.

147. Mars or Snickers? I don’t know what’s in a Mars, so I’ll go with Snickers.

148. What’s your favourite quote? “Whatever you want to do, do it. There’s only so many tomorrows”

149. Do you believe in ghosts? Kind of. 

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page? The closest book to me in my journal and page 42 is blank. 

Tumblr Questions: Creative Roadblock.

I want to say that I don’t think I’m going to do daily vlogging. It’s going to be weekly and like the one I did for when I went to Boston. I’m going to try and avoid the YouTube community even though it seems really cool, I would never want to become big because it just seems to be getting crazier and crazier. So I’ve hit a creativity wall for some reason. I think maybe because I’ve spent my day reading and that means I’ve basically been living inside a different world the whole day. I think I’ll try doing some book reviews this summer because that’s how I plan on spending my free time.

61. Been suspended/expelled? Nope. 

62. Been arrested? 


63. Ever been in love? Nope.

64. Tell us the story of your first kiss? How about not. 

65. Are you hungry right now? Nope.

66. Do you like your wordpress friends more than your real friends?
 I mean I talk to people on here but I don’t know if I would consider us friends… If you consider us friends comment! So right now I have to say my real world friends.

67. Facebook or Twitter?
 Twitter for sure. 

68. Twitter or Tumblr?
 This is actually hard. I really like twitter, but I get annoyed with people so I like Tumblr more I guess.

69. Are you watching tv right now?  Yes. 

70. Names of your bestfriends? I have a lot of friends and I think I consider most of them best friends because I go to each person with different things at different times.

71. Craving something? What?
 Dark chocolate. 

72. What colour are your towels? 
My school ones are pink, white, and grey, the ones I use at home are purple or green.

72. How many pillows do you sleep with? Usually one, tops two.

73. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
 Just one.

74. How many stuffed animals do you think you have?
 Too many, my kids will never need their own.

75. Favourite animal? Giraffe.

76. What colour is your underwear? Light pink.

77. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.

78. Favourite ice cream flavour?
 Peanut Butter.

79. What colour shirt are you wearing? Grey, white, and purple.

80. What colour pants? Giraffe print.

81. Favourite tv show?
 Probably Grey’s Anatomy.

82. Favourite movie?
 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (even though I usually cry the whole movie).

83. Mean Girls or Mean Girls 2?
  Why would anyone ever say Mean Girls 2? That’s the real question.

84. Mean Girls or 21 Jump Street? Mean Girls.

85. Favourite character from Mean Girls?

86. Favourite character from Finding Nemo?  I hate that movie so much.

87. First person you talked to today?
 My littlest sister Julia.

88. Last person you talked to today? My other little sister Sarah.

89. Name a person you hate?
 I try not to hate people, usually I just really don’t like them.

90. Name a person you love?
 My whole family (I know that’s not a person).

91. Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?

92. In a fight with someone? Nope.

93. How many sweatpants do you have? Not enough.

94. How many sweaters/hoodies do you have? Too many.

95. Last movie you watched? Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

96. Favourite actress?
 Emma Watson.

97. Favourite actor?
 Zac Efron.

98. Do you tan a lot?
 Noooo, that’s so bad for you.

99. Have any pets? Yes, my very old dog. 

100. How are you feeling?

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!



The Best of Internet: April

Okay so last month I did one of these posts and no one liked it, and guess who doesn’t really care, THIS GIRL! I write for myself and I like compiling things so that’s what’s going on again today. First and foremost, I’m not doing BuzzFeed this month and I’m adding my favorite YouTube videos of the month as well as my favorite songs of the month. Also, if you would like to be featured in May’s post be sure to leave your twitter/tumblr/Wordpress/anything you want in the comments so I can check it out and maybe throw that in!


ice cream


First of all, please click on the picture so you can see the whole thing. I just thought it was funny. Also if you have a tumblr you have to follow the user pizza, literally the best account.

a month


I think this is so true. Too much happens in a month and you can’t focus on all of that. You have to focus on what’s happening in the now, and what you can do right now to help you get farther to what you to do. Don’t focus on what you can do a year from now, because a year from now everything might be really different, look at right now.

city lights


I just thought this was really pretty. It’s seeing pictures like this that make me fall in love with traveling over and over again. I don’t know how people look at these things and shrug them off like they’re nothing. I want to be the person taking these pictures, writing down how I feel in these places, and just how magical the world can be.

lizzie mcguire


Do I need reasoning other than Lizzie McGuire? Well and Gordo is basically me whenever I go to a campus wide event, the only reasons I ever go is so I don’t have to eat my own snacks, I can eat the ones the colleges provide me with. Unless it sounds horrendous then I’ll stay in my room thank you very much.

