My Reaction to Essena O’Neill

social media real

In case you haven’t yet heard about Essena O’Neill, here is a BuzzFeed article that has all of the information collectively, or at least the best collective article I’ve seen.  If you don’t want to read it, she was an Australian beauty vlogger/model/Instagram personality who has recently “quit” social media, however, she is now running a blog, and has changed several of her Instagram captions to better explain what was happening in the picture, whether it was branding or how long it took her to pose for what was supposed to be a candid shot.

O’Neill wrote on several of her captions that she was paid to wear clothes and put them on Instagram but would never wear them out of the house. A lot of it went back to how she was almost sexualizing herself as a 15-16 year old girl. In her video she talks about how upset she was as a 12 year old, seeing people with thousands of followers and that’s what she wanted to be so she started cutting down on her size, measuring herself, doing what it took to be those people, at just twelve years old. This is so sad and scary to me, as my youngest sister is just 14 and I hate hearing things like that. I think it is almost because of this that she started to overly edit and pose for her photos. She created an image to be #goals and the person she always wanted to be, however it was entirely manipulated to become that person, it was never actually her.

To me, this idea is so interesting. I love social media, I love to research about it, I love how it connects people and how it is used for advertising. It’s fascinating.  The numbers also intrigue me, but it’s the meaning of the numbers that I find interesting. Each of those numbers is 1. a person, 2. add up to establish the “reputation” of the blogger/YouTuber/other social media “celebrity”.  It’s crazy to me how much of this could be manipulated, how many of these people we look at on Instagram/ YouTube/ blogs are faking it, or at least faking part of it.

I had heard that Dodie from doddleoodle posted a video response on her vlog channel, doddlevloggle about the subject, where she essentially said that you need to find the balance of who you are and branding yourself  and you  need to stay true to yourself, because you will not be able to live up to it, and I totally agree with that. My brand, if you can call it that, is me, one-hundred percent me, and my thoughts. Whenever I do something that’s not me,  I have to fix it because it makes me insanely anxious that  I am not being myself online. Like Dodie, I am an oversharer, so this is the perfect platform. She also went on to talk about how O’Neill is still going to be using social media as well, which isn’t bad, but she’s also not quitting.

I’m finding this whole discussion that social media is “bad” silly.  Social media is driving change throughout the advertising and marketing industry. You are ignorant to believe that if Zoella recommends a very specific store or if Bethany Mota promotes a product that hundreds upon hundreds of teenaged girls aren’t going out to buy it, why do you think so many YouTubers are now on the New York Times Bestsellers list? They have more influence than mainstream media cares to admit.  We live in a digital culture, social media has to be used, companies are going to thrive off of the “Insta-Famous” to promote their products and what it comes down to is the person who is doing the promoting and how they care to do it. If someone ever decides to pay me for a blog post, it will be clear that is a promotional post for a company, you don’t have to pretend it’s not a promotional things, people like it more when you’re upfront. Then you won’t have this anxiety that you aren’t being yourself and you are pretending to be the perfect person.

Since starting this post, her Instagram has been deleted. Maybe she is really trying to get rid of all social media, but her blog is still up. I don’t know. I understand where she is coming from, but social media will never go away. I feel bad that she struggled so much from her experiences with social media, but it will never go away. She wants people to connect over global issues rather than likes/followers/subscribers which makes sense, but I think you can do that without the worrying. She really emphasized the point that social media isn’t real, well I can’t say that I agree with that. It’s all how you decide to put words out and share yourself. I choose to be me, maybe I embellish my instagram captions (“lost in london” I wasn’t actually lost) but really the reality of social media is here to stay. While yes, we should put our phones away, trust me, it drives me crazy how attached I am to my phone as well as everyone else, but, we have them, we are on them, and it is part of our lives that will be here to stay.

Choose who you are going to be online, don’t be fake if it’s going to force you to internally combust. Take control of your life and who you are online.

Let me know your opinions in the comments, I look forward to reading them! Are you going to quit social media? I’m not, we are a generation of the internet, enjoy it, or don’t. That’s  your choice.


Dead Conversations: Social Media and Personability.

social media

I feel as if with social media there are so many dead conversations and empty days. While yes when you sit on your phone when you’re out to dinner you could very well be communicating with a whole slew of people, but what about the people who are right in front of you?

