Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 29

Once upon a time, I started this blog because I was going to college and I wanted to document the most mundane of adventures. Did I ever really do that? Not really. It has been three and a half years of rants, thought vomit, out of this world adventures, and sometimes just straight non-sense.

Yesterday, I hit 500 followers. I didn’t cry or shout like I thought I would (well I was at work) but I did get teary eyed. a little shaken and quite frankly a little overwhelmed. That’s a lot of people my friends.

Anyway, so thank you for that. It’s very moving.

Speaking of moving, I have been watching “Girl Boss” which is slightly inspiring. Like Sophia is a one-of-a-kind type of gal who doesn’t always do what’s best and not always what I would do. However, she is quite the go-getter, which is admirable. The show starts off with Sophia (the main character) going on about how being an adult sucks; which is a sentiment I am starting to sympathize with.

While applying for many, many jobs I have found it to be barely bearable. I’m honestly so over it. It’s so boring and excruciatingly painstaking. However, I shall press on and find a job that will do until I have a million children and can start up my mommy blog.

So here’s just a short little LNBM for now. Still working on the re-brand. I’d say by June it’ll be full swing.

Late Night Blogging with Mary: Part 14

I just want to be creative but it’s midnight and I’m tired. Also I’ve lost the ability to be creative.

I left my todo list paper at home and that was a huge mistake because I need to make one. I’ve only had one week of classes and I feel like I have no control over my life already, maybe that’s because I have too much control. They just let you go to whatever classes you want to go to for the first two weeks. For me this is too much to think about, they don’t want me to be in the right classes, so I’m just doing in anyway, at this point. I’m going to the classes I was approved for at home and they can “encourage” me differently.  I’m just stressed and want a set schedule with set assignments and things I’m supposed to be doing. I feel like I need to get my life together.

I started watching “How to Get Away with Murder” it’s very dramatic. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, I just want to know what happens. I think that’s why I tend to like shows that have already concluded or movies better because I have more immediate gratification and I hate waiting. I’m very impatient, I crave immediate gratification.

The one thing I have really liked this week is just exploring the city. Since I’ve been here before I always felt confident with it, however, I’m now realizing it’s a lot bigger than I originally had thought. I really like that though, I like finding more things to explore, more places to see, I like falling in love with new places. Tomorrow my adventure will be to find some good paper for a todo list before I go crazy.

I’m exhausted after a long week, and I know it’s not late night back home yet, but it’s pretty late here so I’m going to bed (okay maybe after this episode).


Netflix Recommendations: TV Shows

I use Netflix way too much. I’m obsessed with it and it’s a problem, but I thought, why not make use of my problem and give a huge list of recommendations  but only for television shows today, I’ll do movies another time.

  1. “The Office” -funny and lighthearted, for a person with a dryer sense of humor but can be appreciated by most in my opinion. Also Jim
  2. “Parks and Recreation” Leslie Knope and Chris Pratt and jokes so funny you laugh out loud with headphones in. It’s absolutely fantastic.
  3. “Grey’s Anatomy” -Just if you need a good cry for about 10 seasons just watch this. Also McDreamy.
  4. “The Carrie Diaries” -This is the prequel to “Sex in the City” which I’ve never seen but this show is very insightful into a teenager’s life. There are some very good quotable things in this show.
  5. “Psych” -hilarious crime show, Criminal Minds without the scariness
  6. “Criminal Minds” -Because who doesn’t love a good murder and being terrified to sleep in their dorm room alone?
  7. “Gossip Girl” -Sadly I predicted the ending from the first episode but most people don’t so I guess go for it.  I really liked the drama, however I don’t like drama so I would get annoyed and take breaks
  8. “Private Practice” -A spin off of Grey’s Anatomy with more drama, it’s great
  9. “The Foster’s” -Seems slightly insestuial but they’re only foster siblings so it’s okay, promotes good family values otherwise
  10. “How I Met Your Mother” -Just a funny show, you really can’t go wrong with it

These are my top ten Netflix suggestions for TV shows, what are yours? I’m always looking for new ones!


Brain Blocked: Favorite TV Shows

It’s nearly 11 and if I didn’t have this internship I would just be starting my post for the night, however, now I have to be up early to get ready for work. So I’m cheating today. This is for everyone on summer break with Netflix and online streaming and who are bored out of their minds. These are just my favorite shows that I watch on Netflix or on TV or on the internet. Basically just my favorite shows.