getting better


I like to think I’m getting better so I really like this quote. It might take a lot, and some days might be really bad, but the anxiety is lessening and the panic attacks are fewer. I don’t know what I’m doing, maybe things are just better, or it’s just a good spell. I’m not sure, but I’m going to think for now that I’m getting better, and I know it’ll take a while until I’m 100% better, I probably will never be at 100%, overall though I’m doing fine. That’s what’s important.

they were wrong


There will always be bullies and there will always be people who try to put you down. I don’t think people should let this nonsense get to them.  I know it hurts, but in the end they’re going to be the ones that are wrong. I know most of you are older and past this point at your life, then tell people how it gets better. Tell them how high school doesn’t matter, you know those bullies were wrong, show them how great you are. If I ever fall in love with something I’m not going to let people tell me it’s stupid if it’s something I want to do.



I love this because it’s so true. We encounter so many faces on a daily basis and we never think about them. You will never know about the man who got on the subway with his headphones in a smile on his face, did he just meet the love of his life or did he quit a job he hated? It’s crazy to think that we can encounter thousands of people in a day and we’re lucky if we know about a hundred. It’s sad and amazing at the same time.

thinking about it


I do this all the time. The only reason that certain people are still in my life is because my mind won’t let them go. I think that this quote shows that we make our own realities sometimes. If we want to let something go, we can’t think about it anymore. There will always be those days where a name will be said and memories will rush through your mind, but if you stopped thinking about it a while ago, the memories will leave as fast as they came.

letting people


There are always people in your life that are more of a detriment than a benefit to your wellbeing. This is important to me because I tend to care about those who would rather see me put down than see me happy. That’s only bad for me. I do too much for people who care too little about me and this shows that I deserve better than that, more than that. People that are a detriment to you control these things, they get in your mind and you think that you’re important to them as well, but if someone makes you feel worse than the make you feel good, it’s not a good relationship, and that includes friendships.

hate yourself


If you can’t read this you should really click on it and read it. I think this applies to so many people, but especially girls. I’ve wrote about it numerous times but society is so harsh and girls just hate themselves. I hate seeing people so harsh on themselves when they don’t see the perfect parts about them. It’s so important that everyone can see how wonderful they really are.


If you love music watch this. This girl took a bunch of different songs and put them into one. However, it’s pretty old and you might have already seen it, but if not watch it!


You guys might know, I’m obsessed with YouTubers, especially daily vloggers, like the Shaytards. Well this month the Shaytards gave a shoutout to a couple and they’re making my new list. I’m going to put their latest video here, but they vlog everyday and you should just watch them all because they’re pretty cool. They’re called Samika because his name is Sam and her name is Jennika (which I love that name), they’re also expecting a baby and I’m sure that will only make their vlogs more interesting.


Okay you might not know this guy, but he’s one of my favorites, Andrew Lowe. He is my spirit animal. I end up crying by the end because he’s so funny. He has a very dry sense of humor so if you aren’t into that I wouldn’t suggest him, but actually I would because he’s hilarious.


Guys, Connor Franta. I know, Joe Sugg was my favorite for a long time, but I have like a legit crush on Connor Franta. Like it’s a real problem and the worst part is if I wrote down everything I wanted in a guy it would be him, which is terrible because he has no idea I exist. Also, I doubt he would ever date a fan, how sad. It’s okay one day I’ll meet a real boy just as good.


I threw Troye in last month twice, however this month he posted a song and I couldn’t leave it out. If he wasn’t gay, it would be my life goal to marry him. He sings, acts, and is hilarious. If you want to subscribe to anyone on YouTube pick him.



First of all, you guys should all follow me :) @mrmilligan13 that’s also my instagram and tumblr.

Next you should follow @wordsporn don’t worry it’s not actually porn! It’s just like quotes and inspiring phrases, like food porn with words, ya know?

If you like anti jokes you need to follow @antijokeapple because it’s hilarious.

If you are a Harry Potter fan it’s very important to follow @_Snape_ because whoever runs that is the funniest person ever.

I’m a huge Office fan so I follow @OfficeScenes because they have the best quotes from the show and it’s perfect. I’m pretty sure I always retweet them.

Okay so that’s the best of this month. Let me know if you want to be included next month so I can throw you in there! I’m all about promoting people who work hard! Thanks for reading!



The Best of the Internet: March

First of all can someone please go ask me a question? I don’t want to not have anything to answer. So I’m not going to do that until tomorrow anyway because I have to find something to write too. You can leave a question at the bottom of this post or go HERE the original post that asks for it. Or any post, I will scour them all to find one.