Something that always bothers me is when I go out with a group of friends and everyone is just on their phones, but I also know that I can be an offender of this as well, but I’m trying not to be. We get so caught up in what we might be missing that we forget to look at what’s right in front of us. Sometimes I feel like when I’m out with a group of people they’re looking for what’s better and that’s what they’re going to find on their phones. You’re with a whole group of people, why do you need to talk to more? What about the people right in front of you?

I think as Millennials there is that constant need to be connected, and I think that can get mixed up by what a connection is. A connection can be more than through a phone or computer, it’s even more personal in person which seems to have been forgotten a lot of the time. We become less of a person online and in return less present to those who are right in front of us, so we just keep becoming lesser and lesser. People bully online because they can’t physically see the consequences, they don’t think of the person on the receiving end as a person. It’s not the same as communicating face to face, it’s not a bad way of communicating, I know it’s actually a great way. However, not when there are other people that you are supposed to be engaging with around.

Since I’ve been away I’ve noticed that people are less attached to the phones, especially the people who didn’t pay for data here. While, yes sometimes there is that search for wifi a lot of the time, when it’s not immediately available people are connect with what’s around them rather than what’s on the screen in front of them.

It’s important to use this new technology and talk to people, however, it’s also important to remember those who are right in front of us.  Remember to put down the phone, put away the laptops and tablets, and connect with everyone around you. Whether that’s a night out with friends or just a quick coffee, those connections are just as important as the ones you’re making on the phone. Now, I’m not saying, never use your phone in public, I would be a hypocrite to say that. I’m not saying make a connection with every person you encounter, I’m just saying make time with the people around you count.  This is something I need to get better with myself too. I know that I have a habit of being on my phone way too much, and it’s something I need to try and stop too, but I think this needs to be a group effort, something everyone is working towards.

15 Minutes of Fame

I’m annoyed and I’ve had several posts thought out and semi planned for today and now I’m feeling anxious and annoyed, then more annoyed because I feel anxious, it’s a vicious cycle and I’m just kind of done at the moment for reasons I’d just rather not get into at this particular moment so I’m just going to do something stupid and this is going to be a disregard post basically. So unless you really love me, you don’t have to read this.

This is a post I’ve tried to write several times and it never quite went the way I wanted it to so I never posted it, so I’m writing it when I’m pissed off, annoyed, and just in a generally bad mood and maybe then it will go the way I want it to this time.

It used to be everyone wanted their 15 minutes of fame and it basically lasted for 15 minutes, which means a very short time, well people still want their 15 minutes of fame, it just end up lasting a lot longer than the initial 15 minutes they expected. Everyone has their means, modeling, photography, writing, acting, stupid videos, funny tweets, basically anything can get you famous today, yet when that happens instead of having a town looking to you like it used to be you have what could be millions of people.

People find this short fame town anywhere they can, the desire the acceptance of others, especially their peers, even when they’re strangers. People just want the gratification of being “famous” the perks of what comes with it, the benefits, yet no one seems to think what happens once they’re there. I think a lot of people are willing to do just about anything for “fame” which puts them in a place where they aren’t quite realizing what they’re doing.

With the internet anything you put out there is there forever, even if you delete it, it’s still going to be there. If you post nudes (which people do) to get famous, your future employer will see you naked, guess what, you aren’t going to get the job. Is the fifteen minutes of fame really worth it? Is it really worth your integrity to go to extremes just to have that short time in the lime light? I doubt it, but to each their own I guess.

Then once you’re in this place of fame, how ready are you? Like people who make Vines have 6 million followers and I’m sure they’re getting mobbed when they go out sometimes, they have to stop and take selfies and sign autographs, probably not what they were expecting with a six second video. Would you want that when you’re striving for fame? Sorry no, I want to go to Target in peace.

So this still didn’t go the way I wanted it to, eventually I’ll fix it. Leave me your thoughts about the fifteen minutes of fames in the comments, I’d love to see different opinions!



Dear WordPress,

Well WordPress this evening’s post was supposed to be about my love for summer nights, however, you just changed my mind.

What on earth is this new format? I don’t think you asked for my permission to change it this drastically. This is not how I like to blog. I like to see clearly what I’m tagging as well as the categories I can chose from. I don’t like that it’s so narrow, what was this change based off of?