  • Grey’s Anatomy- Have you seen Jackson Avery? If you have I don’t know how you can’t like the show.
  • Degrassi- I’ve been addicted for a few years now, and it’s not that interesting, it just has me hooked.
  • The Bachelorette- I feel like every teen girl now, catching onto the craze.
  • Orange is the New Black- Great, funny show. Seriously go ahead binge watch the first two seasons. I finished the second one in less than a week, it’s leaving me wondering, when’s season three coming out?
  • Friends- Nick at Nite starting at 10 or 11 and nothing beats the classics.
  • Boy Meets World- MTV during the day and ABCFamily at night, again nothing beats the classics.
  • Saved By the Bell- MTV in the morning or afternoon, seriously, how can you not love this show?
  • The Office- Michael Scott. Plus now that I work in the office some of the characters seem comparable to real life people, not as extreme but it’s still funny.
  • Parks and Rec- I love Amy Poehler, but probably because of this show. I just feel like I want to be Leslie somedays.
  • House- Drama, it’s just a good show to have on as background noise.

Sorry for the short crappy post! I have ideas written down it’ll just take some time to get there.



The Throwback Tag

So guys I haven’t really had the best day today, or even a good day like I was expecting.  My anxiety has been really bad day and I have had multiple panic attacks today so I decided instead of ranting about how bad it is again to just do a simple sort of tag and since I like them it might even help me feel a little bit more relaxed.

Here it is: The Throwback Tag

What year were you born in? 1994

Do you have any pictures of yourself from when you were younger? I only have one on my computer but I’ll be sure to include it in the end :)

What TV shows did you watch growing up? Rugrats, Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Even Stevens, Full House, and so many others I’ve always been TV addicted, whoops.

What were your favorite toys to play with? Well my best friend Hannah and I would only play things like Barbies occasionally and the only thing I really really remember us doing is making “muck” which was water mixed with anything we could get our hands on in her backyard.

What is the most embarrassing thing that you can remember doing? This is such a hard thing to answer because I would always do things on purpose to see how big of an idiot I could make of myself, something I look back on as really embarrassing is in the 8th grade each week I would pretend to be someone/something different, like I one week I was Hannah Montana, and then the next week I was like I duck I think. Surprisingly the same year I was voted most likely to be president…

Something you wrote in kindergarten.

Three songs you loved to listen as a child. “Sk8er Boi” by Avril Lavigne, “He Loves U Not” by Dream, and of course the whole entire High School Musical soundtrack, but my favorite song off of it had to be (and still is) “Start of Something New” and obviously it’s because it’s what the whole thing is centered around, duhhhh.

What was one funny thing you dressed up as for Halloween when you were younger? I believe it was in the 5th grade I dressed up as a prisoner, handcuffs and all, I even went as far as drawing on a unibrow and goatee and pulled my hair up to look like a man. 

Share a funny story of something you remembering happening when you were young. Well gather round boys and girls, one day my friend Hannah and I were going around my development trying to catch frogs, which we did, and we kept them in the bucket, when one jumped out in front of my scooter, and of course I didn’t want to hit it so I slammed my foot down and flipped my scooter! So needless to say I seriously hurt myself, and needed stitches, but didn’t get them so I have a pretty cool scar on my elbow.

Are there any special things you’ve kept from when you were a child?  I like to keep everything, but I’d say the most special thing that I’ve kept is my little stuffed bunny that has a rattle in it, not gonna lie, I still sleep with it and I’m 19.

What was something weird you did as a child? Well I did a lot of weird things as a kid, but I’d say the weirdest thing I did was play this game with myself where I would go and hide until my mom started freaking out that I ran away and then I would emerge laughing and I would typically get in trouble for this. I would also play board games alone, guess that’s weird too.

What’s the scariest thing that happened to you when you were younger? One halloween my friends and I went alone and these boys tried to attack us but I called my mom and she called Hannah’s dad and he came with a bat and threatened to beat them up so yeah there’s that.

How is the world different now from when you were a child? Well this is depressing, I guess I would say it’s not as easy.  As I got older everything got harder, plus it’s more expensive since I need more than candy and toys now, but I still want those too!

Here’s the picture of my cousin and I from when we were really little kids, yeah I was cute once.

Well anyway guys I’m headed off to bed now because I have to be up pretty early for work tomorrow, and I still have to find my pants before I go to bed. I know these aren’t exactly popular on my channel but I want to try and do a post a day and with how I’m feeling today this is the best it was going to get. Hope you could at least laugh at my childhood adventures a little bit. Thanks for reading!



P.S. Question to anyone who pays the $18 a year for their website name, why do you do so? I’m thinking about doing it and I need some other opinions on the matter so feel free to chime in on why you made the decision to either pay for it or not in my comment section. Thanks for the input!