So today I’m trying something new that I thought of that I’m going to do once a month if it goes well and I’m calling it the “The Best of the Internet” but basically it should be called the best of Tumblr, Twitter, and BuzzFeed since those are the sites I spend the majority of my time on besides WordPress, which to be honest is my biggest time consumer. So ACTUALLY if you want YOUR blog to be in the Best of April be sure to link me to it somewhere and I’ll pick some to in next month’s post. Eventually I might actually add my favorite YouTube videos of the month but we shall see how I feel. IT”S ALL ABOUT ME! Just kidding, it’s just about what I want to do with some input from whoever gives it to me, which is typically no one so really just me.  So without further ado I give you the best of March. On the internet.


Before I include this section, I’m still kinda new to tumblr and parts of it confuse me so I’m trying my hardest for this section.



Well who doesn’t love a struggling banana? I know I appreciate it. My question is, how on earth did he get the other sock on already? No but really this is how I felt a lot of the month. Mary, you felt like a banana? Yes. Yes I did.



So I just thought the picture was artistic. Then the quote over top, seems right. I mean everyone has their flaws, but apparently when you’re in love even their flaws are perfect. So yeah that’s cool I guess. No, this is not me telling you guys I’m in love, being in love would involve some type of boy and I don’t have one of those. If I do you guys will be one of the first to groups to find out.



Oh hey look it’s my favorite book/movie series. They will probably make it every month because I love it. Hashtag sorry not sorry. Anywho, I thought this was like cool because it was like they WERE the Deathly Hallows so yeah that’s super cool. It’s really cool.



I tried really hard not do this guys but they are FLAWLESS. Seriously I hate to admit this, but no secrets, remember? I am a huge Zalfie and Troyler shipper, also Zoe and Louise are my role model as I have previously mentioned, and Troye, if he wasn’t gay, trust me I would be constantly spamming him on Twitter. My apologies for having to include this. I just, they’re just, oh how flawless they are.



Well this is just super cool. I love this idea and if I was more artistic/creative/mostly if I had a really nice camera I would totally steal this idea. Like just I am at a loss of words for how cool this is. What should I say? I love this. I just really really love it.



History and real life is cool. Even though Hitler is not so cool this picture is still cool. I need new adjectives, I’m sorry. Also that couple is reading in front of the Eiffel Tower, and now that’s a new life goal if I ever have some sort of male friend in my life.



This is how I feel about every person (basically) who has entered my life. Like I can’t even tell you guys (well I’m sure I can because I have) how much I believe in the idea that every person impacts every person they meet. So yeah this is it for that. one

Okay so that was the tumblr and this month was rough because this weekend involved a lot of shameful fangirling which I do not reblog so I like it instead because of Playlist Live, so yeah. Onto BuzzFeed. First of all I have a complaint to Apple for having me delete this app just so I can make room for the freaking update, so now I actually have to go to the website. This section is just links you should check out.


18 Facts To Help You Appreciate Manatees

52 Lies Children’s Books Told You Growing Up

Vintage Snapshots Of Italy In The 1980s

23 Useless Facts That You Totally Need To Know (that I probably already shared with you)

24 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You


So basically for this section I’m going to give you 5 twitter accounts to check out this month and if you would like yours to be included follow me and tweet me please!

First of all let’s give me that self promo @mrmilligan13

Hannah Montana: @hannah_yall

Andrew Lowe: @andrewlx

Harry Potter: @ArryPottah

Troye Sivan: @troyesivan

Okay so this is the best of the internet of March, let me know what you think and if I should continue it. If you would like to promote your blog/twitter/tumblr/whatever on earth you use on the internet and let me know. I will not promote anything I don’t like so I actually have to like it too. Okay I have to go hunt down some papers and get a shower. DON’T FORGET TO ASK ME QUESTIONS! Thanks for reading!



The Internet: A Scary Place?

As all of you I’m sure can assume, I spend a lot of time on the internet, which I don’t feel bad about at all. However, sometimes I worry about the information I put on the internet. It’s safe to assume my entire life can be found in the matter of a few clicks, and that’s how it is for most people, I’ve done it. This occasionally scares me.

I never have location services turned on unless I’m maybe out somewhere, like “oh hey I’m at a Phillies game, you jealous?” but that’s it. Never at school and never at home, because it is so easy to track that information. This is one huge way that I try to stay safe on the internet.

Things that make me nervous are things like I haven’t told you guys where I go to school or the exact town where I live, but if you follow me on twitter you’d probably find out where I go. Is that dangerous? I’m not sure. I keep my Facebook very private, I only ever add people I know and I thought maybe for a little I would let blog followers add me, but I don’t know if that’s safe. If it continues to grow I’ll make a fan page or something, but at this point I don’t feel safe accepting friend requests for this very reason.