I guess this stems from my hatred of change, I like consistency, I like to know where everything is. I also don’t like how this font looks when I’m typing. What are you doing to me?

I don’t like this one bit, however it does look nice but I like the old way better. I could navigate to older posts to make sure I hadn’t written about my idea before. Where is that now? Where is my very easy to navigate dashboard? I miss it already and it’s hardly gone. My day went from good to sad. I’m very upset with this layout.

Does anyone else feel this way? This is worse than the twitter change. Maybe. Actually it is because I hardly ever look at my own profile, but I type here EVERYDAY!

I’m not okay with this. Someone fix it back to the way it was. It’s been gone for just a short amount of time and I miss it so much.

Dear WordPress, please fix this issue.



Before you go, it’s too hard to find the publish button and I like seeing my post when it’s completed, please change it back. Please, I’m begging.

“What Girls Want”

We’ve all seen them, those tweets saying “relationship goals” or “this is all I want” or a list of high demands from girls about morning texts, instagram pictures and tweets all about them. Well I’m here to say never have I ever wanted any of that.

Here let’s make a list of all these things girls “want”:

  • random cheek kissing
  • random texts saying you miss me/cute texts
  • tweet about me
  • a picture of us on instagram/ being your woman crush Wednesday
  • the purchase of Victoria’s Secret bras/bathing suits/underwear/ect.
  • flowers on the front seat
  • declarations saying that I’m yours
  • jealousy stuff
  • morning/ goodnight texts
  • checking up on me
  • cuddling whilst driving
  • don’t talk to any other girls. ever.

All of this stuff is so stupid. First of all a relationship is a two way street. If you are expecting a guy to do all of that for you, I hope that you do all of that for him. Secondly, those are some pretty high demands. Personally, I would not feel comfortable if my boyfriend were to buy me underwear or bras, let alone $50 ones from Victoria’s Secret. I don’t even like flowers, they die I would not be impressed if I got in a car with those. Also, I don’t think jealousy is attractive and if I have a friend of the opposite sex, that shouldn’t be means for jealousy, just as I would not expect a guy to stop being friends with any girls. Sure, public acknowledgement of a relationship and all is nice, but  it’s not the world’s relationship it’s ours. I don’t need comments on my instagram pictures or pictures of me with the caption “#wcw” if you’re in a relationship with me I’m pretty sure you like me and probably my looks at least a little. Good morning and good night texts are okay, but I better not be waking up to a text when you get up because that will not lead to a happy Mary. Even texts saying how you miss me, that puts a little pressure on me, that’s kind of clingy. Too much to handle if you ask me. I don’t know why I kept seeing cuddling while driving in my little research on twitter. That’s just not safe! Come one people! Two hands on the wheel.

Okay now here’s a list of things I find practical in a relationship:

  • Being in the same room together, whether you’re doing something together or not, spending time together is what counts.
  • Going out without distractions, no twitter, no email, no texting, being able to talk and laugh with each other.
  • Talking on the phone maybe once a day or every other day, there doesn’t have to be constant contact.
  • Running errands together, simple things like getting shopping done and simply spending time is better than big fancy dates.
  • Chocolate over anything else. However, it’s not a necessity, I would consider that being high maintenance.

To be completely honest, relationships are only about the two people in it. I guess if you want all of that stuff it’s awesome and I really hope you find someone like that for you. Personally, I could never handle a relationship like that and I think guys should know that there are girls out there that have lower, maybe more realistic expectations.

Sorry this post might have offended people. I am only putting my own two cents in the matter hopefully you don’t get too upset with me. Thanks for reading either way!



The Best of Internet: April

Okay so last month I did one of these posts and no one liked it, and guess who doesn’t really care, THIS GIRL! I write for myself and I like compiling things so that’s what’s going on again today. First and foremost, I’m not doing BuzzFeed this month and I’m adding my favorite YouTube videos of the month as well as my favorite songs of the month. Also, if you would like to be featured in May’s post be sure to leave your twitter/tumblr/Wordpress/anything you want in the comments so I can check it out and maybe throw that in!


ice cream


First of all, please click on the picture so you can see the whole thing. I just thought it was funny. Also if you have a tumblr you have to follow the user pizza, literally the best account.

a month


I think this is so true. Too much happens in a month and you can’t focus on all of that. You have to focus on what’s happening in the now, and what you can do right now to help you get farther to what you to do. Don’t focus on what you can do a year from now, because a year from now everything might be really different, look at right now.

city lights


I just thought this was really pretty. It’s seeing pictures like this that make me fall in love with traveling over and over again. I don’t know how people look at these things and shrug them off like they’re nothing. I want to be the person taking these pictures, writing down how I feel in these places, and just how magical the world can be.

lizzie mcguire


Do I need reasoning other than Lizzie McGuire? Well and Gordo is basically me whenever I go to a campus wide event, the only reasons I ever go is so I don’t have to eat my own snacks, I can eat the ones the colleges provide me with. Unless it sounds horrendous then I’ll stay in my room thank you very much.

getting better


I like to think I’m getting better so I really like this quote. It might take a lot, and some days might be really bad, but the anxiety is lessening and the panic attacks are fewer. I don’t know what I’m doing, maybe things are just better, or it’s just a good spell. I’m not sure, but I’m going to think for now that I’m getting better, and I know it’ll take a while until I’m 100% better, I probably will never be at 100%, overall though I’m doing fine. That’s what’s important.

they were wrong


There will always be bullies and there will always be people who try to put you down. I don’t think people should let this nonsense get to them.  I know it hurts, but in the end they’re going to be the ones that are wrong. I know most of you are older and past this point at your life, then tell people how it gets better. Tell them how high school doesn’t matter, you know those bullies were wrong, show them how great you are. If I ever fall in love with something I’m not going to let people tell me it’s stupid if it’s something I want to do.



I love this because it’s so true. We encounter so many faces on a daily basis and we never think about them. You will never know about the man who got on the subway with his headphones in a smile on his face, did he just meet the love of his life or did he quit a job he hated? It’s crazy to think that we can encounter thousands of people in a day and we’re lucky if we know about a hundred. It’s sad and amazing at the same time.

thinking about it


I do this all the time. The only reason that certain people are still in my life is because my mind won’t let them go. I think that this quote shows that we make our own realities sometimes. If we want to let something go, we can’t think about it anymore. There will always be those days where a name will be said and memories will rush through your mind, but if you stopped thinking about it a while ago, the memories will leave as fast as they came.

letting people


There are always people in your life that are more of a detriment than a benefit to your wellbeing. This is important to me because I tend to care about those who would rather see me put down than see me happy. That’s only bad for me. I do too much for people who care too little about me and this shows that I deserve better than that, more than that. People that are a detriment to you control these things, they get in your mind and you think that you’re important to them as well, but if someone makes you feel worse than the make you feel good, it’s not a good relationship, and that includes friendships.

hate yourself


If you can’t read this you should really click on it and read it. I think this applies to so many people, but especially girls. I’ve wrote about it numerous times but society is so harsh and girls just hate themselves. I hate seeing people so harsh on themselves when they don’t see the perfect parts about them. It’s so important that everyone can see how wonderful they really are.


If you love music watch this. This girl took a bunch of different songs and put them into one. However, it’s pretty old and you might have already seen it, but if not watch it!

You guys might know, I’m obsessed with YouTubers, especially daily vloggers, like the Shaytards. Well this month the Shaytards gave a shoutout to a couple and they’re making my new list. I’m going to put their latest video here, but they vlog everyday and you should just watch them all because they’re pretty cool. They’re called Samika because his name is Sam and her name is Jennika (which I love that name), they’re also expecting a baby and I’m sure that will only make their vlogs more interesting.

Okay you might not know this guy, but he’s one of my favorites, Andrew Lowe. He is my spirit animal. I end up crying by the end because he’s so funny. He has a very dry sense of humor so if you aren’t into that I wouldn’t suggest him, but actually I would because he’s hilarious.

Guys, Connor Franta. I know, Joe Sugg was my favorite for a long time, but I have like a legit crush on Connor Franta. Like it’s a real problem and the worst part is if I wrote down everything I wanted in a guy it would be him, which is terrible because he has no idea I exist. Also, I doubt he would ever date a fan, how sad. It’s okay one day I’ll meet a real boy just as good.

I threw Troye in last month twice, however this month he posted a song and I couldn’t leave it out. If he wasn’t gay, it would be my life goal to marry him. He sings, acts, and is hilarious. If you want to subscribe to anyone on YouTube pick him.


First of all, you guys should all follow me :) @mrmilligan13 that’s also my instagram and tumblr.

Next you should follow @wordsporn don’t worry it’s not actually porn! It’s just like quotes and inspiring phrases, like food porn with words, ya know?

If you like anti jokes you need to follow @antijokeapple because it’s hilarious.

If you are a Harry Potter fan it’s very important to follow @_Snape_ because whoever runs that is the funniest person ever.

I’m a huge Office fan so I follow @OfficeScenes because they have the best quotes from the show and it’s perfect. I’m pretty sure I always retweet them.

Okay so that’s the best of this month. Let me know if you want to be included next month so I can throw you in there! I’m all about promoting people who work hard! Thanks for reading!



The Best of the Internet: March

First of all can someone please go ask me a question? I don’t want to not have anything to answer. So I’m not going to do that until tomorrow anyway because I have to find something to write too. You can leave a question at the bottom of this post or go HERE the original post that asks for it. Or any post, I will scour them all to find one.

So today I’m trying something new that I thought of that I’m going to do once a month if it goes well and I’m calling it the “The Best of the Internet” but basically it should be called the best of Tumblr, Twitter, and BuzzFeed since those are the sites I spend the majority of my time on besides WordPress, which to be honest is my biggest time consumer. So ACTUALLY if you want YOUR blog to be in the Best of April be sure to link me to it somewhere and I’ll pick some to in next month’s post. Eventually I might actually add my favorite YouTube videos of the month but we shall see how I feel. IT”S ALL ABOUT ME! Just kidding, it’s just about what I want to do with some input from whoever gives it to me, which is typically no one so really just me.  So without further ado I give you the best of March. On the internet.


Before I include this section, I’m still kinda new to tumblr and parts of it confuse me so I’m trying my hardest for this section.



Well who doesn’t love a struggling banana? I know I appreciate it. My question is, how on earth did he get the other sock on already? No but really this is how I felt a lot of the month. Mary, you felt like a banana? Yes. Yes I did.



So I just thought the picture was artistic. Then the quote over top, seems right. I mean everyone has their flaws, but apparently when you’re in love even their flaws are perfect. So yeah that’s cool I guess. No, this is not me telling you guys I’m in love, being in love would involve some type of boy and I don’t have one of those. If I do you guys will be one of the first to groups to find out.



Oh hey look it’s my favorite book/movie series. They will probably make it every month because I love it. Hashtag sorry not sorry. Anywho, I thought this was like cool because it was like they WERE the Deathly Hallows so yeah that’s super cool. It’s really cool.



I tried really hard not do this guys but they are FLAWLESS. Seriously I hate to admit this, but no secrets, remember? I am a huge Zalfie and Troyler shipper, also Zoe and Louise are my role model as I have previously mentioned, and Troye, if he wasn’t gay, trust me I would be constantly spamming him on Twitter. My apologies for having to include this. I just, they’re just, oh how flawless they are.



Well this is just super cool. I love this idea and if I was more artistic/creative/mostly if I had a really nice camera I would totally steal this idea. Like just I am at a loss of words for how cool this is. What should I say? I love this. I just really really love it.



History and real life is cool. Even though Hitler is not so cool this picture is still cool. I need new adjectives, I’m sorry. Also that couple is reading in front of the Eiffel Tower, and now that’s a new life goal if I ever have some sort of male friend in my life.



This is how I feel about every person (basically) who has entered my life. Like I can’t even tell you guys (well I’m sure I can because I have) how much I believe in the idea that every person impacts every person they meet. So yeah this is it for that. one

Okay so that was the tumblr and this month was rough because this weekend involved a lot of shameful fangirling which I do not reblog so I like it instead because of Playlist Live, so yeah. Onto BuzzFeed. First of all I have a complaint to Apple for having me delete this app just so I can make room for the freaking update, so now I actually have to go to the website. This section is just links you should check out.


18 Facts To Help You Appreciate Manatees

52 Lies Children’s Books Told You Growing Up

Vintage Snapshots Of Italy In The 1980s

23 Useless Facts That You Totally Need To Know (that I probably already shared with you)

24 Things Only Your Best Friend Knows About You


So basically for this section I’m going to give you 5 twitter accounts to check out this month and if you would like yours to be included follow me and tweet me please!

First of all let’s give me that self promo @mrmilligan13

Hannah Montana: @hannah_yall

Andrew Lowe: @andrewlx

Harry Potter: @ArryPottah

Troye Sivan: @troyesivan

Okay so this is the best of the internet of March, let me know what you think and if I should continue it. If you would like to promote your blog/twitter/tumblr/whatever on earth you use on the internet and let me know. I will not promote anything I don’t like so I actually have to like it too. Okay I have to go hunt down some papers and get a shower. DON’T FORGET TO ASK ME QUESTIONS! Thanks for reading!



Pretty Places: My Hometown

Pretty Places: My Hometown

I don’t know if I have ever put it out there but I am not exactly a fan of where I’m from. I was born and raised in Lancaster County. This past weekend I took a visit home with one of my friends. She is from Maryland so I decided to show her around the touristy town of Intercourse. Yes, that is a town name and it is where a lot of the Amish live. To be honest I have no idea why on earth anyone would want to name a town Intercourse but that’s Pennsylvania for you.
Even though I don’t like it where I live, I have to admit is a very beautiful place. The farm land, hills, changing colors in the trees, and sheer beauty of the land itself is actually amazing. Sometimes I lose myself in the beauty. I don’t really know what else to say, but if you guys have any questions on the Amish or Mennonites that occupy my area I will try my best to answer them. Thanks for reading and I hope you guys are doing well! Feel free to follow me on twitter and instagram @mrmilligan13

Update Report

So oh my word guys no updates for a long time because DRAMA! Thursday, just as I was about to start a topic, I think it was like studying or something random but than something happened in my room that I was NOT comfortable with at all so I ended up leaving but I forgot my key so I was locked out until my roommate was supposed to get back at midnight but she didn’t so I ended up spending the night in another building on my friends floor. The situation did not improve over the next few days so I spent the majority of time avoiding my room and unable to update you guys on my progress.  I am now no longer avoiding my room but I’m not going to lie I spend the majority of my time now with my headphones in.

And my twitter broke which makes me sad so I’m not motivated. But that’s a long confusing story that leads to me only being able to get on it on my iPad.

Anyway midterms are this week so I wish all of you well. I think I did pretty well on my math one today and I have my Arabic one tomorrow and hopefully that goes well. If you guys need any advice on anything or want to talk feel free to message me, email me, or comment below. I’m here for you guys because you mean so much to me. Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow me on twitter @mrmilligan13 and if you send me a tweet saying you read my blog I’ll follow you back :) Love you all!



Appologies. And Other Stuff

Looking back on this afternoon I realized that my post was super lame so I decided to double up on today’s postings.

Now since I didn’t really think about this I’m not really sure what to write about… I guess I could just ramble ramble and ramble. So I guess that I’ll just tell you guys about what’s going on.

So far I’ve had three papers, one test, three labs, two projects, dozens of quizzes and an immeasurable amount of homework. I’ve been doing okay in my classes. I have an either a low A or a high B in history from two assignments, a high C in my Mass Media from only one assignment and it better get higher or I’m going to be pissed, a high B in math, and a mid B in Arabic. Now these grades are not my best and I expect them to improve, however college is harder and there is more factoring into this so I guess I need to work harder as well.

My friends here are okay, but they’re nothing like the ones I have back home. I miss them so much, and that’s what makes me realize that they will be my best friends for life and nothing will ever change that.

I feel like my weight has been fluctuating a lot here. I work out and eat less most days but I feel like one bad day destroys it all. That’s just another random thing about college.

My roommate and I get along for the most part. She likes to get drunk and have sex and she’s basically cheating on her boyfriend, but other than that we’re cool. She likes Harry Potter so we can be friends.

I hope this little burst of knowledge about me makes up for my super sucky post earlier today, but I would really appreciate it if you went out and checked out my YouTube channel, it would mean a great deal to me. Thanks so much for reading guys. I love you all so much.

You can also follow me on twitter @mrmilligan13