I think that the way we were taught to use the internet and the way we use it is very different.  We were taught not to talk to strangers, not to put out personal information, if you talk to people on internet they’re probably fake, it’s not a safe place, and the list goes on and on. I’ve had countless assemblies on this for about as long as I can remember. However, I’m not sure if I agree with this. I talk to “strangers” on a regular basis, I mean if you comment on my post, I’m going to reply. I send people messages on tumblr if they seem sad or upset.  I put my email out here in case someone ever needs someone to talk to, I never know who’s going to stumble upon this. I don’t put personal information out here really, like it would take long email conversations and maybe even skype before I would give my number to anyone. I’m still very cautious and weary about people on the internet because of what I was taught, but I’m not going to let that stop from meeting more people.

I think now, our generation is starting to see the internet as a place to make friends and connections. I mean, go on tumblr, you’ll find blogs run by two people who live across the world from one another and have never met in person yet they’re best friends. I still think we need to be weary of people but that doesn’t change the fact that you could meet really great people online. The internet is the WORLD WIDE WEB you can meet people from all over the world. Say you make a friend in England and oh look you have the money for a plane ticket and food, yet you don’t have somewhere to stay, if you have a close friend in England that you know is real because you’ve skyped and such, you do, if they don’t mind. You can make connections literally everywhere and I think that’s amazing.

So yes, the internet can be a very scary place but that doesn’t mean that we should have been taught to be afraid of it. We should have been taught on how to be careful and how to tell if someone is real or fake rather than just being told that everyone is scary and fake. The internet is the new playground, a place to make friends, but it’s even better because you can meet people from literally anywhere. So go make a real internet friend because I think that’s cool, even though I don’t have any. Be careful though.

Thanks for reading everyone!




Today I relearned a very important lesson, kindness goes a very long way. I don’t think people understand what the power of words can do.

This is in both a positive and negative way. What you say to someone has the power to change their whole life. It can be as simple as a hello or even an I’m here for you. Words and actions can change a life. You never know what someone is going through and what you say can make or break their world.  This article is a prime example link and please read the story before going on with the post if you don’t know it.

Offering someone a hand in a time of need can literally save their life. On the other hand a “mean” word can literally rip someone apart so much you can destroy their life. I can’t tell you how many sad stories I read and see on tumblr. I hate the fact that I grew up in a place that one day someone’s not going to make it out of there in time and something really bad is going to happen there because people are so judgmental. Why can’t we accept those who are a little bit different? I shouldn’t have to worry about people I know getting bullied so bad that they’re suicidal. That’s scary. I hate that it’s acceptable to treat people like that, because really, it’s not.

Please don’t ever tell anyone to “go die” or “I hope your mom get cancer” those things aren’t okay to say and I hate the fact that I see them on a daily basis. Go ahead look through you favorite celebrities twitter responses because I can almost guaranteed  you that you will be so disappointed in society as a whole. I’m sure many of you may know about the Tyler Oakley/ Liam Payne drama, Tyler Oakley, internet fanatic felt so threatened he stayed offline for a week. No one should have to feel like that, no one should have to feel like that. I don’t think people understand the power words have, you can literally rip apart someone’s life so much that they want to die. No one should want to die people should want to live and be happy.

Think twice before you say anything. Pay a stranger a compliment. Tell your best friend you love them. Never take anyone for granted. Be kind and if you think you can make someone smile, do it because chances are, they need it.

On that note I would like to again put my email here (marysaverageadventures@gmail.com) because I touched on suicide again and I never want anyone to feel like there isn’t any other option. I’m a good listener and I can try to make you smile. Please find someone who can help you because life will get better and I’m sorry if it was a person that made you feel that bad. Someone can make you feel better again.



The Simple Things of Life

So incase you haven’t noticed, my blog is rather simple.  I like the simple things in life, and I much more appreciative of those than the extravagant.  To me simplicity is beauty.  I often go on tumblr and I see these beautiful pictures, and I sit in awe before I reblog or heart just because I think it is so beautiful.  I think it’s amazing to see the little things God does in the world and how beautiful they are.


It’s pictures like these that I can just stare at for hours on end because they are just so beautiful.  It also puts my life into prospective.  It’s hard to imagine that we are a part of something so big, it can make problems seem so minuscule and meaningless. 

Simple phrases can change the whole meaning of something, as this envelope shows.  There’s probably a heartfelt letter on the inside, filled with apologies and regrets, but what the letter means is written on the outside. You probably don’t even have to read the letter to get the what the message is.  I miss you a lot. A phrase can just hold so much meaning.

Even my favorite books are rather simple, for example I love “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” and even though it gives a complex meaning it is conveyed in simplicity. I don’t want to give anything about it away, but go read it because it is absolutely amazing.

So I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading.